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Welcome to Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

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1 Welcome to Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

2 It’s About Community St. Edward the Confessor Parish 33926 Calle La Primavera Dana Point, CA 92629

3 Parish Staff Fr. Brendan Manson, Pastor Administrator Fr. Dave Gruver, Parochial Vicar Fr. Armando Virrey, Parochial Vicar Donna Couch, Director of Faith Formation

4 RCIA Team 30 Strong! Servant Leaders/Sponsors Facilitators Companions on the Journey Tom, Donna,, Elizabeth, Kennie, Sandy, Aimee, Agnes, Carol, John, Tristen, Mark, Bill, Ana, Cheryl, John, Darlene, Karen, Dave, Michelle, Joe, Judy, Randi, Paula, Mark, Rick, Therese, Nellie, Stephen, Wayne, Janet

5 Parish Focus

6 Content Growth in Knowledge of Catholic Faith Tradition Growth in Personal Spirituality – Prayer, Presence, Depth Growth in Relationship with Jesus Growth in Relationships with Others Growth and Rootedness in Scripture Growth in Resources

7 Use of Internet Adult Faith Formation Website: Parish: Weekly synopsis of gatherings Recordings of Tuesday sessions Calendar, Handouts Links to other resources Learning 365 days; 24/7

8 How long does it take? “... as long as it takes to fall in love and make a life-long commitment to a covenant with the Beloved... “ It’s up to YOU and GOD!

9 Phase I: INQUIRY September ~ December Tuesday Nights Listening Questioning Wondering Storytelling Basic Formation Discernment Ends with RITE OF WELCOME with Community at 9:00 AM Sunday Mass

10 Sponsors and Godparents are spiritual friends who will walk with you; must be fully initiated, practicing Catholics Sponsors –for Confirmation Godparents for the Unbaptized

11 Sunday Dismissals BeginDecember 6, Meet for 9:00 AM Mass Blessing and Dismissal after Homily (Sermon) Gather to Study Sunday Scripture Required for Unbaptized Persons Optional for Others (those who are baptized but cannot receive communion yet)

12 Phase 2: Catechumenate December - March Deeper Formation into “All Things Catholic” Doctrine Rituals & Celebrations Support of Sponsors, Team, Community Retreat Ends with Rite of Sending/Election with Bishop and Others Journeying Through RCIA

13 Phase 3: Purification & Enlightenment February - March Lent Intense time for you and community Rites and Rituals Presentations Scrutinies Discernment Final Preparation for Easter Sacraments

14 Reception of Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist HOLY WEEK – Begins on Palm Sunday (one week before Easter Sunday) THE TRIDUUM: Holy Thursday Good Friday HOLY SATURDAY (The Eve of Easter) April 3, 2015 Biggest Celebration of Year – Adults are Initiated at this Mass!

15 Phase 4: Mystagogia April - May Reflection on the Mystery of Christian Journey Deeper Connection into Community “I’m a Catholic…….What do I do now?” Christian Witness Transitioning out of RCIA Experience Ends this year on May 12, 2015

16 CURRICULUM Catechetical Sessions (Meetings ON Tuesdays) Reading Scripture and Sharing Reading Assignments - Books, printed materials, Web Links (No Tests) Come Prepared to Take Notes Come Prepared to Ask questions Come Prepared to Share your Story Come with an Open Mind and Heart

17 INTERVIEWS Will be arranged before December Need to hear your story Need to figure out a plan

18 Who or What called you here tonight?


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