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The CFA West Michigan Society State of the CFA West Michigan Society June 15, 2011.

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1 The CFA West Michigan Society State of the CFA West Michigan Society June 15, 2011

2 Introductions and Strategy Overview Introductions and Strategy Overview│ 2

3 Strategy Overview Strategy Overview│ 3 In 2009, the Strategic Planning Committee identified three primary strategic objectives: ■ Emphasize outreach to our members and candidates ■ Explore ways to add value to our Charter ■ Promote the Charter and our membership in the local financial community Initiatives to meet those objectives: ■ Increase the number of luncheons and provide member networking opportunities through social events ■ Partner with other members of the financial community to sponsor events ■ Sponsor a local competition of the Global Investment Research Challenge ■ Expand the Society’s university outreach beyond GVSU and WMU ■ Use our existing media network more proactively

4 ■ Financial Update: Where did the money come from and where did it go? ■ Membership: How many members did we have, do we have and will we have? ■ Public Awareness: Who needs to know what and how are we telling them? ■ Programming: What did we do, when did we do it, and where did we do it? ■ Technology: What’s a WebEx and how do I get one? ■ Education: How many scholarships did we hand out? Who in their right mind would take a mock exam? ■ Strategic Initiatives: What’s a GIRC? Level 2 funding: What is it and what are we doing with it? Advocacy: What’s CFAI up to and how does it affect us? ■ Proxy: Who’s in, who’s out? ■ Investment Forecasting Awards: Who won? Presentations Presentations│ 4

5 Financial Update: Ryan Allen, CFA Financial Update│ 5

6 Financial Update│ 6

7 Financial Update│ 7

8 Financial Update│ 8

9 Membership: Andrew Mason, CFA Membership│ 9

10 Membership│ 10 Enrollments versus Charterholders

11 Jason Balgavy, CFA Greg Bosch, CFA Ben Carlson, CFA David Hodge, CFA Brandon Lund, CFA Jaime Mauppin, CFA Steve Osterink, CFA Dan Rinzema, CFA Wei Sun, CFA Membership│ 11 Congratulations New Charterholders

12 Membership │ 12 Total CFA West Michigan Membership

13 Congratulations New Charterholders │ 13 The Magic of Compounding 564

14 Public Awareness: Jeff Tryka, CFA Public Awareness│ 14

15 ■ The Public Awareness efforts of CFA West Michigan are designed to support the Society’s mission across disciplines ■ Our outreach and communications are targeted to a variety of groups: Our members The broad financial and professional community General public ■ We employ a variety of channels from traditional media to new media Public Awareness – Who needs to know? Public Awareness│ 15

16 Public Awareness│ 16 ■ Ongoing updates for monthly meetings and presentations ■ News for special events Panel Discussions Global Investment Research Challenge Outreach events at Universities Joint events (World Affairs Council) ■ Recognition of achievements What are we telling them?

17 ■ Traditional methods – press releases, outreach to West Michigan business and traditional media (Grand Rapids Press, Business Journal, MIBiz, etc.) ■ Electronic distribution – e-mails to members, posting of press releases to our website ■ Alternative channels – such as event calendars on media websites (GR Chamber of Commerce, Broadcast TV Stations, etc.) ■ Advertising How are we telling them? Public Awareness│ 17

18 Programming: Greg Bosch, CFA Programming│ 18

19 ■ Educate Members and Provide Opportunities for Networking ■ Build Luncheon Presentations around Recurring Events - start the season with Eurasia Group - start the New Year with Mitch Stapley - end the season with the Federal Reserve ■ We have tried (and will continue to try) new things - CFA Connect - late afternoon meeting - GVSU meeting - Kalamazoo meeting Programming Goals Programming│ 19

20 ■ Aug ‘10 – Geopolitical Risk: Emerging Trends and Hot Spots Willis Sparks, Eurasia Group ■ Sept ‘10 – Opportunities of Investing in the Real China Tim and Ping Liang, AlphaMax Advisors ■ Oct ‘10 – Frontier Markets Larry Speidell, Frontier Asset Management ■ Nov ‘10 – Managing Bonds in Today’s Marketplace Chris Vincent, CFA, Willaim Blair & Company ■ Dec ‘10 – Market Outlook Steve Heck, CFA, MFS Luncheon Presentations Programming│ 20

21 ■ Jan ‘11 – Bond Vigilantes Mitch Stapley, CFA, FifthThird ■ Feb ‘11 – Currency: Driving Forces and Diversification Kieran Osborne, CFA, Merk Investments ■ Apr ‘11 – US Economic Outlook Paul Traub, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank ■ June ‘11 – Society Annual Meeting In the future… ■ Sept ‘11 – Geopolitical Risk Eurasia Group Luncheon Presentations Programming│ 21

22 ■ CFA Connect - informal gatherings after business hours to provide networking opportunities for members, candidates and guests ■ CFA Christmas Party - held at the GRAM including dinner and tour of the special Diana: A Celebration exhibit Social Opportunities Programming│ 22 Ideas ■ If you have ideas for luncheon presentations or social events, please let us know.

23 Technology: Alan Kort Technology│ 23

24 ■ Announcements ■ Calendar ■ Presentation Archive ■ Job Postings ■ Proxy Voting ■ CFA Program and Membership Information ■ Industry Links Website Services Technology│ 24

25 ■ Online RSVP ■ WebEx Additional Services Technology│ 25

26 Education: Larry Blose, Ph.D. Education│ 26

27 Society Scholarships Education│ 27 December 2010 4 scholarships June 2011 7 scholarships Total11 scholarships* *We obtained 1 scholarship through the society scholarship sharing program

28 Education│ 28 CFA Reception and Information Session – March 24, 2011 The Speaker for the session was William Trent, the CFA Director of Exam Development for the CFA Institute. Participants included 47 students and finance professionals from the area, 8 CFA candidates, 6 Faculty Members from GVSU, and Four CFA West Michigan Society members.

29 Education│ 29 CFA Mock Exam The Mock exam was a six hour examination under CFA test conditions administered on May 21. The exam was jointly sponsored by GVSU, Kaplan/Schweser, and CFA West Michigan Society Level I16 participants Level II 4 participants Level III 7 participants Total27 participants

30 Strategic Initiatives: Martin Axelrod, CFA Strategic Initiatives│ 30

31 Strategic Initiatives│ 31 Strategic Initiatives ■ Strategic Planning – Continue Implementation Board Member Champions Optimize Strategic Objectives per Offering More Discrete Goals / Benchmarking ■ Regional / International Best Practices Sharing CFA Connect Professional Associations Member Communications Advocacy to Government Career Services

32 Strategic Initiatives│ 32 Strategic Initiatives ■ College Outreach Global Research Investment Challenge Level 2 Funding Initiative ■ Technology Website – news, events, registrations WebEx Career Services Social Media

33 Proxy: David Hodge, CFA Proxy│ 33

34 ■ Director Elections ■ Ted Fuger, CFA2012 ■ Greg Bosch, CFA2014 ■ Len Harrison, CFA2014 ■ Maximum Size of Board (8 persons) ■ Note: Directors Not Standing for Election ■ Andrew Mason, CFA2012 ■ Martin Axelrod, CFA2012 ■ David Hodge, CFA2012 ■ Ryan Allen, CFA2013 ■ Jeff Tryka, CFA2013 2011-12 Proxy Items Proxy│ 34

35 Investment Forecasting Awards Investment Forecasting Awards│ 35

36 3.90% 3.60% 3.56% 3.50% 3.15% 3.05% 3.00% 2.70% 2.65% Investment Forecasting Awards│ 36 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note Yield

37 Dave Mange3.05% Investment Forecasting Awards│ 37 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note Yield

38 1322 1313 1200 1180 1165 1143 1126 1100 1050 Investment Forecasting Awards│ 38 Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

39 Jay Wisentaner1322 Investment Forecasting Awards│ 39 Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

40 Aircastle Limited Atmel Devry Inc. Jacobs Engineering Spartan Motors Susser Holdings Turkcell X-Rite Corp. Investment Forecasting Awards│ 40 Individual Stock Selection

41 Ryan AllenAtmel144.23% Aircastle Limited 39.18% X-Rite Corp. 32.32% Jacobs Engineering 26.36% Susser Holdings 23.20% Devry Inc. 14.79% Spartan Motors 11.40% Turkcell -6.94% Investment Forecasting Awards│ 41 Individual Stock Selection

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