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Joseph Lei Lily Lam Walter Masariego Natalia Guevara Joeson Lai

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1 Joseph Lei Lily Lam Walter Masariego Natalia Guevara Joeson Lai
Gender and the technologies of health and reproduction Team Apple Joseph Lei Lily Lam Walter Masariego Natalia Guevara Joeson Lai

2 Introduced their new forceps technology
What is the impact of unmistakable knowledge of the male role in conception? By the 17th century, male midwives and doctors were invading the childbirth field They had less practical experience They caused thousands of infants to die “In the seventeenth century began a two centuries’ plague childbed fever… and in a French province of Lombardy in one year no single woman survived childbirth.” Introduced their new forceps technology Joesan Lai

3 What is the impact of patriarchy?
Definition of Patriarchy: a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father's clan or tribe. Males has taken of the rite, the power/danger of defloration. Men tried to imitate and take control of Menstruation Men had the authority Contraceptives Menstration Joesan Lai

4 When did fertility cease to be an individual or family matter and become a matter for group, eventually state, regulation? It became a matter for group and state when the population became boomed during the advent of agriculture. When society moved from the foraging state to cultivating stage, the human population expanding dramatically Lower level of exercise with a higher-rate of diet could have brought earlier puberty and higher female fertility because of stored food supply during off seasons. Population must be limited for economic, if not for personal reasons. Joesan Lai

5 Sexual Pleasure - Engaging in sexual activity to achieve orgasm.
Autoerotic – Dildo, vibrators, anal beads, sybian machines, and other sex toys. Joseph Lei

6 History of Sex Toys 25,000 BCE – Stone carving of women (fertility goddesses). 2,500 BCE – Egyptians depict female dancers gyrating nearly naked carrying sculpture of an oversized erect penis to honor the God, Osiris. 500 BCE – Invention of olisbos, an early version of the dildo. 350 BCE – Olive oil as sexual accessory. 300 CE – Invention of penis extenders (Prosthetic penis attachments [PPA]) First mentioned in classic Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra. 500 CE – Invention of Ben Wa balls. Joseph Lei

7 1844 CE – Vulcanization of rubber. 1869 CE – First Vibrator.
1200 CE – Proto-cock ring were made from goats with eyelashes intact by the Chinese. 1400 CE – Coining the term “dildo”. To open wide (Latin) or delight (Italian). Made from wood, lubrication required. 1600 CE – Cock ring (Clitoral Stimulator) invented by Chinese men to help maintain erections. Made from ivory to form a nub that would rub against woman’s clitoris to enhance pleasure. 1750 CE – Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) began in Europe in specializing in flagellation and other SM punishments. 1844 CE – Vulcanization of rubber. 1869 CE – First Vibrator. 1890’s CE – Invention of motion picture and producing pornography. Joseph Lei

8 1907 CE – Penis Stiffener – Louis Hawley Mid 1920’s CE – Strip Tease
1927 CE – KY Jelly. 1930’s CE – Development of latex rubber. 1953 CE – Debut of Playboy Magazine. 1970’s CE – Start of home video cameras. 1998 CE – Rabbit Vibrator – Sex and the City. Joseph Lei

9 Sex and Technology Natalia Guevara

10 What is a Sex Toys A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure. The most popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals are usually made out of plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl, latex, or CyberSkin. Natalia Guevara

11 Female Sex Toys There are many forms of female sex toys, both vibrating and non-vibrating; such as clitoral, anal, G-spot, and rabbit, as well as multi-area/speed vibrators. Natalia Guevara

12 Male Sex Toys Like female sex toys, male sex toys also come in many forms; such as penis sleeves, cock rings, docking sleeves, penis pumps, blow up dolls, and prostate stimulators. Natalia Guevara

13 Pre-natal Rituals were held for pregnant women where dancing to instrumental music was performed. The practice of “Tai-kyo” is practiced in ancient china by women. Women created ointments and herbs that treated morning sickness, to ease childbirth, and even prevent miscarriage. Walter Masariego

14 Different Herbs Alfalfa Blue Cohosh Blue flag star grass Colombo root
Lavender Peppermint Spearmint Sweet balm Walter Masariego

15 Ultrasounds The Ultrasound was developed somewhere between the 1920’s-1930’s. Two different types of ultrasounds are the B scan, and the Doppler Ultrasound. Walter Masariego

16 Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) Amniocentesis
Pre-Natal Tests Blood tests Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) Amniocentesis Fetal non-stress test (nst) Walter Masariego

17 Massages Preventing Perineum Tear Relaxing Methods
Child Birth Massages Preventing Perineum Tear Relaxing Methods Lily Lam 17

18 Birthing Stool or Chair Birth Ropes Abdominal Bandage or Belt
Inventions Birthing Stool or Chair Birth Ropes Abdominal Bandage or Belt Lily Lam 18

19 Herbal Aid Combat Pain Used Onsite of Labor Balsam Fir Bark Lady Fern
Birth Root Wild Cherry Inner Bark Cotton Root Wild Yam, Black & Blue Cohosh Black Haw Partridgeberry Squaw Vine Lily Lam 19

20 Aftercare Postpartum Remedies & Technology Recovery Care of the Mother
Care of the Newborn Nursing Technology Lily Lam 20

21 Quiz What is Patriarchy?
2. True or False: Sex toys started at 25,000 BCE. 3. What is a sex toy? 4. What were the two different types of Ultrasounds that were mentioned? 5. Name 3 of the Herbal Aids that help combat pain or used onsite of labor.

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