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Warm up Nov 2 What was the best part of puberty for you?

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1 Warm up Nov 2 What was the best part of puberty for you?
What was the worst part? Explain why for each answer.

2 Adolescent Physical Development

3 I. Background a) Historically transition from child to adult occurred quickly i) Rite of passage a) feasts / social events b) fasting c) rituals ii) New adults take on new responsibilities

4 Background Con’t. b) In western societies today transition from child to adult occurs over a range of time i) education has been extended so adult duties delayed

5 Background Con’t c) Adolescence subdivided into 3 categories
i) Early – middle age ii) Middle –15-18 high school iii) Late – college

6 II. Biological Changes Period of drastic change

7 Biological Changes Con’t
b) Growth spurt lasts 2-3 years and you grow 8-10 inches Question: T/F Boys begin the growth spurt before girls.

8 Biological Changes Con’t
False- boys begin after girls b) Girls start at age 10 or 11 1. girls may be taller and heavier than boys earlier c) Boys start 2 years later at age 12-13 1. Will usually meet or exceed females

9 III. Puberty What is Puberty?

10 Puberty A. Puberty- specific developmental changes that lead to the ability to reproduce i) adolescence begins at the onset of puberty ii) changes occur in primary and secondary sex characteristics –

11 Puberty Con’t boys- produce hormone from pituitary gland that causes:
1. Testes to increase and in turn increase output of testosterone a) this causes sex organs to grow, voices to deepen, hair growth on face and chest, broad shoulders, thick bodies, larger heart and lungs, more muscle tissue

12 Puberty Con’t b) Girls- hormones from pituitary glands stimulate ovaries to secrete estrogen 1) estrogen growth of breast, hip, and butt tissue a) as result pelvic region widens and hips round

13 Puberty Con’t 2) Small amount of androgens ( similar to testosterone)
a) stimulates hair growth of pubic and underarm hair b) estrogen and androgen work together to spur the growth of female sex organs c) estrogen is what regulates the menstrual cycle ( in some birth control pills) d) Menarche is 1st. Period /menstrual cycle i) rite of passage to womanhood

14 IV. Maturation Boys i) boys who mature early have advantage over boys who don’t Why do you think that is?

15 Maturation More popular, leader in circle of friends, greater size and strength so better athlete, more self confident and relaxed 1) just because physically mature doesn’t mean mentally mature

16 Maturation Girls i) early maturing girls often feel awkward
a) taller than classmates and teased about height 1) this may cause them to hang around with older girls who look more like them yet they may not be emotionally ready

17 Discussion Question How do you think physical changes can effect the emotional, social and cognitive development of adolescents?

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