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ReVisioning for a 21 st Century Library Deb MacLatchy on behalf of the Library Review Advisory Team February 2012.

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1 ReVisioning for a 21 st Century Library Deb MacLatchy on behalf of the Library Review Advisory Team February 2012

2 Why a Review? Changes in Laurier Growth in student numbers Comprehensive university Multi-campus Changes in Libraries Nature of scholarship and education linked to technological advances, teaching pedagogy, and student approaches to learning

3 New Focus From process- oriented role Access to scholarship To engagement in Teaching, learning and research Use of scholarship in all its forms Library of the 21 st Century

4 Review Components Self-study by Library personnel –Winter 2011 Peer review –Spring 2011 Mary Ann Mavrinac, University Librarian at UTM Marnie Swanson, University Librarian at UVictoria Colleen Willard-Holt, Dean of Faculty of Education

5 Review Components External review –Fall 2011 R2 Consulting, international consultants academic library reviews Review Advisory Team –Librarians & staff members, faculty members, graduate and undergraduate reps, alumni rep, academic administrators, administrators RITE (Library Review Implementation Team)

6 Recommendations 140 in total from peer & external reviews –Categorized by RITE and Advisory Team into five themes –Grouped into phases for implementation by RITE –Brantford sub- committee established

7 Positive Feedback Committed group of librarians and library staff focused on interests of user groups Number of operations and services working very well Creativity in forms of user interaction, e.g., development of mobile web application Instructional technology with encouraging results (18 online tutorials with 8,805 viewings one year) Collaborations and sharing of resources with TUG & provincial partners (OCUL) very beneficial

8 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 1: Organizational & Management Structures Presently “flat” management structure (1 UL, 19 librarians) across three sites, all functional areas Only library in Ontario with AULs without duties related to personnel management, operational budget planning, and standing in for the UL Challenge for ideas to scale and grow within and across functional areas UL focus on intra-library issues high, limits efforts beyond Library internally and externally

9 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 1: Organizational & Management Structures New organizational structure needed to help focus on services that will be the future priorities Managerial responsibilities need to be delegated from the UL reporting lines expanded to accommodate new AUL roles (3, each with an operational division) Broader management functions to improve multi-site coordination, benchmarking, evaluation and assessment

10 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 2 Operations & Service Cumulative impression of unevenness in service offerings and lack of common, unifying vision Need to embrace realities that library and learning activities will be increasingly virtual Library services (teaching, learning, scholarship, physical) need to satisfy needs of users Opportunities for efficiencies in streamlining & prioritizing services within multi-campus environment that can scale with growth

11 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 3 Collections & Resources 75% Library’s materials budget goes to e-resources, 50% of books never circulated Print circulation and interlibrary loan declining Reorganization needed to efficiently process print items and access to print & online resources Demand still for face-to-face service but majority of Library’s users do not walk through front doors Users must be served online with resources optimized for remote self-service Need to ensure budget & collections priorities support Laurier’s research & reallocate resources to support increased electronic portfolio

12 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 4 Infrastructure Libraries are changing from stacks and quiet study to community spaces for engaged learning and research Increased need for spaces that support collaboration, virtual learning and remote access Need library system where provision of services and resources is irrespective of campus location Need to prioritize improving library services in Brantford to meet growth, including dedicated library space

13 ReVisioning Themes ReVision 5 Community Relations Library benefits from participation in TUG, OCUL, CRKN (e.g., interlibrary loan, e-resource subscriptions) More radical collaboration possible, in web of materials, services and support structures beyond current partnerships This includes consideration of library’s partnerships within Laurier

14 Library of the 21 st Century What is needed to deliver this vision at Laurier? Investment in our people, our processes, our infrastructure with a clear vision of the Laurier Library system.

15 Implementation Proposal Four phases of implementation over 36- month period –Immediate/ongoing –Phase 1 – May 2012-April 2013 –Phase 2 – May 2013-April 2014 –Phase 3 – May 2014-April 2015 Majority of recommendations do not incur cost beyond existing Library budget

16 Immediate/Ongoing Number of changes and initiatives already underway –Activities without implications for other activities (e.g., improving Brantford book delivery times) –Larger scale projects requiring significant planning time (e.g., a review of reference services desk model) (Budget neutral/minor within Library budget)

17 Phase 1 (May 2012-April 2013) Key aspects of each theme included, e.g. –Streamlining of collections processing to improve access –Strengthening technological cooperation with TUG partners –Planning and implementation of strengthened AUL roles ($320,000) –Planning and development of separate library facility at Brantford campus ($4,300,000 for design, construction, furniture equipment)

18 Phase 2 (May 2013-April 2014) Builds on prior phases –Implementation of more complex recommendations re: streamlining of collections (reorganization of current departments to focus more on e-resource support) –Development of strategic plan –Creation of operational divisions within Library overseen by AULs; consideration of creation of new role to lead Laurier Brantford Library –Enhancement of faculty and student services such as more formalized instructional program with alternative teaching methods (Costs TBD as Phase 1 progresses)

19 Phase 3 – May 2014-April 2015 Third and final phase to focus on: –As Laurier grows as a comprehensive university, an increase in collections (and the associated budget for collections on par with comparable institutions) –Consideration for closer alignment of Library and Learning Services –Movement of some collections to Brantford within new space –Creation of a University Records Management position within Archives (Costs TBD as Phase 2 progresses)

20 Further Process Points New UL search (for 01 July 2012) –Leadership of implementation, strategy, etc. Assessment & benchmarking –Needs to be included in implementation process to measure the effectiveness of the changes as they progress Delays to date may actually benefit us –Trends much clearer for academic libraries –Maturing as multi-campus, comprehensive university

21 Concluding Remarks Year-long review and reflection process Changes at organizational, procedural and infrastructure levels can create capacity for new directions Focus on digital content, virtual delivery of services, and radical collaboration make it possible to scale at much lower cost as well as retain local services

22 Concluding Remarks The Library Review Advisory Team endorses need for these changes Laurier will be significantly better equipped to support our shared goals for excellence in teaching scholarship, and inspiring lives of leadership and purpose by adopting recommendations

23 With Thanks Library Review Advisory Team Tom Berczi – Alumni/Board of Governors; Pamela Cant – Acting Director HR; Sharon Brown – University Librarian; Tom Buckley – AVP Academic Services (ITS); Kathryn Carter – Faculty Brantford; Lesley Cooper – Acting Principal/VP LB; Adam Crear – Faculty Waterloo; Anna Ferenc – Faculty Waterloo; Catherine Fitzgerald – Library Staff; Gail Forsyth – Director, Learning Services; Scott James – Graduate Student; Deborah MacLatchy – VPA & Chair; Cameron McGregor – UG Student Brantford; Patti Metzger – Library Staff; Kimberley Neutens – VPA Office; Chris Oberle – UG Student Waterloo; Joanne Oud – AU Librarian; Jennifer Robertson-Wilson – Faculty Waterloo; Helen Sagi – Library Manager; Greg Sennema – AU Librarian; Carol Stephenson – AU Librarian Brantford Library Building Sub- Committee Tony Araujo – Director Campus Operations Brantford; Kathryn Carter– Faculty Brantford; Lesley Cooper– Acting Principal/VP LB; Cameron McGregor– UG Student Brantford; Kimberley Neutens – VPA Office; Joanne Oud – AU Librarian Library Review Implementation Team Catherine Fitzgerald – Library Staff; Patti Metzger- Library Staff; Joanne Oud – AU Librarian; Helen Sagi- Library Manager; Greg Sennema – AU Librarian

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