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WORDS THAT SOUND ALIKE. Plain/plane Plain 1.Flat land 2.Ordinary 3.Clear/obvious Plane 1.An aircraft.

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2 Plain/plane Plain 1.Flat land 2.Ordinary 3.Clear/obvious Plane 1.An aircraft

3 Plain/plane He looked good even in plain clothing. They crossed the plain in a covered wagon. The plane took off on time. It was plain that she did not like him

4 Oral/aural Oral Related to mouth 1.The student gave an oral report 2.We will have an oral exam

5 Oral/aural Aural Related to hearing The child has aural nerve damage.

6 Clothes/cloth Cloth Fabric or a piece of fabric Clothes Stitched garments

7 Waist/ waste Waist 1.His waist is 36 inches around Waste (noun) Discarded objects/ garbage 1.The waste was put in the bin

8 Right/rite Right Correct To conform to justice, law, or morality 1.It is my right to have access to justice

9 Right/rite Rite A traditional ceremony ( often religious)

10 Whole/ hole He ate the whole apple There was a big hole in the sock he was wearing

11 Vain/vein Vain Excessively proud of oneself 1.She was pretty but vain so I did not like talking to her Unsuccessful 1.She made a vain attempt to take her life.

12 Forward/foreword Forward 1.Please forward my mail 2.He took one step forward 3.She is very forward when she speaks. (bold)

13 Forward/foreword Foreword Introduction to a book 1.It’s a good idea to read the foreword before reading a book.

14 Capital/capitol Capital Major He made a capital improvement on his home. Fatal The government opposes capital punishment.

15 Capital/capitol Capital Leading city 1.The capital city of England is London. Money 1.They have no capital to invest

16 Capital/capitol Capitol Legislative building 1.The dome of the state capitol is gold

17 Presence/presents Her presence increased our confidence. The child received a lot of presents on his birthday.

18 Sight/ cite / site Sight 1.The ability to see 2.A view 1.His sight was limited 2.The Golden Gate Bridge is an awesome sight

19 Sight/ cite / site Site 1.The plot where something is located 2.The place for an event Here is the site for the new hospital

20 Sight/ cite / site Cite (verb) To quote as an example To quote as an authority 1.Please cite the correct law 2.He cited several examples to prove his point

21 It’s/ Its It’s Contraction of it is 1.It’s early in the morning. ( It is early in the morning) 2.It’s very generous of you. (It is very generous of you)

22 It’s/ Its Its Possessive pronoun 1.Its tail is short. 2.The cat lost its kitten.

23 They’re/ their/ there They’re Contraction of they are 1.They’re happy 2.They’re going to the concert today

24 They’re/ their/ there Their Possessive pronoun 1.Their house is quite large 2.Nina and Richard are a handsome couple; their kids are beautiful too.

25 They’re/ their/ there There At that place 1.Look over there. 2.I am not going there with you.

26 We’re/ were/ where We’re Contraction of we are 1.We’re very happy today.

27 We’re/ were/ where Were Past tense of are Where 1.Where are we?

28 Who’s/ whose Who’s Contraction of who is 1.Who’s the author of this book? 2.Who’s going with me to the park?

29 Who’s/ whose Whose Possessive pronoun 1.Whose clothes are these?

30 Your/ you’re You’re Contraction of you are

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