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TOXIC FAT* THE BURDEN of MODERN SOCIETY Much of this information that follows was derived from Dr. Sears book, Toxic Fat Syndrome. Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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1 TOXIC FAT* THE BURDEN of MODERN SOCIETY Much of this information that follows was derived from Dr. Sears book, Toxic Fat Syndrome. Thomas Nelson Publishers


3 The toxic (soluble) fat that we will talk tonight about is Arachidonic Acid (AA) AA Can kill in high enough concentrations. AA dramatically increases silent inflammation which is the cause of most disease AND chronic illness resulting in premature disability and death!!! Statins (cholesterol drugs) are the only drugs known to increase Toxic Arachidonic Acid.


5 Toxic fat Syndrome is an EPIDEMIC today primarily from a combination of three issues Increased dietary Bad fat consumption (trans and high omega 6) Increased High glycemic carbohydrate consumption (simple and starchy) Decreased dietary omega 3 consumption


7 Toxic Fat is Arachidonic Acid

8 Connection between Toxic Fat Syndrome, inflammation and premature disability / death

9 Toxic Fat produces silent (deadly) inflammation

10 Importance of detox In the last 70 yrs we have been hit with more synthetic chemicals than our bodies are capable of processing. Pesticides PCB’s dioxins plasticizers and so on not to mention hormones from foods and the internal hormones (Estrogen Dominance) we excessively produce. Lipotoxicity leads to CHD, TTDM, Fatty Liver. So the body absorbs toxic fat in adipose tissue


12 You can run but you can’t hide AA or toxic fat stimulates stem cells to produce new fat cells. When there are fat soluble toxins, the body needs to dilute the toxicity. More toxins = more fat cells

13 Eric rim associate professor of nutrition at Harvard Medical School “We don’t have an obesity epidemic; we have an inflammation epidemic.” 2007

14 Recently the US decreased its fish oil consumption by 90-95%

15 Fish Oils Have an Enormous Impact on CVD Achieving 5.5% – 10.9% of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids reduces the risk of cardiac arrest by 90%

16 Anti-depression associated with Omega lll consumption

17 It is unnatural for us to consume so little omega 3 fatty acids in a normal diet



20 Extreme Toxic Fat in the typical S tandard A merican D iet S.A.D.

21 Bottomline: Eating high levels of omega-6 fat (linoleic acid) increases the risk of developing breast cancer nearly 2-fold in genetically susceptible women. Last month Swedish researchers found a similar risk. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated fat in the American diet. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev October 1, 2008(17): 2748-2754 Background: Omega-6 fatty acids have a strong promoting effect on breast cancer development in animal studies. The omega-6 fatty acids exert their cancer-promoting effects, when they are turned into inflammatory compounds by enzymes commonly found in the body, COX and LOX. The LOX enzyme converts the potent omega-6 fat, arachidonic acid, into leukotrienes, which are inflammatory mediators in diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and have been implicated in several types of cancers in different tissues and organs (including lung, colon, kidney, bladder and esophagus). Therefore, researchers explored the association of dietary omega-6 fat and the role of genetics related to the LOX enzyme and breast cancer.

22 In 2007 we paid 20 billion dollars in subsidy money for HIGH omega 6 containing corn and soybeans (GMO) and ZERO support for healthy omega 3 containing fruits and veggies



25 The Best Marker for Inflammation The AA/EPA ratio is a maker for the pro- inflammatory potential of your cells. The greater the ratio, the greater the amount of silent inflammation in your organs which moves you along the chronic illness continuum.

26 What is your Inflammatory potential? AA/EPA ratio good = 3, ideal is < than 1.5 Japan on average have the longest health span (longevity minus years of disability) and their average AA/EPA is from 1.5 – 3. Average European is between 6 – 9 Average “healthy” American has a ratio of AA/EPA greater than 12 People with chronic disease have a ratio of greater than 20

27 Waist to Hip biometric One of the most significant for inflammation


29 Omega-3 and Healthy Body Composition Lipids, Vol. 39, no. 12 (2004) Fish oil concentrates not only caused weight reduction in the mice but also appeared to stop the animals from gaining weight when given free access to food Additionally, omega-3 concentrates reduced the number of fat cells, especially in the abdominal region Researchers showed that concentrated fish oil increased oxidation of fat by activating genes that break down fat in the mitochondria and peroxisomes

30 Other markers for Inflammation TG/HDL ratio greater than 4 = Toxic Fat Syndrome as well as Insulin Resistance Elevated Insulin Response = AA in adipose tissue is already leaking into your blood stream and initiating an inflammatory attack!

31 Omega 6 fats leads to DGLA then to AA only if Delta 5 desaturase is activated by high insulin. (Can be inhibited by EPA!)

32 Reveal and Reverse Toxic Fat Syndrome in 30 days with three VERY simple steps Reduce consumption of omega 6 fats (mostly cheap vegetable oils and grains) Eat a modified Mediterranean (low glycemic load diet) Supplement with the appropriate amount and ratio of EPA to DHA from PURE fish oils from pure clean waters. (dosage depandant on EPA/AA ratio)

33 What You Do Not Know About Fish Oil Supplements Will Hurt You A group of three plaintiffs very recently filed a suit against eight supplement companies for violating California Proposition 65, which mandates that consumers must be warned on product labels of dangerous toxins beyond established "safe harbor" limits. The plaintiffs intend to prove that the eight supplement manufacturers knowingly passed on PCB contaminated fish oils without Prop 65's required warnings. The three plaintiffs in the suit, which includes the Mateel Justice Foundation, are sifting through other fish oil products to find more Prop 65 violations of knowingly passing on excessive PCB contaminants in their products. Currently, the fish oil providers accused of violating Prop 65 with PCB contamination are: CVS Pharmacy, Inc.; General Nutrition Corp. (GNC); Now Health Group, Inc.; Omega Protein, Inc. (which is the largest bulk provider of fish oil to other distributors); Pharmavite LLC (Nature Made brand); Rite Aid Corp.; Solgar, Inc.; and TwinLab Corp. by Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

34 Omega-3 Formulas Should Be Purity Guaranteed Free of: Mercury Lead Dioxins PCBs Yeasts, molds, and bacteria

35 Terms You Hear: Pharmaceutical-grade, Ultra-pure, Ultra-refined There is no unified definition for these terms Metagenics Oils: Produced in Norway Manufacturing plant is pharmaceutical drug licensed by the Norweigian Medicines Agency (equivalent to FDA) One of three pharmaceutical licensed omega-3 manufacturing facilities in the world Is approved by the Global Organization for EPA DHA (GOED) International, not for profit trade association committed to increasing regulatory approvals for EPA / DHA GOED was formed out of the dissolution of the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s working group and founded by experts in the field of omega-3 fatty acids

36 Omega lll supplementation typical recommendations (See us for specific recommendations) Wellness: 2-3 grams per day Over weight, obese, TTDM, CHD, and BEFORE any aggressive weight loss: 5 grams Chronic pain: 7.5 grams Neurological disorders: 10 grams

37 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful” The apostle Paul in a letter to his good friend Timothy 2 Timothy 4:7

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