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General Electric Lighting

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1 General Electric Lighting
January 10, 2006

2 General Electric and Malnove Incorporated
Meeting Attendees GE Lighting Lee Lagomarcino -  Commodity Leader Rich Calvaruso - Lean Manufacturing Leader for Lighting Sheila Frinak - Global Sourcing Manager for Lighting Del Cofield - Six Sigma Leader for Lighting Malnove Mark Dietrich GE Lighting Account Manager Bruce Dalrymple Product Development Manager Mike Querry Vice President Midwestern Regional Sales Don Scott Vice President Eastern Regional Sales Director of New Product Development and Innovation

3 General Electric Imagine, solve, build and lead - four bold verbs that express what it is to be part of GE. Their action-oriented nature says something about who we are - and should serve to energize ourselves and our teams around leading change and driving performance.

4 GE & Sustainability “We believe we can help improve the
environment and make money doing it” GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt

5 GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt
GE & Sustainability "Ecomagination is the convergence of economic and social needs with the unique skills of GE. Business, and society in general, need lower-cost, cleaner and more secure energy, along with cleaner, more abundant sources of usable water. GE's combination of leadership technologies, operating skills and global reach make us uniquely qualified to help solve these problems. Ecomagination is about meeting customers' needs today with our current products, but it's also about the future. We will work with customers, governments, and other thought leaders on developing tomorrow's solutions, including renewable energy technologies, hybrid locomotives, low-emission aircraft engines and water purification equipment. And we will make money doing it." GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt

6 Malnove’s “Platforms of Competency”
“Joint Process Improvement” …deliver “long-term and compounding” economic value to the customer’s business…

7 Malnove’s “Platforms of Competency”
Intelligent design based on the three (3) tenets of sustainability: - Economic (profitable) - Social (empowerment) - Environment (ecologically regenerative)

8 Malnove’s “Platforms of Competency”
Total Packaging Solution Based Business Strategy


10 Malnove asks questions…and delivers the “Best Total Packaging Solutions”
How do you become truly intimate with your customer so you can consistently deliver value? Isn’t adding value really about a focused (continuous) commitment to making true process and product improvements….that deliver “long-term and compounding economic benefits” to our customer? Critical to our success is the ability to ask our associates, customers and prospects (3) simple questions, carefully listen and document their responses, and most importantly...develop and document action plans based on individual and/or collective needs. 1) What is working for you today? (Current Reality) 2) What is not working for you today? (Latent or Real Pain…”The Gap”) 3) If you could change something, what would it be? (Future Vision) …”We are in fact “raising the bar” for ourselves by looking at new markets, new products, new ideas and new packaging methods that will improve the customer’s bottom line and ours as well”… Paul Malnove CEO Malnove

11 Malnove’s Core Business Philosophy is based on focusing on excellence in the specific dimension of value known as “Customer Intimacy” (ie. “Best Total Solution”) 1) Provide the Best Offering in the market place by excelling in one of the three Specific Dimensions of Value. 2) Maintain Threshold Standards on other dimensions of value. 3) Dominate your market by improving value year-after-year. 4) Build a well-tuned Operating Model “dedicated” to delivering unmatched “customer” value.

BEST TOTAL COST (OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE) By OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE we mean providing customers with reliable products or services at competitive prices ~ delivered with minimal difficulty or inconvenience. Operationally Excellent companies provide middle-of-the-market products at the best price with the least inconveniences. Their proposition to customers is: Low price and hassle-free service. McDonalds Costco Wal-Mart

13 BEST PRODUCTS (PRODUCT LEADERSHIP) By PRODUCT LEADERSHIP we mean providing products that continually redefine the state-of-the-art. Their proposition to the customer is an offer of the best product...period. They continue to innovate year after year. Competition is not about price ~ it’s about product performance. 3M SONY Intel Johnson & Johnson Apple HP

14 BEST TOTAL SOLUTION (CUSTOMER INTIMACY) By CUSTOMER INTIMACY we mean selling the customer a total solution, not just a product or service. We specialize in satisfying UNIQUE needs which often only we, by virtue of our intimate knowledge of the customer, recognize: “Malnove has the best packaging solution for Hershey, and we will provide the support you need to achieve optimum results from the product you buy from us”. Clarke American DHL Worldwide Nordstrom Malnove Any market Leader, whatever value it chooses to deliver, MUST maintain reasonable standards in the other dimensions as well.

15 What Specific Packaging Solutions Can We Deliver To GE Lighting, And Can We Measure The Value Of These “Joint Process Improvements”? Malnove Packaging Solution: Malnove’s proprietary “small footprint” S.S.G. Technology reduces carton costs by 5-15%, while eliminating labor related to servicing cartoning lines. This technology also delivers a 50% reduction in the number of pallets in your plant and related freight costs for inbound folding cartons or display cases.

16 Malnove SSG Theory of Operation Prefeeder Options; Folding Carton Delivery; Prebreak; Hot Melt Application; Compression; Discharge

17 Malnove SSG Integration Options

18 What Specific Packaging Solutions Can We Deliver To GE Lighting, And What Is The Measurable Value Of These “Joint Process Improvements”? Malnove Packaging Solution: Malnove’s proprietary “small footprint” S.S.G. Technology combined with our robotic folding carton handling system, eliminates all ergonomic / safety issues related to handling folding cartons in your plant.

19 Malnove SSG Common Options - Bar Code Reading - Vision Systems - Defect Detection and Removal - EAS Tag Application - Security Label Application - Microembossing Anti-Counterfeiting - Item Level RFID Tag Application - ATIP HP Ink Jet Printing for SKU Reduction

20 What Specific Packaging Solutions Can We Deliver To GE Lighting, And What Is The Measurable Value Of These “Joint Process Improvements”? Malnove Packaging Solution: Malnove’s patented Stack-Rite™ technology allows a caliper reduction while delivering the economy of a “flat blank” packaging platform.

21 What Specific Packaging Solutions Can We Deliver To GE Lighting, And What Is The Measurable Value Of These “Joint Process Improvements”? Malnove Packaging Solution: Malnove’s patented Stack-Rite™ technology can also be applied to display trays and again is based on the economy of a “flat blank” packaging platform.

22 What Specific Packaging Solutions Can We Deliver To GE Lighting, And What Is The Measurable Value Of These “Joint Process Improvements”? Malnove Packaging Solution: Malnove recently received patents on our newest technology Stack-Rite II. This approach builds on our Stack-Rite I success, with compression strength equal and/or superior to corrugated. This negates the need to use double and triple wall display corrugated at “big box” retailers - Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s.

23 About Malnove Products Folding Cartons Thermoformed Plastic Solutions
Packaging System Engineering, Installation, Training Facilities (4) folding carton plants in the United States Malnove - Jacksonville Malnove - Omaha Malnove - Salt Lake City Creative Malnove - Hawaii (+ thermoforming) Annual sales and conversion $135,000,000 (U.S.) 90,000 tons of paperboard converted SBS 43% SUS 31% CCNB 26%

24 Malnove Incorporated “Top 10” Customers; Markets Served; Solutions Provided
Osram Sylvania (Lighting Products; 50+ sizes; 200mm cartons; KANBAN Supply Chain Management) Johnson and Johnson (McNeil Nutritionals; Packaging Category Manager; Full MRP Supply Chain Management) McKee (Baked Goods; 50 SKU’s; 200mm cartons annually) Unilever (Health and Wellness; Nutrition and RTD Products; Full MRP Supply Chain Management) Dairy Queen International (Single Source Supplier Across 5,000 QSR’s Full MRP Supply Chain Management) Con Agra (Prepared Foods; 500mm cartons annually; Focus on “Joint Process Improvement) Wal-Mart (In-Store Bakery; Distribute to 1,800 Supercenters; Full MRP Supply Chain Management) CPR Goya (Ethnic Foods; Highest Productivity Manufacturing / Packaging Plant in North America) Interstate Brands (Baked Goods; Full MRP for 25 Plants; 225mm cartons annually; 300 Packaging Lines Installed) Johanna Foods (Dairy Products; 12 Packaging Lines Installed; Full MRP Supply Chain Management)

25 Malnove Incorporated Folding Carton Operations
Omaha, Nebraska Salt Lake City, Utah Honolulu, Hawaii Jacksonville, Florida 9 Sheet Fed Offset Presses 3 Web Flexo Presses 1 Rotogravure Press 4 Thermoformers

26 Malnove Printing Equipment
Jacksonville: Litho-Sheet fed offset - 3 presses, 7 color, 50” & 7 color 55” Flexo-Web fed - 2 presses, 4 and 6 color, 45” Omaha: Litho-Sheet fed offset - 4 presses, 2-6 and 2-7 color, all 55” Flexo-Web fed - 1 press, 6 color, 45” Rotogravure-Web fed - 1 press, 8 color, 44” Utah: Litho-Sheet fed offset - 2 presses, 1-7 color 55”, 1-7 color 50”,

27 Malnove Over Fifty (50) Years Of Experience
Malnove Inc founded in Omaha, Nebraska Malnove opens a new plant in Omaha Malnove purchases plant in Jacksonville, Florida Malnove purchases plant in Salt Lake City, Utah Malnove begins planning & design of new plant in Jacksonville Malnove establishes a joint venture with Europa Carton Malnove starts up new 250,000 sq ft plant in Jacksonville Malnove Completes (3) Year - $35mm Capital Project

28 Malnove Mission The goal of our corporation is to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. Our people are our most valued asset. Our business is built around our customer’s needs.

29 Malnove Business Philosophy
Our Customers needs determine how we think about: Our Overall Business Plant Capabilities Full-Service Support

30 Malnove Business Philosophy
We strive to align our resources with your needs. We demonstrate this in many ways a comprehensive approach to packaging: Package Design & Graphics Packaging system audit & effectiveness Packaging equipment Engineering Packaging equipment Support Research & Development

31 Malnove Business Strengths
National Capability We are “Market Driven” by our Customers needs We offer a comprehensive approach to packaging solutions rather that selling “what is on the shelf” Long term partnership agreements with board manufacturers of all substrates Employ all major printing technologies: Offset, Rotogravure and Flexography

32 Malnove Business Strengths
A strong entrepreneurial spirit Total quality management Commitment to state-of-the-art equipment & systems Mechanical packaging systems Development of new technology, systems and packaging concepts

33 Malnove Specific Evidence Of Strengths
Continuous capital investment in our folding carton operations—one of the newest plants in US Total Quality management - Stochos quality management data base is the foundation of our common quality system in our three plants. Full service mechanical packaging systems-we have over 900 systems installed to-date.

34 Malnove Specific Evidence of Strengths
Commitment to ongoing training Development of innovative production processes and packaging lines Long term partnership agreements with board manufacturers of all substrates

35 Malnove Specific Evidence of Strengths
Utilize latest technology available in our industry. Consistent preventive maintenance system. New product development / innovation - StackRite tm is our latest development. A focus on Joint Process Improvement.

36 Malnove Quality Assurance
Corporate Quality Policy * To consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. * Our people are our most valued asset and accept this challenge daily. * This is done by focusing on the process, not by focusing on results alone.

37 Malnove Quality Assurance
Corporate Quality Manager — Reports to Chairman Consistent Quality Direction / Systems in all plants Plant Quality Team — Process Audits / Variables Control Operating Personnel — Variables Test / Process & Product Control

38 Malnove Quality Assurance Stochos Quality Management Database
Terminals at each process—input and monitoring. Hourly Operators perform checks, input data and monitor product using the system. Provides excellent traceability. Strong Quality Action Report process. Control charts-real time.

39 Malnove Quality Assurance
Standard Operating Procedures Built on ISO 9000 standards. Operations are controlled using SOP’s. SOP’s in place and kept current. SOP’s are at each Machine. Employees have SOP’s as part of job training.

40 Malnove Quality Assurance
Two year quality plan / schedule for continuous improvement: Customer Focus Training-continuous Color control & X-Rite SPC-Process Capability Quality measures / improvement

41 Malnove Corporate Quality Policy
The goal of our corporation is to consistently exceed our Customer’s expectations. To attain our goal we strive to make every Customer, Vendor and Malnove Associate a partner in our business. From receipt of raw materials and throughout each conversion process, every detail of our business is scrutinized to be continually improved in order to delight our Customers with our product. Malnove remains a quality leader through continuous improvement techniques. We strive to continually improve our quality while reducing our costs. This is done by focusing on the process, not by focusing on results alone. Our people are Malnove Incorporated’s most valued asset and accept this challenge daily: To consistently exceed our Customer’s expectations. Paul Malnove, Chairman Bruce Marro, Corporate Quality Manager

42 Malnove Quality Assurance / Other
• American Institute of Baking (AIB) Jacksonville Overall rating in February SUPERIOR 975 RATING Omaha Overall rating in March SUPERIOR 905 RATING Salt Lake City Overall rating in May SUPIRIOR 925 RATING • Supplier to Medical Devices industry/food industry GMP / QS capable • Customer Specific Requirements: Certificate of Analysis FG evaluation-AQL’s, MIL-STD 105-E • Excellent traceability and line clearance. Stochos-electronic data-maintained 7 yrs. • Preplanning-contract review / order review All pertinent disciplines involved

43 Packaging & Packaging Systems Create Value
Product Development - Malnove is constantly searching for new ways to deliver convenience, value and the environmental attributes in demand by today’s consumer. As an extension of the customer’s product development team, Malnove provides the experience and technology to create the industry’s most advanced paperboard packaging.

44 Packaging & Packaging Systems Create Value
Innovation examples: Optical Lens Packaging Patented package secures & protects Source / Labor reduction Carton Converting Insert and score window film Single pass operation-multiple functions Saved $1,000,000 annually Stack Right™ Carton Design Allows caliper reduction Eliminates case packing cost

45 Malnove Structural Design Capabilities
Develop initial concept, modify existing structure to improve converting process effectiveness, reengineer existing structure to improve “effect-in-use”. State of the art CAD CAM hardware and software. Continuous electronic process from design to production. Produce a “Prototype” of proposed carton.

46 Packaging Systems Engineering Support
• Carton performance is, in part, determined by machinability. • Applying knowledge of product, carton and machine application, Malnove integrates new or existing equipment to satisfy requirements. • Our people create effective packaging solutions.

47 Packaging Systems Engineering Support
• Select, customize and install new or used equipment. • Application consulting • Educational training • Project Management • On-going service support • Emergency field service 24 hours / day • Carton / Machine audits Design - Machine ability - Carton functionality - Carton troubleshooting - Efficiency

48 Malnove Packaging Systems Offers Quantitative Benefits.
• $ Savings • Fast track product introduction • After warranty field service • Field technicians are recognized as best in industry • Reduced lead time to receive machinery • Investigate used equipment • Reduced start-up time means faster cash flow • Efficiency audits

49 Malnove Package Performance Testing
Malnove’s alliance with companies such as Riverwood International; The Institute of Paper Science and Aspen Research Labs provides progressive research and development resources and activities. We also sponsor package development and testing at The Packaging School at the University of Florida. State-of-the-art analytical services help solve packaging problems, refine processes, and explore new packaging opportunities.

50 Malnove Package Performance Testing
• Fingerprint, identify and quantify unknowns using enhanced detection capabilities. • Provide problem-solving expertise at Malnove operations. • Pre-manufacturing evaluation of new materials and processes. • Evaluate, screen and benchmark ink/paperboard coating performance. • Develop innovative test procedures such as FDA extraction, currently used in food packaging. • Provide barrier information and simulated aging test.

51 Malnove Printing Capabilities.
Printing Processes Sheet-Fed Offset Lithography Nine( 10) presses Web-Fed Flexography Three (3) presses Rotogravure One (1) press Printing Process Features 40”, 50”, 55” widths Semi-automated make-ready capability Pattern in-line coating Perfecting Offset printing up to 7 colors Environmentally friendly water-based inks and coatings (up to 6 colors) Back side grease barrier coatings Consistent in-line cutting attributes Multiple site process capabilities On-press collating 8-color capability 2-color perfecting Print metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent inks Grease barrier coatings Mold resistant coatings

52 Malnove Cutting Capabilities.
Platen Cutting Processes / Benefits • In-House laser die manufacture Low cost entry to marketplace is immediate, enhancing speed to market. • Steel dies and counter plates Greater productivity, longer die life, consistent scoring attributes. • Embossing / Debossing Enhances graphics and impact of “facing” at P.O.P. • Blanking capabilities Increases throughput and decreases lead-time.

53 Malnove Finishing Capabilities.
• Straight-Line Gluing • Right-Angle Gluing • Leary Glue Detection Systems; Vision Systems • Bar Code scanning • Auto Case Pack • Electronic Case Scanning • Standard Windowing • Specialty Windowing (Single Lane; 2-Sided; Registered Printed Film) • Collating • Critical Attribute Certificates of Analysis • Label/Coupon Attach

54 Malnove Major Customers / Markets
Osram Sylvania - Lighting Con Agra - Prepared Foods P & G - HABA Wal Mart - Baked Goods Prime Source - Hardware Clarke American - Financial Printing Keebler - Baked Goods Revlon - HABA Panasonic - Consumer Electronics Becton Dickinson - Medical Devices

55 Thank you GE for your consideration
Thank you GE for your consideration. We look forward to putting Malnove’s Team Packaging Professionals to work for you. Our goal is to continually add long-term and compounding economic value to GE’s business through our Total Packaging Solution business strategy. The key competencies Malnove will deploy will be our focused approach on true process / product improvement, and our commitment to intelligent and sustainable package design and development.

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