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February 20, 2013. Invocation Pledge of Allegiance.

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1 February 20, 2013


3 Invocation Pledge of Allegiance

4 Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one state under God, one and indivisible. one and indivisible.

5 Introductions

6 Trestle Board... Next Wednesday – 9:00 AM – PI 33 Square & Compasses Next Thursday, February 28 – 7:30 PM Point Isabel 33 Stated Meeting Speaker – PGM Mike Gower

7 Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry

8 The Book... Arturo de Hoyos S. Brent Morris

9 Arturo de Hoyos... Past Master McAllen 1110 Grand Archivist & Grand Historian - Supreme Council Scottish Rite S. J.

10 S. Brent Morris... Editor – Scottish Rite Journal Past Master Quatuor Coronati Complete Idiots... Spokesperson?? ?

11 Who Speaks for Freemasonry??? No-one? Albert Mackey? Art de Hoyos? Brent Morris? Grand Lodge!!

12 The Methods of Anti- Masons

13 But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed. William Shakespeare

14 Fantasy, Fraud & Deceit... Anti-masonic writers have generally been as unreliable as Masonic apologists. In their zeal to attack Freemasonry, they have been willing to use fantasy, fraud, and deceit. They have even created bogus documents when needed. Their writings must not be taken at face value. Dr. Robert A. Morey, anti-Masonic researcher

15 Authority in Masonry... Grand Lodges US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & Brazil One Grand Lodge per State or Province Other Countries – One Grand Lodge NOT! M. S. A. N. A. Conference of Grand Masters Scottish Rite Shrine

16 Mutual Recognition... Nothing higher than a Grand Lodge Absolute authority within its jurisdiction Standards of recognition Withdraw recognition Grand Orient of France (God & VSL) Grand Lodge of France (Scottish Rite) National Grand Lodge of France

17 What's In A Name? BaptistMethodistLutheranPresbyterianJewishMasonic

18 P2 Lodge – Italy... Expelled by Grand Orient of Italy Secret Political Organization Links: Italian government CIAMafiaVatican Grand Lodge of Italy Not a Secret Organization

19 33rds Rule??? Supreme Councils of Scottish Rite Control Masonry. FALSE!!! Third Degree is the Highest Degree! Grand Master (any Past Master) Worshipful Master (any Past Warden) Wardens (any Member)  Members (a Master Mason)

20 No Supreme Council, no respected author, nor any other group or person speaks for or controls Masonry; that prerogative rests solely with the grand lodges.

21 Manly Hall... 33 rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason Wrote book: Lost Keys of Freemasonry Quoted by anti-Masonic writers Book Written in 1923 Became a Mason in 1954

22 The Masonic authorities used by anti-Masons do not-- indeed, cannot--speak for all Masons. Freemasonry has no such authorities.

23 Let not your zeal for the institution of Freemasonry lead you into argument with those who through ignorance may ridicule it.

24 Please Don't Forget the Kitty!


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