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"Route Rite"® Software for Service Management with Integrated Routing and Accounting, Since 1991 Now Can Operate Paperless with New Android Smart Phone.

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1 "Route Rite"® Software for Service Management with Integrated Routing and Accounting, Since 1991 Now Can Operate Paperless with New Android Smart Phone Software “Route Rite”tm Software for Windows with Customer History Routing, Accounts Receivable and Inventory

2 “Route Rite” tm Route Service Billing Software Route Rite helps your Route Service Business: Keep those trucks in the same geographic area on the same day and general time to reduce mileage and Fuel Consumption Get Services Done On Time and Get Notified if anyone is missed to help maximize your Sales Dollars Get your Service Customers Invoice sooner and track more often so that your outstanding receivables are moved to your pocket.

3 Route Rite"® Legend is your Service Business Tool ! The Software is designed to help you accomplish all of these goals and more! We have seen a lot of route service software users over our decade of experience and we continue to wrap the features of our software around our customers ever expanding needs! We Listen! And then we Perform! Remember we don’t have to be the most expensive to be the best!

4 “Route Rite”tm Legend Route Billing Software Demo Guide This presentation is designed to give you an overview of Software Usage most often used to better understand our live demo since there is no training at that point Since the Software Demo is live and date driven, you may not see the jobs waiting for service because they are outdated, therefore this may help you understand the screens. In real life, the services that are past due and missed will show up on the missed services reports Get the Live Person Internet Demo with a salesperson to cut to the chase and see the immediate answers to your questions. Great choice because you will see your daily procedures from an expert!

5 Very Flexible and Easy to Use Integrated Features Presentation Customer History & Detailed Service Instructions, which guide the software to it ability to aid you. Automatic Re-occurring Rescheduling of your customer’s services, based on customizable frequencies. Zone, Map Grid, Zip code or City On-screen Geographic View of route stops for those manually scheduling needs. Full Accounts Receivable, including billing by the service completed and “Flat Rate” billing like a rental or weekly service billed monthly on a fixed amount. Print Reports on Materials Used, Sold or on-hand, including Ca. and NY Usage Reports

6 It’s Setup Data is Customizable Customizable Setup Data for the Defaults and Pick Lists! Each of your customers can have different pricing and different service instructions Filter customized groups of Customers for reports, letters, labels and Export some reports to Excel, including those that allow you to Map Plot in any mapping software that imports Excel files. Paste Scanned Reports, Diagrams, Maps, Bitmaps and driving directions to your customers history. Print report and forms to PDF’s with add on software

7 The Route Rite Live Demo has sample data but jobs may be past due! Use the Slide Show to assist you. When you purchase the software you will receive Written Setup Documentation, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from previous users setting up “Route Rite”tm, Setup Slide Shows for Screen Visuals, and Setup Movies for Screen Visuals with Keystrokes from a user. So since the Live Demo does not come with that this show will help. The Software is designed so that, if you change the setup, then you will see the behavior in the software change. Your names and function of Frequencies, Services, Products, trucks, geographic areas, which Service Slip to use, etc… can all be customized in the Setup.

8 Route Rite Software Designed to Manage Your Service Customers in your Route Service Business Pest Control Lawn Care Beverage Service Carpet Cleaning Maid Service Sanitizing Service Water Service Route Sales Window Cleaning

9 Route Rite Software is Designed to Integrate Extremely thorough Software Modules Customer History & Service Instructions Routing & Scheduling Accounts Receivable Inventory Management

10 Lets Get Started! This Demo Assistance Slide Show is not Designed for Step by Step Training but for Overview. When you purchase you will receive more detailed Training Slide Shows, along with other training aids. You can use the Icons or the Words at the Top of the screen.

11 Click the Set-up Button This is the one time Setup Area for your Route Billing Software. No matter what your Service or Sales function is, customization here causes the software to be more tailored to you.

12 Route Billing Setup Section! The demo may be an older version than is being delivered to customers The Setup is delivered blank however it is pre-setup in the Demo. You do not need to change this for the Demo, however you can, if you would rather one of your customers entered! It is easier to just use an existing zip code because many things are tied to the zip. There are limits to the demo that are not on the actual software. You can enter your customizable data, including Frequencies combinations of day(s), week(s), month(s) or year(s) that can be attached to your personalized services. Your Trucks & Employees, Working Hours, AR Terms, Profit Centers Security, Inventory details, Office Information and more create your Pick Lists

13 In Setup you will enter things like your Employees

14 Enter your Office Name & Stuff to be printed or not, on your Forms

15 Click Service Setup and View your Personalized Service Name. Then attach your customized Frequency, Profit Center to be credited for this service # of Services are unlimited. Legend will manage multiple services per customer.

16 Click Routes to Setup the Trucks, its employee & availability. This helps the software know who and when they are available, as it assist you in Scheduling your customers Trucks + Employee

17 Each operator can have a unique entry username and password, that allows your multiple users controlled screen privileges. This will increase your data security. User Security Set up!

18 Optional Inventory Setup for tracking Material usage or Product Sales Click the “I” Button or Modules, then Inventory. The Inventory will keep track of Inventory Items including Usage, Quantities on hand by office, truck and customer, cost and sales price and inventory value. Inventory includes Products, Materials and Equipment.

19 Inventory Quantity on Hand and Usage is updated from every job that is verified as completed or Point of Sale Invoice Saved. You can enter new items or edit the existing ones. Receive and disburse inventory to office, truck and customer location for tracking. Enter Inventory Existing Inventory Status

20 See the details of each item. Including cost, default sales price and reorder levels. Prices can be tailored to each customer Double Click and get the Item View

21 The Setup Review is Complete The Setup Area is used to customize the software to fit your words and operation in your selectable Pick Lists. The software will use the information from the Setup to assist you in preventing mistakes as you enter customers, services, routing customers or when it creates Invoices. Route Rite Software uses your frequencies, services, service instructions and other specifics for each customer to reschedule jobs.

22 Click the Customer View and Entry Button See and edit your Customers History and Information, Including attaching Services and instructions

23 Customer Entry & Editing Auto Customer Numbering increases speed on entry, as customer searches include name, company, telephone and address. One Billing customer may have multiple service addresses and each address may have its own separate service instructions & tracking. Customer History with Materials & service Information. Reprint the Invoice or Pay it Off. Individual Customer Service Handling Instructions, with date of next Service automatically calculated with reminders. Customer Zone, grid, zip or city is used for Geographic scheduling aids. Attach Drawings, Word Documents, Maps, Sizing etc..

24 See, Sort & Select from all of your customers with the convenient Search All Button

25 Or use the Quick Search for a customer, last named Gary. Type gar in the last name field and enter. Quick Search by Last & company name, phone or address Search Fields

26 Add Multiple Addresses to this customer, see Balances, Service Detail, Next Dates

27 Click the Go to Services Button and see overview of all service for all addresses attached to this customer Select the service and go to the route date or Edit it and or its service instructions

28 View Transaction History, Statement or Sell over the counter with a Manual Invoice. Invoices are also auto created from service completion

29 Assign Equipment to the Customer for notes, tracking or printing on Work Tickets

30 Customer Financials Includes Total Balance Owed Credit Balances Last Payment Date and Date of Last Statement Purchase Order Numbers Terms of Payment with Late Charge option Sales Tax Options for Service and Product. History of Invoices & Receipt Transactions Print individual or batches of Printed Invoice Print individual or batches of Aged Statements Manual Invoice capability Billing by Service completion or Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly

31 View Transaction Button Select any Open or Closed invoice to view, print or pay off. Open Invoices can be viewed or paid by double clicking Searches

32 Now Lets Attach the Services that this Customer will get! These Instructions tell the software how to handle all of the services you may do for this customers addresses. You will be able to enter all the services for all of the addresses that get billed to this customer. You will also enter any specific problems, products, next appt date, specific day of the week request, bill by service or flat rate, enter a comment that should be printed on the service slip, when the service is done and more! Click the “Go to Services” Button

33 If the Customer already has services attached you will get this overview screen. If you want to look at or edit an existing service, double click it. Or if you want to find Quickly find it on the route, click it once then go to routing. See or Edit all jobs billed to this Cust! Or click New Service to enter one

34 Customer Services Includes Individual Management of unlimited Services for each Address chained to this account. Initial Date, Last Date completed and software calculated Next Appointment Date Software will automatically schedule your customer based on Pre-set instructions or remind you to call or manually schedule the job when it should be done Product pricing can be specific to this customer and usage will be tracked. Bill for Services, per service completion or Flat rate Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Or just schedule a sales call and sell products at that customers specific pricing

35 Set the First Date. The software automatically, schedules forward Enter the Service and it’s price per service. To Flat Rate bill Click Service Options Tab. Sell Target

36 Pre Set a Specific Day of the Month or Week for automatic routing. Use the Pre Bill to bill a Flat Rate by Month, Quarter, Year. Multi- unit will allow history for units in a complex Comments to print on Slip Flat Rate Pricing

37 Now Lets Go to Routing Now the Software will take over and start working, for you, based on your service instructions per each address. In Routing, you will see the customers waiting for manual scheduling as well as the service that were pre set and automatically scheduled. If you need to call ahead customers to select a day and route you will see the Actual Truck Routes that show customers already scheduled and you will be able to add waiting jobs to open geographically pleasing slots. Print Single or Batches of Service Slips, Missed Service Report and Export for Map Plotting.

38 Geographic Routing Provides: Reminder of Jobs waiting to be manually scheduled over the next 90 days Set your Preferences for Viewing of Truck Schedules by Option of: –Single Truck for Several Days –Multiple Trucks for Multiple days –Single Day Multiple Trucks –Single Truck for a Single Day Show Geographically color coded (Red, Blue and Black) scheduled jobs by Zip Code, Grid, Zone, or City. Or Show them by Name.

39 The lower Window shows already scheduled route Stops and open slots. The colors show how close the existing stops are to the select job to be scheduled View by Grid, Zip, City or Name Move Jobs as a single or group Export stops to Excel

40 On Screen Geographic Routing The top window shows your customer’s that are due for service based on customer specific service instructions. Double Click on a job waiting and the Software Geographically Color Codes the already scheduled Jobs, with relation to that selected job, Showing: –Red as an exact area match –Blue as Adjacent or close by your definition –Black as moving a truck a farther distance Pick a date and time slot and Shift-click the job into that slot. Schedule jobs by “Specific” time (Like 8:00am arrival) or by a “General” time range (like 8am to 10am). Export Route Addresses for Microsoft “Streets and Trips”tm to plot on a map. Then save it to your customers record to view in the future.

41 Edit the service or price, instructions, target problems, materials or products Edit the Scheduled Job by double clicking or View & Print an Individual Service Slip Print just one Slip here or Batch Print Slips by most any date range for all Service Stops.

42 Set your Route Viewing Preferences with Route Options View Route Stops by Single Truck Single Day, Single truck multiple days, Multi-Trucks single or multiple days




46 Plot Route Stops on Import to Microsoft’s “Streets & Trips”tm

47 Print Batches of Service Slips and Report

48 This a detailed Route Summary Report Separated by Truck and Day.

49 Select 2 of 12 Service Slips. Used by those that need to leave a copy with the Slip. This slip formats itself based on the information you use in the software.

50 Select 4 of 12 1-3 part Service Slips. Used by those that need to leave a copy or 2 with the Customer. This slip formats itself, depending on your comments.

51 Select Slip #10 of 12 and use with Perforated Paper for Ink Jets or Laser. Used by those that need to leave a copy with the Slip.

52 Select # 12 of 12 Service Slips for pre printed forms and no prices. Used by those that need to leave a copy with the Slip.

53 Select #11 of 12 Service Slips for Pre Printed Slips with Data Only Form. You have your form made with your colors, Logo your own labels & Information or Disclaimers

54 Now that the Slips are Printed Lets Verify the Work that was completed! At the end of the day and the trucks bring back the completed job or report it via Internet or Mobile. You will indicate the jobs that are completed. Editing the details of the Service, problems or quantity and price of the products will create an Invoice based on the work actually completed. You can also post a Payment from the customer or use the Customers Credit Balance, if any. A receipt will be created and the invoice paid fully or partially. The customers next date of service, accounts receivable and all reports are updated immediately!

55 Then Verify and edit the job completed which auto schedules the next visit, bills the customer & records history

56 Either Enter the Slip # or Double Click the Job and the Invoice will open. If there is no editing needed Auto-Verify will mark all none COD jobs as completed, in seconds! Verify Completed Jobs!

57 Edit the Invoice

58 Edit Products Edit Problems Edit Services

59 After Saving the edited Invoice, you can print it as a single or in the Invoice Batches!

60 View or Print Statements

61 Now Lets Receive a Payment Click A/R, then click receipts, Search for the customer and you will see all the open invoices. Enter payment amount and apply it to Invoices or to Credit Balance. If your payment does not have the customer name but just an invoice number, just search the AR invoices for that invoice number and pay it off.

62 Click A/R, Receipts. Now search for your customer and enter amount received, Apply payments to one or multiple open invoices on the bottom Receive Payments Open Invoices automatically appear

63 Telephone Sales Scripting and Employee Messages Click the Telephone Icon and you will be able to select a problem for the list and read the script that your expert has written for you. Even see any special Materials needed for this problem

64 Ok, Lets See Some Reports Reports are listed in each section, so A/R reports are in A/R, Inventory Reports in Inventory, Routing Reports in Routing. There is a variable Call List Filter Report than allows you to filter your customer and gather groups of them that meet certain criteria. Then Send them a letter, print labels or export them for map plotting. Many Reports are designed to export to Excel to allow you greater flexibility of use of this data.

65 Click A/R then Reports to list the Reports in this Section. Reports have variable selections to give you a variety of Sorts Flat Rate Invoices Contract Renewals Print Batch Invoices

66 Sales & Production Reports Sort Sales Reports by Office, Profit Center, Servicing Employee and Salesperson Production Reports include Invoice, Payments and your assigned commissionable amounts to be used for each Service. Salesperson is listed for each service.

67 Variable Sales Reports

68 Inventory Reports Inventory Reports, including Product and Materials used, and needed for customers that have preordered materials. or product.

69 Call List Filter Report Is Designed to allow you to group your customers together by multiple various criteria. Get Reports of Services and values, Print internal Labels or send to Word for label printing, Print Letters or Export Addresses for Map Plotting. Get customers with Next Service, Invoice Dates or receipt dates between given date ranges. Then Further narrow included customers with many other selections. Save the filter and use it over and over.

70 Call List Filter Report

71 Call List Report Results

72 Call List Filter Labels

73 Call List Filter Report Letters

74 Call List Filter Report Address Export

75 Inventory Usage & Need Reporting:




79 If you have Intuits “QuickBooks”tm You can export your Invoice Sales Totals for Services, Products and Sales Tax to “QuickBooks”, through version 2003. Export your Invoice Totals, on an Accrual or Cash Basis Assist you in printing your Profit & Loss Reports from “QuickBooks”tm

80 Connect Service and Product Invoice Totals from Legend to Accounts in Intuits “QuickBooks”tm Account Link Module

81 Export Totals including Sales Tax on an Accrual or Cash Basis to Intuit’s “QuickBooks”tm Account Link Account Link Module

82 Now you are done with the Standard Demo of the Core Modules! Call us to get your questions answered at (877)-837-8799, (818) 889 1361 or Email with more of your questions. If you are looking for our specialty add- on Ca Termite Module just continue to the next Slides. If not this concludes the Slide Show.

83 California Termite This module is for Completion of the California Termite Report. California Completion Report It integrates to the Core Modules Draw Diagrams with your favorite drawing software (like “SmartDraw”tm or “Paint”tm) and copy the drawing to the Termite Report. The Software saves all printed reports to a Word File for emailing Export Report of Inspections & Completions, to Excel

84 Ca. Termite Module

85 Search for Reports for a Particular Customer or Search them all between date ranges, by selecting the date range and clicking the see reports line. Enter a New Report or Edit an existing Report. Print the Reports or Labels. Also Export this Summary of Reports to Excel!

86 Integrated with the Customer Screen


88 This drawing was drawn with “Smart Draw ”



91 Completion Report



94 The Demo is Completed Call for a Live Internet Demo at (818) 889 1361 or Email with more of your questions about the software price or to or

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