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Rainfall (‘RainTrak’) Flood Warning System Hanoi, Vietnam 7 th November 2008.

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1 Rainfall (‘RainTrak’) Flood Warning System Hanoi, Vietnam 7 th November 2008

2 BACKGROUND In 2007, Hydrological Services was approached by Haiduong Co. Ltd to provide a solution for flood warning After careful consideration, the RainTrak, ‘all in one’ rainfall product was offered with some modifications Solution required for ‘early’ warning for evacuating villages in northern Vietnam Product design was a ‘combined effort’ between Hydrological Services Australia and Haiduong Co. Ltd, Hanoi, Vietnam A ‘prototype’ system was sent to Vietnam for evaluation and demonstration

3 SYSTEM DESIGN CRITERIA ‘TB4’ Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge: - accuracy +/-2% 25 to 300mm/hr; +/- 3% 300-500mm/hr - maximum range 500mm/hr - stainless steel bucket pivots - metal enclosure/catch with syphon ML1 Data Logger: - external GSM modem (Wavecom) - digital input - internal power supply - option for external power - RS232 interface - compact design Enclosure: - IP65 rating - powder-coated steel

4 PROVEN TECHNOLOGY HS TB4 Gauge widely used around the world (822 units sold to Thailand Meteorological Service in 2008) ‘Minilog’ range of loggers sold to Water Authorities within South East Asia and Australia (1200 units provided to Queensland Department of Water Resources in 2007 and 2008) All equipment will stand up to high temperatures and humidity All equipment supplied with 3 years warranty


6 MODIFICATIONS UNDERTAKEN Large Capacity Solar panel: 12V, 20W Large deep cycle battery: 12V, 38aH

7 SYSTEM SETTINGS Dial-In Function: - allows user to dial-in for rainfall readings - allows user to dial-in to re-configure logger

8 TEST DATA Haiduong 0012345 ML8037 0.2 28/07/2008 8:250.2 28/07/2008 8:250.4 28/07/2008 8:250.6 28/07/2008 9:050.8 28/07/2008 9:051 1.2 28/07/2008 9:051.4 28/07/2008 9:051.6

9 POWER SUPPLY DATA Average continuous power consumption = 10mA (approximately) 12V: 38aH battery will last in excess of 3 months without solar charging 20 watt solar panel will fully charge the battery (with 4-5 days of good solar exposure)

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