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University of Birmingham How Learning Technologies are Influencing the Design of Physical Learning Spaces: Guidelines for effective practice. Stephen Clarke.

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1 University of Birmingham How Learning Technologies are Influencing the Design of Physical Learning Spaces: Guidelines for effective practice. Stephen Clarke University of Birmingham


3 Study of how Learning Technologies are Influencing the Design of Physical Learning Spaces – Guidelines for effective practice.  Overview of the study  Guidelines for Effective Practice  Strategic Drivers  Practical Aspects of Learning Space Design  Project Management  Detailed Design Considerations  Commissioning: implementing, ownership, maintenance  Examples of good practice  The future of learning spaces

4 Overview of the study  Background papers and other desk research  Initial questionnaire  Follow-up Questions  Site visits

5 Overview of the study – Site Visits  Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education  Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies  Doncaster College  Glasgow Caledonian University  Harper-Adams University College  South-East Essex College  University of Aberdeen  University of Birmingham  University of Bristol  University of Hertfordshire  University of Strathclyde  University of Ulster  University of Warwick  York College  York St. John College

6 Other Relevant Visits  Monash University  Queensland University of Technology  RMIT  Technical University Eindhoven  University of Melbourne  University of New South Wales  University of Queensland  University of Sydney  University of Western Australia  University of Wolverhampton

7 Strategic Drivers  Operational  Pedagogic

8 Strategic Drivers – Pedagogical Pedagogical drivers came from:  Implementation of institutions Learning and Teaching Strategies  Change in learning and teaching methods at faculty and/or departmental level  Key academics or learning and teaching champions

9 Strategic Drivers – Operational Operational drivers included:  Refurbishing poor estate  Compliance SENDA (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act)  Consolidation of sites  Special projects  Changes in student numbers  Meeting student expectations and changes of student finances and life-styles.

10 Strategic Drivers Successful projects sought operational and pedagogic effectiveness.

11 Practical Aspects of Learning Space Design  Access  Supplies and services  Internal layout  Sustainability  Security

12 Project Management  Leadership with appropriate resources and authority  Membership of project group to cover all the necessary skills  Understanding of the key drivers for the project key stakeholders  Working with external organisations  Manage expectations  Change Management

13 Detailed Design Considerations Understand how space will be used  Teaching Spaces  Open Access Spaces  Social Spaces  Other Learning Spaces

14 Detailed Design Considerations Include but are not limited to:  Sound pedagogy  Keep it simple and flexible wherever possible  “Future proof” where possible  Legal and compliance issues  Glossary of room types with definitions and standards  Room Design and Location Guidelines  Fixtures, Fittings and Furnishing  Equipment  Control systems  Technical Infrastructure  Physical Environment

15 Commissioning  Implementation  Ownership  Maintenance

16 Learning Space Design “No single magic formula will guarantee successful learning spaces on every campus. It is clear, however, that it will not be enough if we simply place projectors, computers, and DVD players in the classrooms. Nor will it be adequate just to provide scores of publicly available computers. Such tactics, in isolation, may have little impact. Learning space design is a large-scale, long- term project, involving building and maintaining consensus, curricular vision, emerging technology, and layout and furniture options, as well as intracampus organizational collaboration. Learning space design requires a collaborative, integrated approach, with an overarching vision that informs and supports specific projects.” ( Malcolm Brown, Dartmouth College, USA)

17 Examples of Good Practice From our site visits ……

18 Teaching Spaces - Before

19 Teaching Spaces - After

20 Open Access Spaces



23 Social Spaces




27 Other Learning Spaces

28 The Future of Learning Spaces

29 The Universal Learning Space  What is a Universal Learning Space? A universal learning spaces enables a full range of traditional and contemporary learning and teaching activities, including remote and distributed learning, small group work, individual work, lectures, seminars, scaffolded discussions and tutorials etc. These activities can take place as either teacher-directed work or supported self-study.

30 The Universal Learning Space  Why have a universal learning space?  Pedagogic Effectiveness Flexibility - Enables the learners to have access to the full range of teaching and learning opportunities throughout their learning time.  Operational Efficiency Utilisation of Space - Removes the need to build multiple spaces for multiple learning scenarios.

31 The Universal Learning Space Teaching Console Display Screen Printers and Scanners Vending Machines Rolling News

32 Questions

33 References  Learning Development Unit – University of Birmingham  Brown M, (2005) Learning Spaces Educating the Net Generation edited by Oblinger G, Oblinger L  Collaboration of 7 US Universities Classroom Design Manual 3rd Edition :  Niemeyer D, Hard (2003) Facts on Smart Classroom Design: Ideas, Guidelines, and Layouts Scarecrow Press  Smart Classroom design  Jeffery A. Lackney JA (2003) 33 Principles of Educational Design  University of Wisconsin-Madison  Lockyer K, James Gordon J (2005) Project Management and Project Network Techniques Pearson Education Limited

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