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World Peace 2000 are precious treasures!

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1 World Peace 2000 are precious treasures!
Your friendship... World Peace 2000 are precious treasures!

2 Your wisdom and support a very special gift
Your wisdom and support a very special gift... I'm unable to thank you enough!

3 So I thank you for filling my life with so much caring...
Someone to listen to me Talk, laugh with, learn from...

4 Because we share sad as well as happy peaceful moments...
I know that our friendship is based on mutual unconditional love!

5 So I hope that today and every day brings you Joy, Love, Peace, Wealth & Happiness for you and our earthly family! -Donna Levine

6 Because like me you are caring of others I'm now sharing a way to benefit others to also achieve.. Inner Peace - Outer Harmony!

7 So I sent you this e-mail because I consider you a good mate, a wise friend!
And because you are so caring of others I invite you to join me us as a... World Peace 2000 Angel!

8 As a World Peace 2000 Angel I found caring friends like us... assisting others in difficult times…

9 With other World Peace 2000 Angels, we are here to listen, comfort, share, finding new “Grass Root Peace Solutions” to increase people’s joy and World Peace for 2000 years.

10 World Peace 2000 Angels World Peace 2000 was launched on 11 September 1999. A month later attracted the invitation to join forces with One Day In Peace and Pathways to Peace to promote United Nations One Day in Peace 1 January 2000 celebrations. Celebrations involved 140 countries, fifty National Governments. USA Congress headed by President Clinton declared 1 January a perpetual National USA Holiday. Australia with Richard A. Fletcher leadership included World Peace activities in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. City of Stonnington in Victoria donated The World Peace 2000 Monument to celebrate Australia's unique Multi Culture, Multi Religious way of life and the promotion of our unique Australian World Peace Model! World Peace Australia further recognised by UNESCO on 28 November 1999 as a National NGO or Association - Actor. World Peace 2000 Angels are presently creating unique opportunities for everyone to join forces with UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non violence, committing World Peace 2000 and Australia into supporting World Peace until 2010. Please pass our World Peace 2000 message... 2000 Years of World Peace! Thank You... Richard A. Fletcher

11 World Peace 2000 is creating ... “Gathering of All Nations”
Join UNESCO Manifesto 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non Violence from Peace-Shalom-Salam, Love-Ahava-Hube & Light-Or-Nur, Hagit ( Israel) Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Lakota Dakota Nakota People - (USA) International Association of Educators for World Peace W.E. (USA) Kulin Nation Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation (Australia) World Peace Flame - Life Foundation (United Kingdom) Byakko Shinko Kai (White Light Association) (Japan) Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (Australia) Creative Health Network (Queensland - Australia) Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace (USA) Get off Drugs Naturally - Narconon (Australia) International Simultaneous Policy Organisation Mahatma Gandhi Research Site (Germany) Radio for Peace International (Costa Rica) Kalachakra for World Peace - (Austria) Butterfly Gardeners Association(USA) One Day in Peace Foundation (USA) Falun Dafa (NY Headquarters USA) World Peace 2000 Angels (Nepal) World Peace 2000 Angels (Africa) Jean Huddon (Quebec - Canada) USA Food for the Hungry (USA) VICNET (Melbourne - Australia) United Religions Initiative (USA) Action Without Borders (USA) World Peace 999 (Thailand) Brahma Kumaris (Australia) Good News Agency (Italy) The Bridging Tree (USA) Peaceday org (USA) Tamera (Portugal) World Peace 2000 is creating ... “Gathering of All Nations” Every year 100,000 people promoting the beginning of World Peace for 2000 years! Be part of it!

12 Send this World Peace 2000 Angel message... 2000 years of World Peace!
All your friends ... will know wherever you are, you are thinking of them as you create World Peace!

13 Let us have World Peace for 2000 years a great day is our first step!
World Peace starts with you... your thoughts, your family, our friends, our suburb, our city, our Country and our World! Thank you for Registering as a World Peace 2000 Angel please mail your financial contribution to PO BOX 411 Toorak Vic 3142 Australia!

14 Have a great day! World Peace 2000 Angel!
Feel fantastic… because we are creating… Grass Root Peace Solutions reducing; poverty, homeless, crime, creating World Peace 2000 events around the world! A.C.A. Have a great day! Mail your Donations to: World Peace 2000 Angels PO Box 411 Toorak VIC 3142 Australia

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