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YV CEO Report March Half Yearly Meeting 2011 Summary Updated Strategic Plan & Priorities for 2011-12 –Board Review –Commodores Forum = Membership ! Other.

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2 YV CEO Report March Half Yearly Meeting 2011

3 Summary Updated Strategic Plan & Priorities for 2011-12 –Board Review –Commodores Forum = Membership ! Other stakeholders –Federal Government – High Performance & Participation –State Government – policies, inclusion, participation and high performance (VIS) = Junior and Youth and the Sailing Pathway

4 Go Sailing Program Increased participation (handout) Juniors –Tackers –Transition Youth – tonight’s focus Sailability Women –Girls Tackers’ Transition –Women – keelboat – YA learn to sail

5 Youth Development & Retention Attraction = Juniors Youth Retention & Development (handout) The Sailing Pathway Long term change

6 The Sailing Pathway (February Webcast / Dec & Jan E-news ) 1.Sailing Pathway Brochure – for everyone 2.Junior Development Pathway – junior progression 3.Junior & Youth Development Handbook

7 Other YV Resources Club Coaching Manual Coach Development Network Schools Teams Sailing Manual

8 Where are we now at ?

9 Who Are Our Young Heroes ? Level 10 – AST - Nil Level 9 – Australian Development Squad (see handout) Level 8 Vic Sailing Team (VIS Scholarships ) Level 7 Vic Development Squad ( * denotes VIS Trainee)

10 Youth Development & Performance Victoria = 25% of Australian population and 33% of YA Membership BUT 0 Members of Australian Sailing Team 0 Members of Australian Youth Team Recent successes have not been systemic. We have NO sailors at Level 6 or above identified for Boards, Catamarans, Match Racing or Paralympic Classes

11 What YV sees could improve this ? Many more kids in junior programs – having fun sailing with friends e.g. Green Fleet For some juniors – the Junior Development Pathway into bronze/silver/ gold Coaching programs at clubs For some youth – a Youth Development Program at Clubs.

12 A Club’s Youth Development Program A Club Coach Coaching Program Preferred Youth Classes Targetted Victorian Sailing Cup on Club Calendar

13 What has YV done to help clubs ? Level 6 – Club Coaching Programs –YV develops & qualifies Club Coaches –YV has a Club Coaching Manual to help Clubs set up Coaching Programs –YV has the Sailing Pathways Booklet to guide sailors, clubs and parents including in boat selection Level 7 – YV Development Squad –YV Coaching Committee has managed the YV Development Squad (most of whom have VIS access) –YV Competitor Coaching Scheme has funded Coaches for Classes to Nationals Level 8 – Victorian Sailing Team = VIS Scholarships –YV is a partner in the VIS Management Committee –YV has provided administration support to the Team.

14 Looking Forward All of the above plus Coaching Network For Coach Development Talent Identification for Development Squad The Victorian Sailing Cup Calendar Encouraging Classes to identify and support Club Coaching Programs Annual Calendar & Plan

15 The Victorian Sailing Cup Sail Sandy – 15 th -16 th October, - Sandringham Yacht Club Sail Melbourne – 6 th – 12 th November, - Sandringham Yacht Club Victorian Catamaran Championships – 19 th -20 th November, - McCrae Yacht Club Go For Gold – 26 th -27 th November, - Black Rock Yacht Club Victorian Dinghy Championships 10 th – 11 th December, - Mordialloc Sailing Club OAMPS Victorian Youth & Junior Regatta 14 th – 15 th April 2012, - venue to be decided

16 Annual Calendar of Dates The Victorian Sailing Cup Queensland Youth Week 2 nd – 5 th July 2011 Sail Sydney 1 st – 4 th November 2011 Australian Youth Nationals RQYS 6-10 January 2012 Camps at Sorrento Coach Network Meetings April 3 rd, May 12 th, June 2 nd, August 4 th, Sept 1 st.

17 Club Youth Coaching Programs Sandringham – Lasers (Optimists & International Cadets) McCrae – Lasers (Optimists) RBYC – 29ers Others ???

18 Lastly – Schools Teams Sailing Important to Youth Participation Teams Sailing Manual Available Term 4 and 1 Teams Sailing Series – thanks to SYC, ASC, BRYC, SSCBC, DBYC Clubs really need to deliver a Local Program for Local Schools William Angliss Schools Teams Sailing Championships at Albert Sailing Club – March 31 and April 1

19 Who to call for help ? Daisy Brooke – Pathways Levels 1-8 Ian Fox – –Pathways Levels 1-3 – Learn to Sail Courses –Instructor Training and Development Jane Moffat – –Pathways Level 5 – Race Officials Training/Seminars –Pathway Level 6 – Club Coaching Programs & Coaches Rod Austin – Schools Teams Sailing

20 Summary Juniors –Congratulations to the clubs that are succeeding –Daveys Bay Mornington. Westernport –Others Youth –Congratulations to 29-er Fleet OAMPS Youth Regatta at Sorrento SSCBC – Easter – April 23-24 YV Awards Night – Friday June 24 2011

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