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West Moreton-Oxley Partners in Recovery Innovation Fund Information session.

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1 West Moreton-Oxley Partners in Recovery Innovation Fund Information session

2  Who  Organisation  How long in the region  Issue  What do you hope to get out of today? What's important to you ?

3  Getting people connected and staying connected  Code designing pathways;  Integrating care through collaborative partnerships that join the dots;  promoting a community based recovery model  coordinating supports to complement clinical services to achieve ‘wrap around’ care, individually tailored to the person’s needs.  Looking for new partners in crime  Support 390 people living with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs Program Objectives

4 Consortium Management Committee Aftercare (Lead) Open Minds Richmond Fellowship Queensland NEAMI Drugarm Ozcare FSG Queensland Alliance WMOML WM HHS ACCESS Consumer and Carer Advisors A&TSI and Multicultural Representative

5  PIR Consortium- sets the strategic approach for PIR in WMO  Aftercare - Implementation of the PIR Program–through Program Management Team led by the PIR Manager.  Subcontracted NGOs - Delivering the support coordination activity  Support Facilitators - Support coordination Roles and Responsibilities

6 Collaborative model Recovery based Flexible and responsive to regional circumstances Complementary to the existing service system System coordination vs development of a ‘new’ service What is PIR?

7  Common Agenda – shared vision / understanding / joint approach  Shared Measurement – Consistent data collection and measurement / accountability  Mutually reinforcing activities – coordinated through a mutually reinforcing plan of action  Continuous Communication – Consistent and open – build trust, plan mutual objectives and create common motivation  PIR Aftercare acts as the Backbone Support for the entire initiative and coordinates participating agencies  Supports successful innovation appliants

8 Cascading levels of Collaboration WMO PIR Consortium Aftercare Back Bone organisation Flexible funding Monitoring and Evaluation Innovation Communities of Practice Policy, Procedure Protocol Capacity Building PIR working Groups PIR Partners PIR Partners Network Public Will Execution Action Planning Governance, Vision and Strategy Common Agenda Shared Measures

9  Focus on system reform (not direct service delivery)  Benefit those 18yrs and above  Be delivered in the WMO geographical area, and  Not duplicate existing initiatives. Applications for funding from the WMO PIR Innovation Fund should:

10 Traditional health systemSystems Reform To diagnose, treat and cure acute and infectious disease To prevent, alleviate and manage Long Term Condition’s as well as treat acute conditions People are patients in receipt of services People are partners in creating their own health People expect doctors to prescribe drugs Doctors prescribe social solutions as well Patients treated individuallyPeer to peer support common Health for people, by people and with people

11 Changing the system

12 Changing consultations Commissioning new services Co-designing pathways What does it look like?

13  Redefining consultations  More than medicine  People helping people  The power of codesign  Networks that work WMO Systems Reform

14 WMO systems Reform aims to support and scale new models of care for those with long terms conditions that represent a fundamental shift in the role of patients and professionals. Impact at scale

15  Review of clinical and non clinical consultation approaches  Strategies which compliment clinical care i.e. improved wellbeing, building social networks  Change in service design around service user need  Co-designing referral and care coordination pathways  Services joining together for service coproduction Innovation Fund may support initiatives to:

16 Performance monitoring by PIR Contracts negotiated and funds allocated Applicants notified by Monday 30 June Approval by PIR Consortium Panel reviews applications Friday 13 June Applications Close Friday 30 May Collaboratives develop application Information Sessions Innovation funds 10 &17 April

17  1800 PIR4ME (1800 747 463)   Partnering above and below the line

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