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The Group of Eight Group of Eight 2014. What is the Group of Eight? A coalition of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities Strong research.

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1 The Group of Eight Group of Eight 2014

2 What is the Group of Eight? A coalition of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities Strong research across a comprehensive range of fields Education informed by research Comprehensive in higher education across generalist and professional fields Leadership in public discussion of complex issues Group of Eight 2014

3 Group of Eight universities Group of Eight 2014

4 Characteristics of Go8 universities Go8 universities: Attract the highest levels of research funding: competitive grants, industry funding Are the top-ranked Australian universities in international rankings Enrol more than half of research higher degree students Attract the highest performing Australian school students Offer the lowest student-staff ratios of all Australian universities Provide strong outcomes for international students Group of Eight 2014

5 Research income By university, 1995 to 2012

6 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) A government assessment of research quality Run by the main research funding body – the Australian Research Council (ARC) Assesses research quality by field of research within Australia's universities using review by committees of experienced, internationally- recognised experts Rates research on a five-point scale by university by field of research: –A rating of 3 indicates research is equal to world standard – A rating of 4 indicates research is above world standard – A rating of 5 indicates research is well above world standard ERA has assessed 91 per cent of research undertaken at Go8 universities as world standard or above Group of Eight 2014

7 ERA results, 2012 Ratings of 4 and 5 by university by field Source: ARC, Excellence for Research in Australia 2012 Group of Eight 2014

8 Go8 universities in world rankings Consistently the best performing Australian universities Group of Eight 2014 ARWU 2014THES 2013/14QS 2014Leiden 2014 Australian National University744825104 Monash University101-1509170145 University of Adelaide151-200201-225100219 University of Melbourne443433123 University of Queensland856343137 University of Sydney101-1507237250 University of Western Australia8816889326 UNSW Australia101-15011448197

9 ARWU rankings by field 2014 Consistent, with strengths in Life Sciences Group of Eight 2014 Natural Sciences and MathsEngineeringLife SciencesMedicalSocial Sciences Australian National University51-75101-15051-7576-100 Monash University51-75151-20076-100 University of Adelaide101-150 76-100 University of Melbourne101-15044303251-75 University of Queensland151-20076-1003776-100 University of Sydney101-150 76-100 University of Western Australia151-2002451-75 UNSW Australia151-20042151-200101-150

10 What does the Go8 do? Three main activities/functions as a Group: Influencing national policy discussion on higher education and research Capacity building: helping staff at different levels within Go8 universities to work together across the Group (e.g. through committees, projects) International collaboration: especially at a group-to-group level (with comparable associations of research universities in various countries) Group of Eight 2014

11 The University of Adelaide Group of Eight 2014

12 The University of Adelaide The University of Adelaide is a world-class education and research institution consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities globally. It is Australia’s third oldest university with a reputation for academic excellence. It has produced over 100 Rhodes scholars and has five Nobel Laureates among its alumni community. There are five faculties: engineering, computer and mathematical sciences; health sciences; humanities and social sciences; the professions; and sciences. Each faculty is made up of a number of disciplines, schools and research clusters. Research is focused around areas of national and global research importance. In the 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, 60 of the University’s research areas were rated at or above world class. The University constitutes a vibrant and diverse community of 25,000 students across its three main campuses in South Australia. Website Group of Eight 2014

13 The Australian National University Group of Eight 2014

14 The Australian National University The Australian National University (ANU) is a national hub of cutting-edge research and is one of the foremost research universities in the world. Since its foundation in 1946, ANU has attracted leading academics and some of the brightest students from Australia and the world to learn, research and exchange ideas. A research-led institution, ANU offers a unique range of higher degree research and coursework programs. The University also offers a range of flexible undergraduate and postgraduate study options. ANU has forged close links with government, business and research institutions in Australia and overseas. The University is helping shape the future of the Asia–Pacific region through its pre-eminent expertise in international relations, language, culture and strategic studies. Through its public policy institutes, schools and centres, ANU continues to be a leading contributor to public policy formation and debate in Australia. Website: Group of Eight 2014

15 The University of Melbourne Group of Eight 2014

16 The University of Melbourne Situated in the heart of the world’s most liveable city and within the Parkville precinct, The University of Melbourne enjoys an outstanding reputation, with independently published world rankings consistently placing it as a leader in higher education in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and around the globe. Its national and international performance confirms its position, across a broad range of disciplines, as Australia’s leading comprehensive research-intensive university. From its ground-breaking work towards development of the bionic eye, to the individual research projects of its academics and students, it is uniquely placed to respond to major social, economic and environmental challenges. Website: Group of Eight 2014

17 Monash University Group of Eight 2014

18 Monash University Monash University is pushing the boundaries of fundamental knowledge. We are committed to addressing the critical issues faced by communities and nations around the world. Monash is Australia’s largest university, home to more than 58,000 students, from 130 nations, in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, across ten faculties, We are active in education and research on four continents and have direct engagement with institutions in every region around the world. The university has a strong international reputation in research and a proven ability to engage with industry partners to provide sound theoretical and commercial outcomes. Website: Group of Eight 2014

19 UNSW Australia Group of Eight 2014

20 UNSW Australia Where ordinary stops, UNSW starts. We’re not just one of the best universities in Australia – we’re a powerhouse of ideas and innovation. Our students benefit from studying with some of the brightest and most inspiring academics in the world, as well as outstanding sports and social facilities. They enjoy a vibrant and cosmopolitan campus life, with over 13,000 international students and more than 200 international exchange opportunities. We prepare them for global career success and limitless opportunities. Study in a truly global classroom at a top, world 100 ranked university. Learn from the best and get a powerful first-class education. Website: Group of Eight 2014

21 The University of Queensland Group of Eight 2014

22 The University of Queensland The University of Queensland (UQ) is the largest university in Queensland and one of the top 100 universities worldwide across a number of independent rankings. UQ’s 46,863-strong student community includes 12,633 postgraduate scholars and 11,324 international students from 142 countries. The University is proud of its worldwide network of more than 210,000 alumni including a Nobel laureate, an Academy Award winner and other high achievers. Its four campuses, six faculties and eight institutes are drawcards for an ever-expanding community of scientists, researchers and commercialisation experts. UQ is an international leader and pacesetter in discovery and translational research across disciplines as well as home to award-winning teaching staff. Website: Group of Eight 2014

23 The University of Sydney Group of Eight 2014

24 The University of Sydney The University of Sydney is a leading research and teaching university committed to the transformative power of education and finding solutions to real-world problems. We are unique among Australia’s universities in the breadth of disciplines we offer our 51,000 students who come from more than 140 countries, and we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our worldwide network of 185,000 alumni. We rank among the world’s top 100 universities, and the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia exercise found that 75 percent of academic fields and all our research ranked at world standard or above. In creating the first tertiary education institution in Australia more than 160 years ago, the University’s founders recognised the power of education to change society. We hold that belief just as strongly today. Website: Group of Eight 2014

25 The University of Western Australia Group of Eight 2014

26 The University of Western Australia The University of Western Australia (UWA) has an international reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research. Ranked in the world’s top 100 universities, UWA has helped underpin Western Australia’s social and economic development for a century. With students enrolled across nine faculties, UWA is the university of preference for the highest-achieving WA school-leavers and provides some of the best graduate outcomes in Australia. With a long-term aim of being counted among the top 50 universities in the world by 2050, UWA continues to play a vital role in scholarship and discovery of global significance. Website: Group of Eight 2014

27 Contact us If you have any queries, or need more information, please contact The Group of Eight secretariat at +61 (0)2 6239 5488.

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