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Understanding Grain Quality and Market Requirements Horsham Tuesday 8 th April 2014.

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1 Understanding Grain Quality and Market Requirements Horsham Tuesday 8 th April 2014

2 WORLD BARLEY PRODUCTION 2013 Australia 5.6% China 1.7% Others 16.8% Est 2013= 142m t Australia ≈ 9mt





7 Proudly owned by ABB Grain Ltd

8 World Utilisation of Barley Barley Production 140 million tonnes Malting Barley 22 million tonnes Malt 18 million tonnes Beer 17.0 Whisky 0.5 Food 0.5

9 World Barley and Malt Where do we fit in? World Malting Barley World Barley World Malt 140m t 22m t 4.3m t

10 World Malt Production 4.3mt




14 Barley Australia is the recognised accreditation body for malting barleys from Australia The malting barley evaluation and accreditation process is as follows: Barley Quality


16 This is still the driving force for new varieties from Australia. Buyers want clean, bright, white aleurone barleys They want reliability and consistency They do not want a constant stream of new barleys They want to know it meets established quality and assessment standards.

17 Market Requirements An emphasis on improved malting quality  Varieties that will process without the use of Gibberillic acid  High extract  Low wort viscosity and beta-glucan  Low DMS  Low LOX A sustainable domestic brewing (moderate AAL) type Low-medium rainfall, high yielding varieties with competitive malting quality traits Two high yielding varieties for Northern NSW and Southern Queensland for domestic (moderate AAL) and export (high AAL) use Rationalisation of the number of varieties nationally to ease pressure on storage and segregation requirements

18 Barley Australia Where does BA fit in? Functions Managing the malting evaluation process. Representing the industry Chemical use, snails in barley to Korea Barley dryers in WA Henley “blue aleurone” issue Barley Varieties Handbook Membership: Joe White Maltings Barrett Burston Malting, MaltEurop GrainCorp CBH WA


20 Future R&D Issues Too many varieties? ! Confusion in the market Confusion for brewers Confusion for the growers Difficulties for the bulk handlers Contrary position to the breeders

21 Future R&D Issues The end for Gibberillic Acid (GA) Not wanted by brewers Needed by maltsters R&D to solve the problem

22 Future R&D Issues Competing grower/user needs Growers want agronomic advantages –Yield/ $ / encouragement to grow –Straw strength –Weed /disease resistance Maltsters want Less water uptake, shorter dormancy Brewers (the market) want Better extract, improve DP, better fermentability Consistency of product

23 Future R&D Issues Breeders want –Clear market signals –EPR / $ –Market acceptance and uptake All want better barleys It’s a difficult job but……


25 Thank You Enquiries:

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