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Senior School Information Evening 2014 Sow to Harvest.

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1 Senior School Information Evening 2014 Sow to Harvest

2 Mr Brad Elliott Head of Senior School Sow to Harvest

3 Part time work … 12 hours maximum Social life … restrict Time management … priorities Setting goals … achievable Choose the right subjects … for motivation Dissolve large tasks … into smaller ones Parental involvement … encourage Study environment … private Hours of study … Yr 10 – 2.5hrs; Yr 11 – 3hrs; Yr 12 – 3hrs. Self discipline … IT’S UP TO YOU!!! Sow to Harvest

4 Mr Kevin Davis Careers / Traineeships

5 AssessmentMy check date Check dateMy due dateDue date Ask six weeks early if assessment has been issued. Start the first night and do some every night Complete assignment two days before check date. Great feedback from teacher This will be on assessment calendars or assessment cover sheets Finish two days early Someone to check over it This is already in the assessment calendar For example… English18/02/1420/02/1425/02/1427/02/14 ThisgoesontheFridge!

6 The Queensland Certificate of Education is Queensland’s senior school qualification. It is awarded to eligible students, usually at the end of Year 12. A QCE is awarded to students only if their course of study satisfies: ◦ a significant amount of learning ◦ at a set standard of achievement ◦ in a set pattern ◦ literacy & numeracy requirements Sow to Harvest


8 CourseSet standardCredits Authority subjects or Authority-registered subjects derived from a Study Area Specification (completion requires 4 semesters) At least a Sound Level of Achievement 4 A subject that is assessed by a Senior External Examination. At least a Sound Level of Achievement 4 Nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications that lead to the award of a Certificate II, III or IV (includes traineeships) Certificate awarded Certificate II: 4 Certificate III or IV: 5, 6, 7, or 8 Sow to Harvest

9 CourseSet standardCredits One- or two-semester university subjects completed by a young person while enrolled at a school Pass grade2 or 4 credits respectively Diplomas or advanced diploma courses undertaken by a person while enrolled at a school Competencies demonstrated up to 8 credits (on the basis of 1 credit per completed competency) Sow to Harvest

10 Credits can accumulate for up to 9 years after registering for a learning account (generally at the beginning of Year 11). Sow to Harvest


12 What is a School-Based Traineeship? A part time paid job with nation-wide recognised training, Certificate 2 or 3 Students work at least 8 hours a week, 48 weeks per year Students usually drop their sixth subject and use their spare periods to catch up on missed work, or do some theory training for their traineeship On rare occasions students will commence a school- based apprenticeship Pay is at the casual rate for their age group in that industry Sow to Harvest

13 Who should do a Traineeship? Students looking to enter the workforce after Year 12 with added skills Students who love practical work but find themselves restricted by the school curriculum Students who want an apprenticeship after leaving school Students who want to balance their school work with on-the-job training Sow to Harvest

14  Get a goal – any goal  Own the goal  ◦  Tertiary study ◦ QTAC-open days etc.  ◦ QSA learner account – subject selection impact 

15 Mr Warwick Drew Director of Studies Sow to Harvest

16 Two-day external examination for Year 12, held in September Contributes information for the calculation of OPs Questions come from the 49 ‘Common Curriculum Elements’ of the senior curriculum NCC prepares students extensively to sit this test – no additional study is required but extra practice is encouraged Eg, if students claim no homework they should do some QCS prep. OP ineligible students do not need to sit the test however many still do at NCC – can assist with tertiary entrance NOTE: OP-ineligible students’ results have no impact on OPs The Queensland Core Skills Test (QCST) Sow to Harvest

17 Queensland Year 12 students are placed in a rank order based on subject and QCS results The top-placed group of students receive ‘1’. The lowest- placed group of students receive ‘25’ OPs are used for entry into universities and TAFE diplomas A student’s top twenty semesters of ‘OP eligible’ subjects count towards an OP Overall Positions (OPs) Sow to Harvest

18 An OP does not count toward the Queensland Certificate of Education All subjects are treated the same when calculating an OP Doing a subject with a lot of high-achieving students will not directly lead to a better OP Even small movements in subject achievements can affect the ranking of students across the state OP’s are a product of their subject LOA and their classes QCST results You can go to university if you don’t have an OP The ‘usual’ pathway to university from Year 12 is via an OP Overall Positions Sow to Harvest

19 Ranks are awarded to those students who do not receive an OP Ranks are used for entry to TAFE and university A guide to future ranks can be calculated using the QTAC website timator_2013Data_08Jan2014v2.xlsm QTAC Ranks Sow to Harvest

20  One lesson per week for Yr 10 and 11  Between one and three lessons per week for Yr 12  Designed to support student learning in the common curriculum elements (CCEs)  Extension of skills in literacy and numeracy  Assists students to develop their thinking and problem solving skills  Extension work in QCS Test preparation  “Mighty Minds” app

21 This government body overseas senior education policy and certification for all Queensland schools It is an excellent source of information for parents and senior students about their senior schooling The Queensland Studies Authority Sow to Harvest

22 OP Fast Facts – your questions answered: OP Fast Facts Calculating OP’s: The Basic principles Student Connect OP Myths OP myths [Qld Studies Authority] Useful Internet Sites For Career Planning Education Queensland Handouts and Information Guides QCE Powerpoint presentations (The Basics) QCE PowerPoint presentations [Qld Studies Authority]

23 Sow to Harvest

24 Mrs Loida Paterson Senior School Co-ordinator Yr 12 Co-ordinator Sow to Harvest

25 o External guest speakers: o Financial field; health professionals; tertiary institutions – TAFE and universities; armed forces o Road Accident Awareness Prevention Program - Emergency Services; o RACQ o Red Frogs, QLD Police, and Scripture Union preparation for Schoolies

26 o Leadership development o Queensland Core Skills preparation o Committees o Reflecting upon and extending leadership lessons from Year 11 and 12 camps Focus – Yr 10 and 11 o Preparatory learning for the Senior Phase years

27  The well-being of all of our students is paramount to teaching staff as we know that young people today face many stresses and challenges which impact on their ability to perform at their best.  All staff undertake pastoral care responsibilities as Family Group teachers and meet with their corresponding Year Level Coordinator regularly throughout the term referring student well-being matters directly to them: Year 10 Mr Garrett; Year 11Mrs Walkden and Year 12 Mrs Paterson.  We have three Child Protection Officers: Mr Anthony Arro; Mr Brian Evans and Mrs Loida Paterson. All staff undergo Child Protection Training at the beginning of each year, however, the Child Protection Officers receive further specialist training and are accessible to students, staff and their families.

28 Sow to Harvest Online Tutoring (Demonstration → yourtutor)yourtutor EnglishMaths Approach classroom teachers as requiredMost days tuition happens Sem 2 – Yr 12 offered in the H Block classrooms ScienceHumanities Approach classroom teachers as requiredSOR and Geog weekly Wed – Modern History

29 Sow to Harvest Year level camps  Yr 12 … Emu Gully … It’s not about me!  Yr 11 … Camp Somerset … Leadership, Towards 2015  Yr 10 … Sydney/Canberra … Leadership and National Milestones

30 Sow to Harvest Mission / Cultural Trips 2014 NormantonYr 10 onlyJune KokodaYr 10-12July FijiYr 12 onlySeptember ThailandYr 10-12December 2015 NormantonYr 10 onlyJune MalawiYr 10-12June/July FijiYr 12 onlySeptember

31 Sow to Harvest Username: Parent Password: Ncc2012

32 Sow to Harvest Scripture Union Schoolies

33 Sow to Harvest

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