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© 2011 Chevron Chevron Health and Wellness An Innovative Approach Joel Canning, Health and Wellness Co-ordinator Perth, November 2011.

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1 © 2011 Chevron Chevron Health and Wellness An Innovative Approach Joel Canning, Health and Wellness Co-ordinator Perth, November 2011

2 © 2011 Chevron Outline  Introduction to Chevron Australia  Why the Workplace?  Research  Chevron’s Program  Goals for Life Initiative  Future Ideas  Challenges  Best Practice in Workplace Health & Wellness

3 © 2011 Chevron Wheatstone Project Ashburton North Onslow Thevenard Island WA Oil Operations Barrow Island Gorgon Project North West Shelf Project Karratha Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline Iago Wheatstone North West Shelf Venture Fields Greater Gorgon Area Gas Fields Exmouth West Acreage Browse Joint Venture Fields Browse LNG Development Chevron Operated Non-Operated Clio / Acme Exploration and Appraisal Program Chevron Australia Overview 3

4 © 2011 Chevron Why the Workplace? –Time spent at work –Majority of people work –Policies –Supportive environment –Access to services –Return on investment (ROI)

5 © 2011 Chevron Research –The latest productivity research indicates that individuals with multiple risk factors are absent more, injured more, and return to work more slowly than individuals with fewer risk factors –WELCOA lit review of 400 Wellness programs: Only 2 failed to have a positive ROI

6 © 2011 Chevron

7 Health & Wellness at Chevron The beginnings … –Wellness and Work/Life Balance Committee formed in 2005 –Health & Wellness Co-ordinator contracted in 2006 –Scope includes both field and Perth based employees and contractors –Health & Wellness Co-ordinator employed in 2009 –Term based calendar

8 © 2011 Chevron Policies Compressed working week (9 day fortnight) RSIP team Workpace breaks Healthy Catering Policy Free Gym membership Access to bike lockers Wellness Committee Annual Calendar of Events Work/life Balance

9 © 2011 Chevron Calendar of Events –An annual calendar is produced each year utilising employee feedback and results from certain initiatives –Each quarter has a range of activities, community events and presentations –Annual calendar is launched using massage therapists –Online registration for events, activities & presentations using ‘Event Manager’ –Online calendar assists in remaining current, up to date and the ability to add/remove initiatives as needed

10 © 2011 Chevron Sample calendar - 2012 Events Nissan Corporate Triathlon Weetbix Kids TRY-athlon Freeway Bike Hike HBF Run for a Reason City to Surf Santos Great Bike Ride Foxtel Lap Relay for Life Bank of Queensland Corporate Challenge Movember

11 © 2011 Chevron Sample calendar - 2012 Initiatives Yoga Meditation/Relaxation Organised Weekend Bike Rides Men’s Health Pitstop MBF Health Lounge Weight Watchers at Work Fitbreak Master Classes Goals for Life Program Blood Donations Cyclosportif Flu Vacs Healthy Heart Checks Skin Checks Lunch and Learns 10K-a-Day

12 © 2011 Chevron Goals for Life I0 week Goal Setting Program Individual Consultations with: Dietitian – 24hr recall and advice (Wk 1 and Wk 5) Wellness Coach – goal setting (Wk 1 and Wk 5) Exercise Physiologist – appraisal and individualised program Full metrics pre and post program Group Fitness Sessions four times a week Weekly motivational emails Wrap up session with prizes for those achieving goals

13 © 2011 Chevron Goals for Life Program – 2011 results 100 expressed interest in the program 40 invited into the program from Healthy Heart results 100 participants Results:  100% had an improvement in at least one parameter  83% had an improvement in Blood Pressure  68% of participants lost weight  63% of participants improved flexibility  65% of people had a reduction in body fat  48% improved BMI  68% had improvements in Cardiovascular fitness  Top performer: ↓ BP by 9%, ↓ RHR 27%, ↓ Weight 5%, ↓ BF 2.7%, ↑ Fitness 53% 13

14 © 2011 Chevron Some ideas for the future… 36hr working week Incentives In-depth evaluation of program Increased emphasis on mental health Siestas / power naps

15 © 2011 Chevron Challenges?  Getting the inactive – active!  Room availability  Catering Policy – food is quite personal  Different locations  Workforce growth  Contractors vs Employees  Communicating program  Evaluation of program - absenteeism etc 15

16 © 2011 Chevron Qualities inherent for Best Practice 1.Active Support & Participation by Senior Leadership 2.Workplace Health as a Shared Responsibility 3.Engagement of Key Stakeholders 4.Supportive Environment 5.Participatory Planning & Design 6.Targeted Workplace Health Interventions 7.Standards and Accreditation 8.High levels of Program Engagement 9.Innovative Marketing & Communication 10.Evaluation and Monitoring 11.Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

17 © 2011 Chevron The function of protecting and developing health must rank even above that of restoring it when it is impaired. —Hippocrates

18 © 2011 Chevron Discussion/Questions

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