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Faculty of Science Careers Practitioners Seminar.

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1 Faculty of Science Careers Practitioners Seminar

2 Rewarding careers Science graduates –Have excellent employment rates – higher than 98% employed –Are paid salaries, that are, on average in the top 20% of the workforce for their age group –Progress in their careers towards management and professional roles –Generally undertake further study as their career progresses –Obtain considerable levels of personal satisfaction from their jobs –Would do a science degree again! –Have outstanding opportunities in secondary school teaching due to unprecedented demand

3 Science Graduates Career Options Astronomer / Astrophysicist Archaeologist Biomedical chemist Botanist Dietitian/Nutritionist Drug designer Eco-tourism operator Environmental consultant Forensic scientist Geologist Horticulturist Industrial Chemist Land use manager Microbiologist Museum curator Meteorologist Neuroscientist Paleontologist Physicist Physiologist Park ranger Patent and trademark attorney Risk management consultant Secondary school teacher Science journalist Soil scientist Statistician Synchrotron Scientist Toxicologist Waste & resource management consultant Winemaker Zoologist

4 Average salary comparison by industry sector MyCareer job listings inclusive of wage, figures may incorporate total package.

5 Job ready with Monash What is the Faculty of Science and Monash University doing to make our students job ready? Leadership programs Science Advanced Leadership Ancora Imparo In2Science Science Student Ambassadors and Monash Ambassador Programs Environmental Science Internship Program Summer Internship Scholarships Science Industry Night Careers and Employment Services 28th February 2011Presentation title5

6 Young scientist research prize in earth sciences Royal Society of Victoria Madelaine Willcock 6 Course: Bachelor of Science Major:Geosciences Graduated:2008 Secondary School: Luther College Job Title:PhD

7 Antonette Sindik Protecting Australia from pests and diseases Course: Bachelor of Science(Hons) Major:Zoology and Environmental and Conservation Biology Graduated:2007 Secondary School: Queensland Job Title:Regional Vector Monitoring Coordinator. Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services Presentation title7

8 Leon Cooper “I feel like l am becoming a more valuable person through my education and employment in science” Course: Bachelor of Science Advanced with Honours Major:Physics and Mathematics Graduated:2005 Secondary School: Damascus College Job Title:Strategy Analyst Accenture Presentation title8

9 Caitlyn Hoggart Course: Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) Major: Geosciences Graduated: 2009 Secondary School: Mentone Girls’ Secondary College Job:ExxonMobil Exploration geoscientist Presentation title9 Science can lead to your dream job

10 Joe Ngo Cheung Multiple changes in direction, leads Joe to Monash Course: Science Honours PhD (Chemistry) Major: Chemistry Graduated: 2011 Job:Secondary School Teacher PhD Presentation title10

11 Tom Webb Presentation title11 Course: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Major:Behavioural Studies (Arts) Physiology (Science) Graduated:2011 Secondary School: Melbourne High School Job Title:Graduate Dentistry Science – A sound background for future options

12 Discovered a new dolphin species in Victoria Kate Charlton-Robb 12 Course: Bachelor of Science (Honours) Major:Biology and Marine & Freshwater Biology Graduated:2003 Job Title:PhD

13 Contacts Ph: +613 9905 4604

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