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Creating a virtuous cyclepath through the valley of death

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1 Creating a virtuous cyclepath through the valley of death
Professor Warwick Anderson AM CEO, NHMRC

2 Research Virtuous Cycle
Focus on innovative industries , pharmaceutical industry invested approximately $1billion in Research and Development , pharmaceutical industry earned $4billion in exports

3 Leadership role in research translation
NHMRC Strategic Plan Leadership role in research translation Continued support of research translation through funding schemes Centres of Research Excellence Partnership Centres for Better Health Practitioner Fellowships Development Grants Research Translation Faculty

4 Research Translation Faculty
Newly established Faculty with more than 2,500 NHMRC funded researchers Identify the major evidence - practice gaps in NHMRC’s “Major Health Issues”, and Develop a “Case for Action”, on how NHMRC can address the gap Advice to government Clinical or public health guidelines Transformative research through a Targeted Call for Research .

5 Development Grants Support research at the early proof-of-principle or pre-seed stage Since 2003: 855 applications received 206 projects funded worth approximately $53 million Year Expenditure on Development Grants

6 Development Grants Grants are becoming increasingly competitive
2006: 32.4% successful, 2011: 16.3% successful Aggregate Applications 2003 to 2012 Administering Institution # of apps # of grants funded rate Grand Total 855 206 24.1% University of Queensland 83 24 28.9% Monash University 69 17 24.6% University of Western Australia 66 16 24.2% University of Melbourne 64 15 23.4% Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute 25 12 48.0% University of Adelaide 49 24.5% University of Sydney 63 11 17.5% Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 31 35.5% University of Wollongong 21 9 42.9% Queensland University of Technology 7 33.3% University of New South Wales 40 Australian National University 22 6 27.3% Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health 18 Murdoch Children's Research Institute 20 30.0% Garvan Institute of Medical Research 4 25.0% Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research 100.0% University of South Australia 14 28.6% Centre for Eye Research Australia Ltd 3 50.0% La Trobe University Queensland Institute of Medical Research 17.6% Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 13 23.1% Swinburne University of Technology Bionic Ear Institute 2 66.7% Flinders University 26 7.7% Royal North Shore Hospital

7 Development Grant success stories
Professor Timothy St Pierre University of Western Australia : $341,210 Non-invasive measurement and imaging of hepatic iron concentrations using nuclear magnetic resonance Launch of FerriScan in 2004 Professor Ted Maddess Australian National University 2006: $113,487 Wireless objective visual field testing for glaucoma diagnosis Product went to market in 2010

8 Development Grant success stories
Professor Zee Upton Queensland University of Technology : $156,871 Pre-clinical evaluation and optimisation of a novel therapy for burns Sales commence in Europe in 2012 Professor Sarah Robertson University of Adelaide : $481,980 GM-CSF regulation of pre-implantation embryo development Product went to market in 2011

9 The Valley of Death Not all of the research from the 206 Development Grants will make it across the bridge Nature (2008) 453: How to improve the safety of the bridge across the Valley of Death?

10 ACIG Evaluation of Development Grants Scheme
Commissioned an independent assessment of the economic, health and industry outcomes from the NHMRC investment in the Development Grants scheme 40 completed grants surveyed: 85% reached complete or partial proof of concept at grant completion 80% secured a commercial partner 55% are currently under some form of commercial development 6 have resulted in a product to market or awaiting regulatory approval

11 ACIG Evaluation of Development Grants Scheme
Recommendations: Scheme design to be retained unless there are other reasons for restructure Greater consultation with investors and industry on incorporation of commercial milestones in grant reporting Consultation with Commercialisation Australia and other appropriate agencies Develop and publicise successful case studies

12 Other considerations:
NHMRC Medical Research Endowment Account Intellectual Property Review Clinical Trials Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research (McKeon Review) “Fiscal Rectitude” Australia in the Asian Century White Paper

13 NHMRC Medical Research Endowment Account
Purpose of the account is to provide assistance: To foster medical research and training and public health research and training throughout Australia National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992

14 Intellectual Property Review
Report on Collaborations between the Public and Private Sectors: The Role of Intellectual Property, September 2012 Recommended: Adjusting key performance indicators for publicly funded research organisations (PFROs) to give greater incentives for industry collaboration Increase project management skills in PFROs Helping small business to better engage with public researchers De-risking early stage intellectual property

15 Clinical Trials Essential component of the research translation process Australia facing increasing competition from: Developing economies in our region Developed economies due to the high value of the $AUD Clinical Trials Action Group Recommendations provide the roadmap to build clinical trial activity in Australia

16 Clinical Trials NHMRC launched the clinical trials website in October
NHMRC will establish a working group to develop the interactive web portal Standing Council on Health agreed that a national approach to ethical review and approval of clinical trials will be implemented by June 2013 NHMRC has developed documents and guidance material to support this transition and been actively involved

17 Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research (McKeon Review)
NHMRC submission Draft recommendations: Enhancing the commercial pathway to impact, through increased funding of early stage product development Facilitating the exchange between research and industry and improve access to scale commercialisation services

18 Fiscal Rectitude Dr Martin Parkinson, Treasury Secretary
Nation’s taxation base is weaker than forecast in the mid-2000s Commonwealth tax receipts are expected to remain approximately $20 billion per annum lower than pre-GFC projections Closing this gap would require governments to raise more revenue and achieve significant savings “The public will need to make thoughtful decisions about what it wants government to provide, and how it expects these things will be provided”.

19 Australia in the Asian Century White Paper
Health and medical research sector has been missed NHMRC has been developing links with the Asia-Pacific region Global Health GACD call for research on hypertension prevention in low to middle income countries Is a strategic priority area in the Project Grant Scheme Previous tripartite with NZHRC and Wellcome Trust Collaboration with A*STAR Forum on H5N1 pandemic preparedness

20 What will the cyclepath through the Valley of Death look like?

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