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Telebridge Network Status and Future

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1 Telebridge Network Status and Future
Dave Taylor, W8AAS U.S. Delegate to ARISS-International

2 Background Telebridge network began in 1985
Supported SAREX mission for Tony England Telebridge stations have been a United States responsibility since then

3 Recent History In 2008, we began a search for additional telebridge stations In 2009, we added LU8YY and LU1CGB in Argentina VK6MJ in Australia In 2010, we added IK1SLD in Italy

4 Current Stations 9 active telebridge stations AH6NM, Hawaii, USA
IK1SLD, Casale Monferrato, Italy K6DUE, Maryland, USA LU1CGB, Buenos Aires, Argentina LU8YY, San Luis, Argentina W6SRJ, California, USA VK4KHZ, Queensland, Australia VK5ZAI, South Australia, Australia VK6MJ, Western Australia, Australia

5 Current Stations (cont.)
In development VE4ISS, Winnipeg, Canada Inactive ON4ISS, Belgium W5RRR, Texas, USA

6 Active Inactive Future
Telebridge Locations ON4ISS VE4ISS IK1SLD W6SRJ K6DUE W5RRR AH6NM VK4KHZ LU8YY VK6MJ LU1CGB VK5ZAI Active Inactive Future

7 Evaluation Process Get details about operator and station
Review application Conduct test pass

8 Selection Criteria Considerations for approving a telebridge station include: Location Technical Language Access Legal

9 Impact of Added Stations
Increased processing when generating best weeks and pass options Increased work to filter options and check station availability Decreased contacts for existing stations, particularly if footprints overlap Station operators become out-of-practice Time spent tracking status of station, monitoring performance

10 Current Status We receive occasional requests from interested hams
Three requests pending Italy Malaysia Brazil

11 Proposal ARISS should take over operation of the telebridge network from AMSAT-NA The Operations Committee should be responsible for selecting and managing telebridge stations The ARISS-I Delegates should be responsible for approving new stations

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