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Brisbane 2014. The Journey to SMYC Registration Registration officially closed 10am 30 th Sep Waiting list has been established Confirming bed numbers.

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1 Brisbane 2014

2 The Journey to SMYC Registration Registration officially closed 10am 30 th Sep Waiting list has been established Confirming bed numbers now with colleges Approval Bishop and parental approval required for all youth Youth, bishop and parent sign approval form Consent to administer medical treatment and prescription medication Payment Payments from individuals and units based on funding model Groups Accommodation allocated based on age and group Travel to UQ Arrive at UQ Centre 6 Jan 2014 from 8- 11:30am and check-in 7 th – 15 th Dec 2013 allocate groups 3 rd Dec 2013 advise colleges of numbers

3 Registration and Payment  Ensure your registration is complete  If you need to change your email address please email the committee with your new address   You can log in and update information yourself if you want  If you have moved ward or stake since registering please let the committee know (if you haven’t already)  Stakes transfer funds in 2 stages (60/40 split) to the host stake (Logan). First payment week of 18 Nov, second payment week of 16 Dec.  Youth make payment via normal contribution system (tithing slip). Wards transfer all funds to the stake (Global Service Centre form).

4 Approvals / Cancellations  All approvals should be completed by now (17 Nov)  Approval form to be signed by youth, parent and Bishop and filed in Clerk’s office (see example next pg)  If a youth who is registered cannot attend due to work, moving, family holiday etc… please notify the committee via email. We will cancel the registration (even if the registration has already been rejected by a priesthood leader)  Refunds may not be possible after 3 rd Dec once we give final numbers to UQ. It will depend on waiting list, age group and configuration of college beds  The rule: don’t expect a refund after 3 rd Dec

5 File in Clerk’s office Legal document

6 Overview of Brisbane 2014 SMYC  5 nights (Mon 6- Sat 11 January 2014)  University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus  Over 1400 youth, ~ 250 YSA Counsellors  Registration check-in on Monday from 8 - 11:30am  Session Directors Kendall & Chantal Pitman  No other adult leaders, only YSA Counsellors  Adult teachers for classes  Based on BYU EFY program (35 years in operation)  International operation of EFY is called SMYC / FSY

7 What to bring  Scriptures  Clothes and personal supplies for 5 nights  Backpack  Toothbrush, toothpaste  Hair brush  Sunscreen  Sunday church dress (shirt, tie, dress pants)  Casual clothes (T-shirts, long shorts)  Strong shoes with souls (not thongs)  Cap will be provided but good to bring your own also  Water bottle  BYO teddy and special needs items

8 Poster (PDF) Casual Clothes Long shorts Poster on BYU web site

9 Dress: For the Strength of Youth booklet is the guide Church Clothes

10 Church Dress (girls)

11 What is provided for you?  First Aid (general supplies)  Medical clinic at UQ and Toowong  Cap (bring your own also)  Accommodation (single rooms)  Bed linen, pillow and towels are provided  All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)  Except no breakfast on Saturday  Security at night  Activities / full program

12 Day 1 Check-in Process (Mon 6 Jan) Luggage drop from 8am Underneath UQ Centre 1 1 Walk upstairs in to hall Check-in at relevant table 2 2 Collect materials in hall Through to lecture theatre Group allocation Walk to college/room 8am 3 3 4 4

13 Check-in Form Leaders will provide you with the print out Bring the form with you on Mon 6 Jan Print in colour

14 Accommodation  Each college will conduct an orientation and explain the health and safety regulations and provide keys  Do not lose your key – you will pay to replace it  Do not use hair straighteners, curling irons or hairdryers in your room  It will set off the fire alarms  Fire brigade callout fee is $1100  Use in designated areas only (common bathrooms)

15 Saturday Departure  Pickup youth from 8am at the UQ Centre, by 9am at latest  Announcements will be made to find youth if required and to gather youth who need to be taken to train stations or the airport  Lost and found (Cleveland Stake overseeing)  A big issue in 2012 – a trailer load of lost and found items were taken home (shoes, scriptures, backpacks etc…)  Some itmes were returned to youth but not all  Ensure your belongings are well marked and can be identified  Don’t leave anything behind  Get lots of photos and enjoy saying goodbye to new friends

16 Summary  Conference duration  8:00am Mon 6 th – 8am Sat 11 th Jan 2014  University of Queensland St. Lucia Campus  Contact the organising committee via email   A mobile number (site office) will be provided for during SMYC  Youth to bring check-in form with them on 6 Jan (print in colour)  Luggage drop off under UQ Centre  Bring scriptures and a backpack  Bring church clothes  Ensure your registration details are correct, particularly medical information and your contact info  Do not use hairdryer or curling iron in rooms  Pick up youth from UQ Centre on Sat 8 - 9am (11 Jan)  Don’t leave anything behind! We don’t want any lost items

17 Brisbane SMYC 6-11 Jan 2014

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