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Blooms taxonomy With TPACK information Blooms Taxonomy

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2 Blooms taxonomy With TPACK information

3 Blooms Taxonomy

4 Three Psychological domains

5 Cognitive domain processing information knowledge mental skills

6 Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) ● Remembering - Recognising, listing, describing, identifying, retrieving, naming, locating, finding ● Understanding - Interpreting, Summarising, inferring, paraphrasing, classifying, comparing, explaining, exemplifying ● Applying - Implementing, carrying out, using, executing ● Analysing - Comparing, organising, deconstructing, Attributing, outlining, finding, structuring, integrating ● Evaluating - Checking, hypothesising, critiquing, Experimenting, judging, testing, Detecting, Monitoring ● Creating - designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making

7 Student support Required knowledge and understanding Important to reflect Expectations Key learning areas Operating ICTs with ethics ICT knowledge and skill Ways of working and skills Develop understanding of ICTs Age and Skill requirement Multiple intelligences test Learning opportunities Real life meaningful resources

8 Bloom's Digital Taxonomy with TPACK information

9 Student Resources and Higher order of thinking skills Create: A Blog Evaluate: Blog posting or comment Analyse: Validate learning Apply: Visual images Understand: Topic or subject Remember: Teaching scaffold

10 Smart classrooms and Queensland key learning areas Year juncture Inquiring with ICT Creating with ICT Ethics Issues and ICT Operating ICT Relates to QCAR cross curriculum priority Student resources Student learning and use of ICT Student learning process Valued reflection


12 Teaching scaffold Implement Blooms digital taxonomy in teaching and learning designed framework Integrate ICT information with visual images or files TPACK learning design framework with ICT information Queensland key learning areas with year juncture. ICT’s for appropriate age Awareness of learner when operating ICT’s Ethics and issues with cyber bullying Teaching scaffold to include of learning and learning theory with collaborative learning. Develop specific learning with ICTs knowledge and understanding of skill

13 References C:\Users\lynn\Desktop\E-learning 2nd modual\educational-origami - Bloom's Digital Taxonomy.mht htm&docid=qT-VtNuSUJu2gM&imgurl htm&docid=qT-VtNuSUJu2gM&imgurl

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