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ENACTUS TRAINING enactus worldwide Developed by D Caspersz & D Bejr, 2013.

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1 ENACTUS TRAINING enactus worldwide Developed by D Caspersz & D Bejr, 2013

2 enactus Founded in 1975 as SIFE Name change to enactus at the 2012 World Cup Purpose: To enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

3 Country Operations

4 Number of Countries Impacted

5 Enabling progress through entrepreneurial action via projects such as … Minimbah Project: University of New England “Programs for Aboriginal inclusion are to, for, on and about. They are rarely with. True reconciliation is about the with … “ Gina Milgate: Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri Daughter, sister, Aunty and BAB Member The Minimbah projects are about working ‘with’ our local Aboriginal community to empower them to take small steps to overcome the barriers which are contributing to their economic and social disadvantage. In 2012 the focus has been on legal identity. Without a legal identity our indigenous people are unable to take on many of the roles and activities which to the rest of us are a normal part of Australian life. This year 120 Aboriginal and refugee students at the Minimbah Indigenous Pre and Primary School in Armidale took part in a” Birth Certificate Access Event” in collaboration with 3 government agencies; 2 non-profits and 2 private enterprises. As a result, 95 Aboriginal children were provided with their very first birth certificate. This means that these 95 Aboriginal children can now participate in sporting teams; access financial services; acquire a driver’s license; and travel overseas. For more fantastic projects see page 53 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook2013 Enactus Team Handbook

6 enactus Australia Founded in 2000 30 teams 780 students 83 projects 121 781 hours volunteered

7 enactus Australia Teams 1. Australian Catholic University 2.The University of Adelaide 3.The Australian National University 4.University of Ballarat: Mount Helen Campus 5.Bond University 6.Carnegie Mellon University Australia 7.Central Queensland University: Mackay Campus 8.Charles Darwin University 9.Curtin University 10.Edith Cowan University 11.Flinders University 12.Griffith University: Nathan Campus 13.La Trobe University 14.Macquarie University 15.The University of Melbourne 16.Monash University 17.University of Newcastle 18.University of New England 19.University of New South Wales 20.Queensland University of Technology 21.University of the Sunshine Coast 22.The University of Sydney 23.University of South Australia 24.University of Southern Queensland 25.University of Western Australia 26.Victoria University 27.University of Western Sydney 28.University of Wollongong: Wollongong Campus

8 Past Australian National Champions The 2004 World Championships were won by Curtin University!

9 How does enactus work? One enactus team per university Students create an enactus team and develop and manage enactus projects based on enabling progress through entrepreneurial action In July, all teams have a chance to showcase the impact their projects at the National Conference. A National Champion whose project best meet enactus criteria is chose to represent Australia at the enactus World Cup. All supported by enactus Australia!

10 Enactus Australia Support Structure Enactus International Country Leader/CEO Board of Directors Faculty Advisors Regional Co- ordinators Enactus Teams

11 enactus Australia Country Leader/CEO Judy Howard With enactus since 2000 Reports to the Chairman and Board of Directors (15 members) Manages the Country Operation on behalf of Enactus International Affiliate Division Works with Partners, Regional Coordinators and Faculty Advisors to implement the program

12 Who are the Board Of Directors? Mark Smith - Chairman Director, Toll Holdings Malcolm Ramsay - Vice Chairman Partner, KPMG Andrew Hall Director of Corporate & Public Affairs, Woolworths Jac Peters National Learning and Development Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil Jennifer Levasseur Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Staples John Thornton Member, AGSA Foundation Judy Howard Country Leader, Enactus Australia Indhira Charles Consultant Justin Miles HR Director, Target Australia David Roode HR Director Fonterra Phillip Austin General Manager, CHEP Australia Gary Dawson CEO Australian Food and Grocery Council Alistair Paice Director Multinationals HSBC Philip Tapsall Manager Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Tim Hart CEO, Ridleys Trent Duvall Partner, KPMG Claire Linton-Evans Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Lend Lease

13 enactus Australia Sponsors


15 Four Regional Co-ordinators Donella Casperz Western Region Jeremy Seward Southern Region Diana Whitton New South Wales Region Marie Kavanagh Northern Region

16 enactus teams are comprised of: Students and Executive Team Faculty Advisor Business Advisory Board Alumni External Partners

17 enactus Students A diverse group with more expertise is best! Undergraduate and postgraduate Full time and part time Interdisciplinary Domestic and International The 2004 World Cup Champions Curtin University had a large number of postgraduate students as a part of their team!

18 Enactus Team Structure Teams can be structured in many different ways; there is no right or wrong way! Executive Team: may include a President (or Co- President), Vice President, Finance Director, Marketing/Public Relations Director, Human Resources Director, IT Director, and Measurement/Auditing Director Project Managers handle the daily running of projects Some teams use Committees to cope with operational issues such as Fundraising and Sponsorship

19 Enactus Team - Measurement Teams with long-term, self-sustaining projects have assigned people to focus on measurement and auditing of the team. This can be done by: Having a measurement and audit team, or a person on the Executive Team devoted to this role Dedicating one individual in each project group or committee to measurement and auditing

20 Example enactus Team Structure 1 For more information on establishing an effective team see page 22 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook2013 Enactus Team Handbook Faculty Advisor

21 Example enactus Team Structure 2 Vice PresidentSecretary TreasurerHR Co-ordinator Project Manager 1 Project Manager 2 Project Manager 3 Co-President PR Co-ordinator Measuring/Audit Co-ordinator Faculty Advisor

22 Example enactus Team Structure 3 President Vice President IT Director Finance Director Marketing/PR Director HR DirectorSecretary Project Manager Faculty Advisor Measuring Officer

23 Faculty Advisor Can be academic or general staff Faculty Advisor serves as a mentor/coach to the team Key to the success of the team Use the Faculty Advisor to link the team to the university See page 34 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook for further information on the responsibilities and requirements for a Faculty Advisor2013 Enactus Team Handbook

24 Functions of a BAB Provide team guidance and experience Personal mentorship to students Offer great ‘business’ advice on projects Provide access to needed resources/facilities Provide feedback on presentations before competition Unsure how to find BAB members or what your BAB members can do for you? See page 36 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook and Enactus Australia Business Advisory Boards Overview.docx2013 Enactus Team HandbookEnactus Australia Business Advisory Boards Overview.docx

25 Alumni Engagement Alumni are a key resource for each team They are ‘past’ enactus (or SIFE) students Alumni can be: –BAB members –Mentors for projects –Help with sponsorship –Provide links to community organisations –Provide advise on succession planning Not sure about what alumni can do for your team? See page 37 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook2013 Enactus Team Handbook

26 External Partners External partners are a key resource for an enactus team They are community, private sector, government sector organizations and people External partners : –Provide project advice –Help with sponsorship –Be BAB members

27 How does an established enactus team know if their projects are enabling progress through entrepreneurial action???

28 All enactus projects should meet the enactus judging criterion “Considering the relevant economic, social, and environmental factors, which enactus team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living?” See page 44 of the 2013 Enactus Team Handbook for more information on the criterion2013 Enactus Team Handbook

29 But what does this mean??

30 “Considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors” Did the team consider how these factors may affect the project, or what impact their project will have on these factors

31 All enactus projects should aim to effectively empower people in need. The enactus empowerment philosophy is focused around the idea: “Give me a fish and I will eat for a day. Teach me how to fish and I will eat for a lifetime.”

32 Use entrepreneurial action to increase the quality of life and standard of living for its projects participants

33 Self-Auditing To ensure your projects are meeting the enactus criteria and your team is performing at it’s best ability, enactus International recommends self-auditing.self-auditing

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