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ICN – Industry Capability Network Overview. Outline ICN Overview – who we are, – what we do, – how we support projects and local industry Capability Services.

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1 ICN – Industry Capability Network Overview

2 Outline ICN Overview – who we are, – what we do, – how we support projects and local industry Capability Services Determining Client Needs

3 What is ICN and What Do We Do? Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a business network that connects Australian and New Zealand suppliers with project proponents large and small.

4 ICN Queensland Member of the National network Promotes capability & capacity of local industry Australian manufacturing industry assistance Matching local manufacturers with the needs of major projects Assist projects meet Queensland Government Local Industry Policy (LIP) obligations. A division of QMI Solutions Independently managed, not-for-profit, financially supported by the Qld and Federal Governments Commercially competitive procurement services

5 ICN Locations – National Presence; local delivery Townsville Gladstone Toowoomba

6 What Does ICN Do? Local Industry Policy Assistance to Projects o LIP Plans advice and assistance with implementation of commitments Supply Chain Mapping and Contestability Assessments o Comprehensive inventory of all project goods and services o Assessment of available competitive suppliers within and outside Australia Engaging national capable supplier companies o Facilitating communication between prospective suppliers and project proponents - ICN Gateway WebsiteGateway Business Matching for Project Work Packages o Comparative profiles of candidate suppliers >>>> o Streamline procurement via the preQOL™ System o Inclusion of Indigenous Business via the BBFBBF Project Secondment o Assignment of experienced consultants in Procurement Teams Project Progress and Outcomes Reporting (LIP Reports)LIP Reports

7 Determining Client Needs Develop “Memorandum of Understanding” during Project planning MOU Contents >>>> – Purpose and Scope – ICN Service Elements – Other support sources identified – Management Frameworks – Costs and Deliverables Fee Structure Identify required services from the MOU categories Define Deliverables and Performance Measures Finalise contract for services and confirm start date.

8 Project Example: SCPUH on ICN Gateway (1)

9 Project Example: SCPUH on ICN Gateway (2)

10 Attachments Where appropriate an attachments is provided with each work package to provide additional detail on the nature of the project requirement

11 Project Proponen t Tier 1 Contractor Tier 2 Contractor / Supplier Tier 3 Contractor / Supplier Tier 4 Supplier SUPPLIER EXPECTATIONS - THE TIER BAROMETER The Tier Barometer is: Designed for Suppliers to provide an indication of the Company’s position in a tiered supply chain to a Major Project It is “Self-Assessment” based on yes/no evidence It provides a report with a series of signpost methods for achieving advancement The Tier Barometer was an APLNG initiative supported by ICN Queensland and the Queensland Government Decreasing Number of Suppliers Increasing Value Company Profiling Assessments: Tier Barometer

12 Tier Barometer – Self Assessment Questions on SEQR

13 Tier Barometer: Company Profile Example

14 Additional Directory – Black Business Finder (BBF)

15 preQOL is integrated with the ICN Gateway for the transfer of contract management services provided by Building Industry Online (BIO) to allow buyers to continue in an online environment to issue tenders and contracts and to manage these. preQOL™ Pre Qualification Service

16 Local Industry Participation Plan LIPP) Facilitation Australian Industry Participation(AIP) Facilitation & Preparation Business Matching Connect Offshore Contractors with AU/NZ Suppliers Enhanced Project Bylaw Scheme ICN Gateway Project & Opportunity Listing Supplier Access to Major Project (SAMP) Project Facilitation Tender Assistance for Government Contestability Assessments of Major Project Scope Tender Evaluation Tender Preparation Assistance Vendor Identification Embedment within Major Project Teams PreQOL Online Prequalification Black Business Finder Tariff Concession Orders Pre-FeasabilityFeasability Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) Financial Investment Decision (FID) Final DesignProcurementConstruction Testing & Commissioning Operation & Maintenance Decommissioning & Dismantling Procurement PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PROGRESSION TIMELINE

17 preQOL™ BENEFITS Enhanced procurement management Procurement team released from administrative tasks to focus on higher value decisions Reduce prequalification timelines and cost Identify and access new compliant local suppliers Meet Australian regulatory requirements Verification & evaluation capability built in Increased project profitability Reduced procurement risk

18 More Information ICN Queensland ICN Network preQOL

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