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rethink, reshape, reimagine Arts and Cultural Investment Framework 2013-2014 The Arts and Cultural Investment Framework is a significant change to the.

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2 rethink, reshape, reimagine Arts and Cultural Investment Framework 2013-2014 The Arts and Cultural Investment Framework is a significant change to the way the government invests in arts and culture in Queensland. It presents an opportunity to collectively rethink, reshape and reimagine future investment in arts and culture in Queensland. The Government is committed to working with the arts community to implement this change and revitalise the way the arts and cultural sector, government and business work with each other and the wider community to get things done.

3 Creation of the Arts Investment Advisory Board Framework gives context for Government investment in the arts Fewer grants categories with less restrictive criteria Focus on ideas and outcomes rather than complex eligibility requirements AQ outside the assessment process Peers/industry experts involved in assessment process Single point of contact – Grants Support Officer Easier applications that are user-friendly What’s changed?

4 1. Artistic and cultural quality Target government investment to programs that have the greatest artistic and cultural impact — powerful artistic outcomes that have an inspirational and transformative impact on Queenslanders wherever they live, and for national and international audiences. 2. Balanced portfolio Balance government investment to support a diversity of art form areas, geographic regions, large and small organisations, independent artists and producers. 3. Return driven Deliver a clear return on government investment, demonstrated through artistic, cultural, social or economic outcomes. Artists, projects, programs and organisations that are successful in receiving funding will partner and co-invest with government, match government investment with revenue from other sources, and generate income and in-kind support from other partners. 4. Vitality and innovation Support a dynamic and aspirational arts and cultural sector, foster entrepreneurial and commercial approaches, and create new partnerships between the arts, community and business. Investment principles

5 1. Arts portfolio Arts statutory bodies Government-owned companies (eg Brisbane Festival, Queensland Music Festival) 2. Partnerships Directly negotiated between governments, or between government and industry. Major performing arts companies Regional Arts Development Fund Indigenous Regional Arts Development Fund Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy Artist in Residence Program Backing Indigenous Arts Creative Sparks Cultural Places (Rockhampton) Creative Partnerships Australia (Queensland services) 3. Competitive funds Open to artists and arts and cultural organisations on a competitive basis. Whole-of-portfolio Framework

6 1.Organisations Fund For outstanding arts and cultural organisations (Closing 31 July 2013 for January 2014 to December 2016) 2.Projects and Programs Fund Projects or programs of arts and cultural activities by an individual, organisation or collective. (Closing 15 August 2013 for projects starting after 1 December 2013) 3.Individuals Fund Professional and career development for individual artists and cultural workers - emerging and established (Rounds closing 15 July 2013 and 1 October 2013) 4.Innovation Fund Funding for innovative and transformative ideas programs and practices (Not yet open - Dates to be confirmed) 5.Super Star Fund Investment in performing arts productions that feature internationally renowned artists (Rolling – applications accepted anytime) 6.Playing Queensland Fund Support for touring (Rolling – applications accepted anytime) Competitive funds

7 Key eligibility: Not-for profit, non-government organisations or a Queensland based incorporated association or company. Applicants must have an ABN. Open to outstanding arts and cultural organisations that achieve:  A vibrant network within their field  Increased audiences  Leadership and development within their field  Strong governance, management and successful business strategies Over $70 000 per annum. Triennial funding only for 2014-16 Assessment criteria – Quality – Reach – Value – Viability The indicators are for guidance only Closing date is 31 July 2013 Decision advised by October 2013 Organisations Fund

8 Key eligibility: Applicant must be based in Queensland or show how the project will directly benefit Queensland arts and culture. Can include infrastructure. Open to projects or programs by an individual, organisation or collective that achieve:  New works that extend artists and art form  Community arts and cultural development  Enhanced cultural infrastructure  Increased skills and opportunities for Indigenous artists  New markets for product Up to $60 000 per project or program Assessment criteria: Quality; Reach; Value; Viability The indicators are for guidance only Closing date is 15 August 2013 (for projects starting after 1 December 2013) Decisions advised by November 2013 In 2014, there will be two rounds per year Projects and Programs Fund

9 Key eligibility: Australian citizen or permanent resident and based in Queensland. Open to artists and cultural works (emerging and established) to:  Propel careers to the next level of professionalism  Reward and recognise outstanding individuals  Fast track development of talent and leadership  Develop new markets and new audiences for new work Offers up to $10 000 per application Assessment criteria: Quality; Value; Viability The indicators are for guidance only Closing dates in 2013:  15 July 2013  1 October 2013 Decisions advised up to 10 weeks after closing date In 2014, there will be four rounds per year Individuals Fund

10 Will target inspiring and transformative ideas, programs and practices Open to entrepreneurial business and partnership models Aim is to build capacity to ensure the future vitality and viability of the arts sector Designed to play a transformative and catalytic role in the arts and cultural life of Queensland Guidelines under development and are being informed by research, consultation and feedback following the release of the Arts for All Queenslanders strategy Guidelines for this fund will be published in 2014 Innovation Fund

11 Open to Queensland performing arts productions that deliver super star performances exclusive to Queensland Funding of $3 million over four years from 2012-13 to 2015-16 Proposals for investments of up to $300 000 are encouraged Applicants must at least match the funding sought The fund is asking the sector to think big and come up with ambitious ideas and proposals Assessment criteria:  Artistic or cultural merit and innovation  Contribution to Queensland performing arts sector  Impact – market, audience, visitation and destination reputation potential  Viability of production and track record of producing organisation/partners  Programming and scheduling effectiveness Applications can be made at any time Super Star Fund

12 Open to performing artists, companies, local presenters, venue managers, producers and groups (including commercial, professional/amateur, community-based amateur groups, individual agents) with tour-ready productions Offers support towards expenses for the delivery of tour-ready work or work that demonstrates confirmed demand The total funding for touring is $10.6 million over four years (2013-16) Assessment criteria:  Demand for work  Artistic or creative achievement of the work  Potential for community engagement and development of new audiences  Viability and value for money Applications can be made at any time Decisions advised within eight weeks Playing Queensland Fund



15 Before you start, read the guidelines under the heading “Submitting your application”. Complete the application form thoroughly. Be concise and focussed when addressing the criteria. Demonstrate the audience demand or community need for your project, and the broader public benefit. Make sure your budget is balanced. Attach relevant and supporting documentation. Tips for completing funding applications

16 Guidelines and application forms for each of the funding programs are available on the Arts Queensland website The Grants Support Officer is available to offer advice and information Phone: (07) 3034 4077 AQ also has officers with relevant art form expertise who are able to provide guidance and advice. Phone: (07) 3034 4016 Access to available information

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