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Investing in our future: Building Queensland’s Tourism Industry May 2014.

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1 Investing in our future: Building Queensland’s Tourism Industry May 2014

2 Revitalising the tourism industry Tourism - part of a four pillar economy Tourism Cabinet Committee driving a whole-of-government approach Machinery of Government changes support: –Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games (DTESB) –Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) –Service Level Agreement with the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) Re-invigorate whole-of-government support: –DestinationQ partnership –Destination Success (20 Year Plan)

3 Ambitious Target: $30 billion overnight visitor expenditure (2020)

4 DestinationQ (Sunshine Coast 2014) A partnership between the Queensland Government and tourism industry –Coordination and leadership –A long term approach –Shared targets –Accountability for actions 2012 - Landmark Partnership Agreement, immediate actions 2013 - Report on first 12 months of partnership and identify strategic directions for 20 Year Plan 2014 – Product Innovation – Growing our destinations

5 Destination Success: the 20-year Plan for Queensland Tourism Informed by CSIRO research identifying global megatrends Industry workshops collected ideas for vision Developed further at 2013 DestinationQ Forum Grow investment and access Offer iconic experiences Target a balanced portfolio of markets Deliver quality, great service and innovation Preserve our nature and culture Build Strong Partnerships 6 themes 2014-15 Action Plan 129 initiatives

6 Build Strong Partner- ships Partnerships with Destinations RTO’s and TEQ partnership agreements Destination Tourism Plan Collaboration among RTOs/local governments E.g. Dig the Tropic Geo Tourism Trail QLD forum of Mayors December 2014 Growing tourism through effective planning, support and investment attraction Building Strong Partnerships

7 Destination Tourism Plans Provide direction for sustainable development in each region Destination Tourism Plans released after regional consultation sessions Destination priorities may include: major private sector investment major public works project growth in business and sporting events develop heritage, culture and the arts Build Strong Partner- ships

8 Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015 Critical for visitor dispersal + regional economic development 29 initiatives being delivered in partnership with state/local government and industry Grow investment and access Camping Options Toolkit – launched Overseen by Camping Options Reference Group Central Highlands audit Emerald workshop Oct 2013 Supporting councils with implementation Accommodation in Resource Communities report

9 Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015 Signage Red Tape cut: New user friendly online application process Streamlined application, incorporating RTO assessment of tourism merit Pilot tourism signage project completed ( Great Green Way 2013) Grow investment and access Refreshed tourism signage being rolled out across states strategic touring routes – Australia’s Country Way (Stanthorpe to Rockhampton section) underway Next priorities Release of the Best Practice Guide for Roadside Rest Areas – July 2014 Review of tourism signage guidelines for white on blue service signs

10 Investment and access commitments Memorandum of Understanding - DTESB, Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) and Queensland Tourism Industry Council on transport priorities Drive Tourism & Transport Infrastructure Study –Establish an evidence base –Identify drive tourism infrastructure needs –Focus analysis on key drive route requirements –Influence DTMR forward infrastructure timetable Grow investment and access

11 Planning Reforms State Planning Policy – Now recognises tourism as a state interest Next generation Tourism Planning Framework to consider tourism projects from small scale farm stays to international resort complexes Planning schemes and economic development need to be interconnected Councils’ planning scheme must facilitate development proposals, or growth will stall Action: Encourage greater collaboration between the planners and the economic/tourism officers Grow investment and access

12 Tourism Investment Attraction Co-ordinating information on: –tourism investment opportunities –business costs –skills availability Hosting inbound and outbound investment missions Making introductions to local companies, service providers, other government agencies and Councils Working with DSDIP Rockhampton (project leads: regional opportunities) Grow investment and access

13 Ecotourism Delivering world-class experiences Encouraging best practice + innovation Raising profile of ecotourism experiences Fostering thriving operators Embracing partnership approach between tourism industry, government, community and Traditional Owners Investing in the future Statewide EOI (closed 27/09/2014) 47 applications: 32 shortlisted to take proposals further Preserve our nature and culture

14 Ecotourism Outback national park tourism opportunities Moorrinya National Park Opportunity: Former Shirley homestead - could be used to meet visitor needs Moorrinya National Park Opportunity: Shearer’s quarters - could be adapted for visitor use, or used to support camping Any enquiries on the EOI can be sent to: Preserve our nature and culture

15 Balanced portfolio of markets Example: Capricorn Enterprise + TEQ promote Central Highlands and Sapphire Gemfields as part of Central Queensland offering Key issues: Partnerships ● Collaboration ● Leveraging Underpinned by embedding experiences in destination marketing Utilising Southern Great Barrier Reef (SGBR) banner –SGBR resonates with consumers; proving more effective than previous branding/positioning –Central Highlands can leverage SGBR activity and brand to create strong tourism offer e.g. Sandstone Wilderness Example: –Themed geo-tourism trail, linking SGBR with Outback –GBR  Capricorn Caves  Sapphire Gemfields  Lark Quarry Target a balanced portfolio of markets

16 Digital Support for Tourism SME’s Business & Industry Portal (BIP) Broad range of content to help businesses 1 stop shop for business services e.g. webinars/webisodes Advice on starting, running, growing a business 1.13 million unique visitors 2012/13 Over 1.8M YTD – on target for 2M+ For tourism: Online signage applications Tourism Pathways – 49 programs “Weatherproof your business” Deliver quality, great service and innovation

17 Conclusion – Ingredients for Success Strong government support and leadership Consultation and genuine engagement Effective long term strategies Responsive supply and demand programs in collaboration with industry

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