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Digital License Management Mark Ducksbury Business Service Management Landgate.

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2 Digital License Management Mark Ducksbury Business Service Management Landgate

3 Digital License Management What this project is about:  Development of an open content licensing model for access and re-use of government information.  Review of internal and Whole of Government policies.  Introduction of the Creative Commons framework through SLIP Enabler.

4 Digital License Management Aims:  A Government Information Licensing Framework of standardised legal terms and conditions.  Improved access and use of Government-held data.  Standardise transactions with other government jurisdictions and extend to private sector.  Manage the Government’s Intellectual Property for web- based information.  Reduce legal risks associated with unauthorised use.

5 Digital License Management The problems for Government: Majority of government business units don’t use any formal licensing. Current “standard” approaches dated. More difficult for Gov agencies to deal with each other. Complex for customers - multiple approaches. Agencies consider themselves unique business entities. Licences do not reflect today’s business approach.

6 Digital License Management What these problems mean Confusion and costs for clients, community and custodians. Difficult to design an architecture for an online portals and/or inter-jurisdictional data collaborations (ie.SLIP). Difficult for information users to know if they are fully complying with legal obligations. Impediment to innovation and loss of potential revenue.

7 Digital License Management DLM Recognises: Social, economic, cultural and environmental value of public sector datasets are in their use. Action Agenda - Federal Government Report “Unlocking the Potential – Digital Content Industry”. ABS and Geoscience Australia data delivery strategy. Whole of Government Licensing Strategies. Developments in open access publishing. Gen X, Y and Z attitudes to web use and file sharing.

8 Digital License Management Components

9 Digital License Management CRC-SI Project 3.05 Queensland University of Technology Natural Resources and Water (Qld) Australian Bureau of Statistics Landgate Deliverables: A defined policy framework. A defined business model. A defined legal framework for spatial information A working demonstrator application of DLM, suitable for integration with real time information systems.

10 Digital License Management Project 3.05 Delivered Outcomes:  Identified conflicting approaches to licensing.  Reviewed national and international initiatives on OCL.  Identified Creative Commons as best practice OCL.  Confirmed its legal validity.

11 Digital License Management Project 3.05 Future Outcomes: Development of Digital Licence Management Software. Business Case for Whole of Government implementation. Landgate’s involvement: Provide a prototype DLM system to WA Government for implementation through SLIP Enabler. Increase awareness of DLM, Creative Commons and need for a Government Information Licensing Framework.

12 Digital License Management Landgate’s DLM Project Aims: Review of Landgate and WALIS policies. Increased understanding of Creative Commons and Government information licensing. Implementation of the DLM Injector Prototype. Creative Commons branding on web data and products. CC license details that remain with transferred product. Provision of licensing status via open source formats. Discovery based on CC license constraints. Participation by > 4 WA government agencies and branding of > 50 SLIP Enabler datasets.

13 Digital License Management What is Creative Commons? Licensing system that protects IP rights of data creators whilst encouraging the sharing of that data. Minimises administration – consistency/ transparency. Applies to any information delivered in any media. Defines spectrum b/w full copyright and public domain. CC licences allow creators to retain a "some rights reserved" copyright. Predetermined set of licensing terms and conditions. “CC makes copyright active” for web-based information.

14 Digital License Management Print View Render Derivative Extract Embed Transport Copy Move Loan Edit Play Add Value Share Integrate Revised Approach to Licensing Recognises the rights custodians want to give. Recognises the rights users want to have.

15 Digital License Management Creative Commons licences are relatively clear and simple BYAttribution BY-NCAttribution - Non Commercial BY-SAAttribution - Share Alike BY-NDAttribution - No Derivatives BY-NC-SAAttribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike BY-NC-NDAttribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives

16 Is commercial use allowed? Attribution is a condition for all Australian Creative Commons licences. Where a government owns a copyrighted piece of information, attribution affirms the government’s right to be acknowledged as the source of that information along with a legal right to license its use. ATTRIBUTION SHARE ALIKE ATTRIBUTION NO DERIVATIVES ATTRIBUTION No ATTRIBUTION NON-COMMERCIAL NO DERIVATIVES ATTRIBUTION NON-COMMERCIAL SHARE ALIKE Are derivative products allowed? No Are derivative products to be restricted to a share- alike basis? Yes No Yes BY-NC-SA BY BY-SA BY-ND BY-NC BY-NC-ND Are derivative products allowed? No Are derivative products to be restricted to a share- alike basis? Yes No Yes Creative Commons licensing is easily applied Digital License Management Creative Commons Licensing Options

17 Digital License Management Creative Commons + Restrictive = Govt. Information Licences Data Volumes 85% Open Content – Creative Commons 15% Closed Content – Restrictive Set

18 Digital License Management Creative Commons Licences are Understandable Human-Readable Commons Deed Lawyer-Readable Legal Code Machine-Readable Digital Code Licences are Legally Valid – Analysis by QUT on Aust. jurisdictions Licences are Widely Used – 299 million CC resources on net – 66,967 Australian CC resources – Google and Yahoo - CC search

19 Digital License Management What Benefits will DLM provide? Easy link from data to licence. Find information based on its license. Clear licence branding on data. Suitable for integration into portal applications. How does CC help provide these benefits? Embedded licence metadata in files. Watermarking to include CC logos – link to license. Examples of Digital Licence Management – OESR website:

20 Digital License Management Risks of not standardising IP for government: Inability to manage public information as an asset. Loss of business opportunities for government. Direct losses through litigation for copyright infringement. Potential liability for criminal prosecution. Losses - inefficient cataloguing/metadata classification. Continuing confusion for government and info users.

21 Digital License Management Value of standard CC licensing approach: Simple, Uniform and User-accepted. Legally Interoperable, applicable in over 50 countries. Technically interoperable and applicable to 85% of data. Legally tested and applicable to Government.

22 Digital License Management Sample View of Mozilla Browzer

23 Digital License Management Sample MS Word

24 Digital License Management Landgate Deliverables - Project Timeline WA GILF Policy Q1 2009 WA GILF License SetQ1 2009 WA Legal Status ReviewQ1 2009 Custodianship/Data GuidelinesQ2 2009 WMS InjectorQ2/3 2009 GML InjectorQ2/3 2009 Map Server working with DLMQ3/4 2009 SLIP DLM ImplementationQ3/4 2009


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