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A Proposal for Supply of EcoStyle Zero VOC Paint.

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1 A Proposal for Supply of EcoStyle Zero VOC Paint

2 Contents Within this presentation, we will explain: 1.Who is Rockcote? 2.What is EcoStyle Paint? 3.Our Proposal

3 Who Is Rockcote? 1.We help create unique buildings that feed and enliven the senses.

4 Who Is Rockcote? 2.We make built environments healthier for humans to be in. EcoStyle has been approved by National Asthma Council Australia The Rockcote Design Centre at Nerang provides a living example of a healthy workplace, full of natural materials, ventilation and a low stress work environment.

5 Who Is Rockcote? 3.We reduce the environmental impact of buildings. – Eliminate toxic ingredients. – Award-winning sustainable manufacturing operations. – Provide products and systems that reduce waste on site.

6 Who Is Rockcote? 4.We enable builders to adopt smarter construction practices. – Higher quality products that provide predictable, consistent finishes and improve on-site efficiencies. – EcoStyle offers faster re-occupation of tenancies through no toxic off-gassing. – EcoStyle is the same paint for interior and exterior, reducing unused paint and simplifying the specification and ordering process.

7 Began operations in 1979. Provides 100% Australian owned and manufactured products. Turns over $20m and accounts for 18% of the textured coatings market in Australia. Is continually revolutionising the Australian building industry. Who Is Rockcote?

8 Awards 2010 Q2 Partner: Queensland Government Green Partner Toward Q2 – Tomorrow’s Queensland 2009 QBR Q400 Environmental Sustainability Award 2009 United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards (AUST) 2008 National Asthma Council of Australia, Sensitive Choice 2008 Australian Bulk Handling Awards (AUST): Rockcote Dry Mix Plant, Winner - Environmental Project of the Year 2007 Good Environmental Choice, EcoLabel Program (AUST): EcoStyle Paint inclusion 2006 President’s Award, Urban Development Industry of Australia (UDIA) (AUST)

9 What Is EcoStyle?

10 EcoStyle has an average of 39% volume solids. Quality – There are several factors that determine paint quality. The most important factor is volume solids, which determines a paint’s durability and opacity. What Is EcoStyle? Dulux Professional (see appendix 1 for reference) Dulux Envir02 (see appendix 1 for reference) Rockcote EcoStyle (see appendix 1 for reference) Quality LevelVolume Solids Budget<29% “Professional”30% - 34% Premium35% - 38% Ultra Premium>38%

11 As a dry film thickness, (i.e. once the liquids have evaporated), EcoStyle will be 15% thicker, more durable and more opaque than standard “trade” or “professional” paints with 30% solids.

12 Availability Rockcote has over 80 distributors nationally Working to your schedule of finishes and critical path, Rockcote will co-ordinate the full supply of EcoStyle with our distributors to ensure the painting contractors have: – The right product – In the right quantity – In the right location – At the right time What Is EcoStyle?

13 Colour Consistency Every order for your project will be tinted to match the designated colour under our strict quality procedures – by the same team, in the same location under the same lighting conditions. What Is EcoStyle?

14 Health – VOC content is as much about health as it is environment. – Under US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, EcoStyle is classed as a Zero VOC paint. – What is a VOC? Volatile Organic Compound – a toxic substance that changes to a gas upon exposure to air. Those gases are then breathed in for up to 7 years. What Is EcoStyle?

15 Health Standard “Professional” Paint Tint Label What Is EcoStyle?

16 Health – What does a VOC mean for human health? 400 pre-school aged children in Sweden had the air quality in their bedrooms tested for VOC content. The study chose 198 children that suffered from asthma, rhinitis and eczema, and 202 that were healthy. The 198 children suffering from health issues all had higher VOC levels in their bedrooms than the healthy children. The study proved a comprehensive correlation between VOC content of the air in the children’s bedrooms and their detrimental health. At average VOC levels, the study proposes that children are: – 1.5 times as likely to suffer from asthma as a result of VOC’s – 1.6 times as likely to suffer from eczema as a result of VOCs – 2.8 times as likely to suffer from rhinitis as a result of VOCs Source: ‘Common Household Chemicals and the Allergy Risks in Pre-School Age Children’ – Choi, Schmidbauer, Sundell, Hassellgren, Spengler and Bornehag: October 2010 What Is EcoStyle?

17 Health – Using 3 common colour selections for ceilings, walls and a feature colour: EcoStyle has an average of 0.6 grams per litre (g/L) of VOC Dulux Professional has an average of 88.2 g/L, or 147 times (14700%) more VOCs than EcoStyle What Is EcoStyle?

18 A Comparison of VOC Content Between Rockcote EcoStyle and Dulux Professional

19 In addition to health benefits, what are the commercial benefits of EcoStyle zero VOC paint? – Employees can start back at work the next day without the toxic fumes. – Offices can open for business sooner. – Business and property owners can promote their premises as “Healthy spaces for their customers and employees”. What Is EcoStyle?

20 Costs – Further to EcoStyle’s superior quality, environmental and health benefits, Rockcote ensures that EcoStyle is available to all painters at a commercially reasonable price. Our trade prices are on a par with other professional paint trade prices. What Is EcoStyle?

21 The 3 quotes are averaged below: Dulux Professional = $7,216 + GST (to paint entire office) Rockcote EcoStyle = $7,284 + GST (to paint entire office) = $64 difference to have the satisfaction of premium quality and health on your project that Rockcote EcoStyle delivers. What Is EcoStyle? Costs For a standard 300sqm commercial office, 3 quotes were obtained using trade prices for both Rockcote EcoStyle and Dulux Professional. No Rockcote or Dulux preferred applicators were included.

22 The Next Stage – Discussion on how we would develop suitable specifications for your project. – Develop a project roll-out schedule if appropriate – Understand how we would work together with your preferred painting contractors. What Is EcoStyle?

23 Thank you

24 Appendix – Volume Solids of Dulux Envi02

25 Appendix – Volume Solids of Rockcote EcoStyle

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