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Brisbane KAA Presentation Greek Club. 21st Sept., 2006 Overview - main topic Web-site is part of a powerful Kytherian “renaissance”

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1 Brisbane KAA Presentation Greek Club. 21st Sept., 2006 Overview - main topic Web-site is part of a powerful Kytherian “renaissance” which has been underway for about 8 years. Lets explore this renaissance first, and return to a discussion of the web-site subsequently.

2 Key Generators for the renaissance Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, Sydney Triffileio Foundation, Athens Notaras Family, (Grafton, Sydney). In particular, Angelo & John. Kytherian Association of Australia, Sydney

3 Developments 1990 - to date Kytherian Medal of Honour Need other central symbols of power - Kytherian Flag & Kytherian Coat of Arms Publication of Gilchrist’s Australians & Greeks, Vol 1, 1993. Financed Notaras’s. Encouraged other research, including Denis Conomos’s Greeks in Queensland.

4 2006 Books Kytherians of Nowra - Robyn Florance Ruby Brown (Feros) - completed biography of her father Peter Prineas excellent - Katsehamos and the Great Idea. All generated by, or aided by, the web-site, and/or financed by the Aroney Trust.

5 Supplementary Projects Kytherian Surnames. English translation. Financed by Notaras brothers. $60,000. Zoi en Afstralia. Translation completed. Cost - $14,000. Now to be published as a book in both an English and Greek version. (kythera- Restoration of Fatseas Collection of glass negatives. Cost $12,500. Notaras Brothers. Leading to Benaki Museum exhibition - 2007.

6 Kytherian Vision. Suggestions for Improvement. We need to establish and maintain deep engagement with potential Kytherian benefactors in Australia, and around the world. Relationships must be fostered. Just 5 more Kytherian benefactors like the Notaras’s would create deep impact. We need to establish and maintain deep relationships between the Sydney, Brisbane, & Canberra Kytherian Associations.

7 Deepening Kytherian Association connections - Suggestions Annual meetings of the Committees of Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra. Billeted exchange system for our youth within Australia. International billeting exchange system, initially with California. Annual billeting exchanges with the island of Kythera, Athens & Pireaus.

8 Start-up. Support for the website must be inclusive. Raised $38,000 in 2 months, through Aroney Trust & Notaras family & generous sponsors, each contributing $2000. An oversight? No sponsorship by Qld Association. No sponsorship, or funds, collected in Brisbane to date. No sponsorship by Canberra Brotherhood. One sponsorship collected in Canberra. (Another Notaras?!)

9 Deep Impact Within 4 months the number one KYTHERA site on Google in the world. A position maintained for past 3 years. World-wide media coverage incl. New York Times, Canada Globe, the Bulletin. Prizes - International Electronics and Internet Conventions First point of reference for all major Encyclopedias, including Brittanica.

10 Deep, deep Impact Sept 2006 - 10,000 entries on the site Includes full Ph.D theses, such as Kevin Cork’s, Greek Cinema Ownership in NSW. New entries tend to generate more entries. Entries which take Kytherians deeper into their family, island and diaspora history. Encouraged new research and new books.

11 Deep, deep, deep Impact “Every time an old person dies, an entire Library burns down”. Kevin Cork. Caused a deep inter-generational connectivity between older Kytherians with the knowledge, and younger Kytherians with the “techo-savvy”. A conduit for communication. Re-connection of Kytherians in California, USA. First time in 30 years.

12 Deep, deep, deep, deep Impact Vikki Fraioli (nee, Alfieris), and Terry Chlentzos, California. Stars of the web-site, and stars of Kytheraismos Conference 2, 2006. Double-handedly re-connecting the Kytherians of California. Lets visit their web-site familyconnections.

13 A tour through Get registered. Power to communicate with all other registered Kytherians around the world. Approaching the task. Don’t wait to complete the grand opus. Submit items little by little….byt by byt. Submitting text. Submitting Photographs & Audio.

14 Brisbane - Sydney. What can we do now!! Cultural background. Establish Friends of the Society of Kytherian Letters, Brisbane, with President. Launch Peter Prineas’s Katsehamos and the Great Idea in Brisbane. Participate in Annual heads of Kytherian- Australian Associations Summit. Establish the Syd-Bris billeting system. Establish an international billeting system.

15 Brisbane - Sydney. What can we do now!! Queensland KAA to - become a $2000 sponsor of the site. encourage and foster Queensland submissions to the site. Promote technological expertise amongst its membership - young & old. Establish a day long work-shop in Brisbane. Participate in world-wide kythera-family interconnectivity

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