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What is the Group of Eight The University of Western Australia Monash University The Australian National University The University of Adelaide The University.

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2 What is the Group of Eight The University of Western Australia Monash University The Australian National University The University of Adelaide The University of Melbourne The University of New South Wales The University of Queensland The University of Sydney The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of globally recognised research-intensive universities based in Australia. With concentrated expertise and a focus on discovery-based learning, Go8 universities provide a quality education experience and help develop future leaders. The Go8 perform the majority of research conducted by Australian universities, are well connected internationally, and have strong links with the business and public sectors.

3 Go8 member universities The University of Western Australia The University of Adelaide The University of Melbourne Monash University The University of Queensland The University of Sydney The University of New South Wales The Australian National University

4 Characteristics of Go8 universities Go8 universities train, attract and retain the best researchers from Australia and around the world Go8 universities attract the highest quality students The Go8 implement initiatives across the whole sector. For example, Australia’s Knowledge Gateway, the Future Research Leaders Program, the Quality Verification System, and the Young Researchers Exchange Program.

5 Characteristics of Go8 universities (cont) 70% of all university research is undertaken at Go8 universities Go8 universities attract almost 70% of the total research funding from industry and other non- government sources The Go8 are the most research concentrated of all Australian universities (see next graph).

6 Research income as a percentage of total Australian university income

7 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) ERA, undertaken by the Australian Research Council, assesses the quality of fields of research within Australia's universities using review by committees of experienced, internationally-recognised experts. It provides a national stocktake of discipline-level areas of research strength and identifies areas where there is opportunity for development in Australia’s higher education institutions. It is designed to identify excellence of research performance: A rating of 3 indicates research is equal to world standard A rating of 4 indicates research is above world standard A rating of 5 indicates research is well above world standard ERA 2012 assessed 98 per cent of the fields of research at Go8 universities as world standard or above, with over a third of the fields of research rated well above world standard. Further information on ERA

8 Number of fields of research with ERA Ratings 4 or 5

9 ERA 2012: Fields of Research (2 digit) with ERA Ratings 4 or 5 The graph below depicts fields of research vertically, with the strongest performing fields at the top. The horizontal axis shows the performance of individual universities in each field of research.

10 ARWU top 200 universities 2012 All Australian universities in the top 200 are Go8 institutions

11 ARWU rankings 2012: Universities in top 200 by field Mathematics Chemistry All Australian universities in the top 200 in the fields of Mathematics and Chemistry are Go8 universities Go8 universities represent over 80% of the Australian universities in the top 200 in the fields of Computer Science and Economics / Business

12 The role of the Go8 The Go8 Board consists of the vice-chancellors (presidents) of its eight member universities. The Board meets five times a year. Go8 collaboration is strengthened by an extensive network of committees of both academic and administrative staff which meet regularly for benchmarking, policy development and joint project work including: –Deputy Vice-Chancellors Research –Academic Policy Committee –Deans of Graduate Studies –Deans of Engineering –Deans of Medicine –Directors International –Directors Research –Directors Human Resources –Directors of Planning and Statistics

13 The role of the Go8 facilitating collaboration between Go8 universities across their range of functions; facilitating a trusted network through which the leaders and administrators of Go8 universities share ideas and expertise; influencing national policies for higher education and university research, as well as broader policy development through mobilising the range of expertise across the group; sustaining quality brand recognition; developing international strategic alliances and networks; benchmarking for performance improvement; and building community support for research universities. The Go8 Secretariat is located in Canberra, Australia’s national capital. The Go8 works to maximise the potential for collaboration in a competitive environment, adding value for individual universities and for Australia through:

14 Go8 leadership: Australia’s Knowledge Gateway “Australia’sKnowledge Gateway” is a search engine to highlight the activities of Australian researchers and make them more accessible to business, government, Australia’s foreign affairs and trade officials, students and the wider community. Using key words, the search is able to identify individuals and institutions with strength in particular research disciplines.

15 Go8 international engagement Global partnerships enable our universities to operate at the cutting edge of research and innovation. The Go8 seeks to collaborate with like-minded university consortia around the world and facilitate the participation of its member universities in leading centres for research and higher education. Contact can be made through

16 Examples of Go8 international collaboration Go8 Research Scheme with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – two-way exchange of early career researchers between Germany and Australia. The joint scheme has provided over AUD 6 million (2008-2013) to support collaborative research projects over a wide range of disciplines. Go8 MOU with leading universities in Chile (based around sharing information on issues such as research commercialisation, innovation and technology transfer); Go8 co-operation with the Embassy of France which provides Go8 students the opportunity to take part in the French Company Internship Program

17 Examples of Go8 international collaboration The Go8 have a long standing partnership with the China 9 (C9) research-intensive universities Go8-C9 undergraduate student exchange program Annual meeting of Go8-C9 presidents Annual meeting of Go8-C9 deans of graduate studies Annual HDR forum – a joint forum bringing together PhD students from Go8 and C9 universities around a particular theme Go8-C9 Student Leadership in International Cooperation project – allows Go8 students to visit C9 universities to develop and manage proposals for international cooperation Go8-C9 Research leadership executive shadowing program - enables senior research and research training executives from Go8 universities to spend two weeks at a C9 institution, and vice versa, to observe the host university’s operations and decision-making processes, and gain insights into research management and leadership issues in the partner nation

18 Information follows about each Go8 university. Further details can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

19 The University of Sydney Go8 Member Universities

20 The University of Sydney The University of Sydney demonstrates national leadership through its teaching and research; its advice to industry, government and the wider community; and its contribution to public debate. Sydney is one of only 20 universities in the world in the top 50 in all listed disciplines in the Times Higher Education rankings and is one of only four Australian universities in the world’s top 100 in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic rankings. Supported by the largest university library collection in the Southern Hemisphere and new state-of-the-art research facilities, Sydney emphasises the importance of multi-disciplinary research. Sydney is Australia’s leading research university in funding, publications and citations. It provides research training and research-led teaching across a diverse range of disciplines covering Health and Medicine, Science and Technology and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Particular areas of strength include biomedical and clinical research, public health, fundamental and enabling sciences, Australian biological science, history, philosophy and languages.

21 Go8 Member Universities The University of Western Australia

22 Located in Perth, The University of Western Australia encourages creativity and innovation at international standards and has a reputation for excellence and enterprise. Research and research training are the major factors distinguishing the university as one of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities and the premier institution in Western Australia. Particular emphasis is given to research into the exploration, production and exploitation of minerals, oil and gas; the management of agricultural and natural ecosystems; the humanities and social sciences; health and bio-medicine (injury research, prevention, repair and rehabilitation); genetic epidemiology; indigenous issues; information technology, telecommunications and computer science; and international management and business studies. The university is rated very highly in terms of research output and the number of citations per staff member in international journals. Its reputation for internationally excellent research has resulted in important government and industry collaborations, bringing together industry and other major Australian research bodies.

23 Monash University Go8 Member Universities

24 Monash University Since its inception Monash University has focused on developing world- leading research facilities and a culture that encourages staff and students to push new boundaries and to find creative ways to make an impact. Projects such as pioneering IVF work, design of a drug to fight a potential flu pandemic and research that underpins road safety initiatives demonstrate the university's ability to engage with the world. Monash has ambitious aims to build on its already substantial research record. By commissioning world class infrastructure and recruiting outstanding international researchers, Monash is moving quickly towards its objective of becoming one of the world's finest research universities. Using stem cells, researchers hope to transform the treatment of Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury. Scientists are also investigating ways to help the body regenerate damaged tissues and organs. Monash engineers have revolutionised the design of fuel cells used in the latest generation of hybrid cars, which could make more sustainable vehicles cheaper to build.

25 The Australian National University Go8 Member Universities

26 The Australian National University The distinguishing culture of The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra is the pervasive notion of discovery. Since its inception in 1946, ANU has been building a legacy of inquiry and discovery of which the nation can be proud. Generations of researchers, educators and graduates at ANU have helped propel Australia to the forefront of international thinking in areas such as humanities, science, the arts, medicine, law, economics and public policy. Not surprisingly, ANU is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. ANU is a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). IARU members are collaboratively researching matters of global consequence, including ‘Movement of People’, ‘Longevity and Health’, ‘Energy, Resources and Environment’ and ‘Security’. The parkland ANU campus, in the centre of the nation’s capital, boasts accommodation for thousands of students, modern facilities, Australia’s most powerful computer, several libraries, and access to a wealth of e-resources.

27 The University of Adelaide Go8 Member Universities

28 The University of Adelaide The University of Adelaide is committed to producing graduates recognised worldwide for their creativity, knowledge and skills. It offers a broad range of courses and outstanding opportunities for research in a stimulating environment. Innovative and forward-looking, the university has research and teaching strengths in biological sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, engineering, information technology and telecommunications, wine and food, environmental sciences and social sciences. Among the university’s graduates and staff are leaders in science, medicine, engineering, law and the social sciences. It numbers three Nobel Laureates among its graduates (the most of any university in Australia), and another two Laureates among past and present faculty. It has also produced 102 Rhodes Scholars. The University has six major research institutes focusing on its core strengths, as well as high-tech, world-class research and teaching facilities incorporated in a $400 million building program. Internationalisation is a key objective and formal linkages have been established with more than 200 universities around the world.

29 The University of Melbourne Go8 Member Universities

30 The University of Melbourne Located in the centre of Australia’s most multicultural city, the University of Melbourne is consistently one of Australia’s top performing universities in world rankings. With annual operating funds of around $2 billion, net assets of $3.8 billion, and research expenditure exceeding $700 million, the University of Melbourne is the largest research university in Australia. Its academic community is at the forefront of international scholarship in fields as diverse as human rights law, medical biology, and information and communications technology. In 2008 the University led Australia’s most significant set of curriculum reforms. Characterised by broad and deep undergraduate degrees with direct pathways into a range of world-class Graduate Schools, the Melbourne curriculum provides greater flexibility for students and reflects the evolving tertiary educational environment in Europe, Asia and North America. A range of key international partnerships led by the University has brought new world-class facilities to Melbourne – the most powerful supercomputer and computational biology facility in the world dedicated to life sciences research, a national public policy ‘think tank’, a national centre for marine and climate research, and a major neurosciences research hub.

31 Go8 Member Universities The University of New South Wales

32 UNSW is a leading research-intensive university with strong regional and global engagement. Ranked in the world’s top 50 universities, UNSW has more than 50,000 students, including some 13,000 international students from more than 120 countries. UNSW is the only research-intensive university in Australia to be established with a unique scientific and technological focus, modelled on US institutions such as MIT. The University’s commitment to research has generated groundbreaking results in biomedical sciences; water, environment and sustainability; next generation materials and technologies; social policy, government and health policy; ICT, informatics and robotics; and business, law and economics. UNSW leads three ARC Centres of Excellence – in quantum computing; climate science; and population ageing; UNSW also hosts Australia’s new Centre for International Finance and Regulation; and is home to many leading centres including the Lowy Centre for Cancer Research. UNSW has strong partnerships with industry and business, consistently topping the country in ARC Linkage grants. The full-time AGSM MBA at the Australian School of Business is the top ranked program in Australia and in the world’s top 40.

33 The University of Queensland Go8 Member Universities

34 The University of Queensland The University of Queensland in Brisbane has achieved international levels of excellence in research and research training. Its work is facilitated by outstanding infrastructure. The university operates specialist teaching and research centres throughout Queensland, among them Australia’s largest university marine research station (on the Great Barrier Reef), the Centre for Advanced Animal Science, medical and dental schools, and an experimental underground mine. UQ maintains a broad research profile with strengths in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology; Cognition and Performance; Cultural, Historical and Media Studies; Environment, Biodiversity and Sustainability; Hypersonics; Imaging Science and Technology; Materials and Nanotechnology; Neuroscience; Population Health and Health Promotion; Quantum and Photon Science; Clinical and Translational research; and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems. It is home to major research Institutes such as the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the Queensland Brain Institute, the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, the Sustainable Minerals Institute and the Diamantina Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine.

35 The Group of Eight Limited PO Box 6229 O’Connor ACT 2602 Level 2, Group of Eight House 101 Northbourne Avenue Turner ACT 2612 Tel +61 2 6239 5844 Fax +61 2 6239 5808

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