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Homelessness Community Action Plans State government working with local government to deliver local solutions for addressing homelessness.

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1 Homelessness Community Action Plans State government working with local government to deliver local solutions for addressing homelessness

2 Defining Homelessness Service delivery definitionVaries across governments - Focuses on persons requiring access to homelessness services. Cultural definitionContend that homelessness and ‘inadequate housing’ are socially constructed, cultural concepts that only make sense in a particular community Australian Bureau of Statistics definition: Based on community standards for housing. Marginally housed Tertiary homelessness Secondary homelessness Primary homeless

3 Homeless Community Action Planning in Queensland Homelessness Community Action Planning (HCAP) initiative funded for three years (2010-2013) under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. delivered seven community-based plans (Brisbane; Caboolture/Deception Bay/Morayfield; Cairns; Gold Coast; Hervey Bay; Mount Isa; and Toowoomba) delivered by local communities in partnership with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Queensland Council of Social Service.

4 Homeless Community Action Planning in Queensland The HCAPs are locally-owned and bring together the efforts of local communities to reduce homelessness by enhancing service integration and coordination between: Government (local, state, federal;), the community services sector, the philanthropic sector, volunteer organisations, the private sector and service consumers. Implementation commenced in December 2011. Copies of HCAPs are available online at

5 Homeless Community Action Planning in Queensland The HCAP Framework– Opening Doors: Queensland Strategy for Reducing Homelessness 2011-2014 The priorities and actions in each of the seven plans have been developed by local stakeholders within the framework of the three key priority areas identified in Opening Doors:  Helping people avoid becoming homeless  Helping people get ahead  Working together for stronger services

6 HCAP common themes Clear and effective case planning and coordination Quality services that are consistent with best practice and new models Data to improved understanding of need and alignment of services Reduced exits to homelessness Establishment and maintenance of tenancies Access and appropriate support Improve economic participation and social engagement Improve responses to domestic violence

7 Council Involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan BrisbaneBrisbane City Council 8. Develop collaborative and sustainable responses to severe domestic squalor and compulsive hoarding to reduce the risk of housing insecurity and homelessness-Brisbane City Council (partner) Our shared Vision-Living in Brisbane 2026 Clean, green city-Urban and natural harmony theme: By 2026, Brisbane will conserve its natural assets and surrounding regions while meeting the demand for more housing, more roads and more services to accommodate our increasing population. Caboolture/Decep tion Bay/Morayfield HCAP plan Moreton Bay Regional Council (9) Disseminate accessible information for clients/services/real estate agents about housing and homelessness services-Moreton Bay Regional Council (lead) (11) Develop a coordinated, multi-agency response to rough sleepers- Moreton Bay Regional Council (lead) (1) Ensure young people at risk of homelessness know where to go for support and get help to stay connected to their families/communities-Moreton Bay Regional Council (partner) (12) Support homeless or those at risk of homelessness to obtain and safely keep ID-Moreton Bay Regional Council (partner) (16.) Support local services to work more collaboratively-Moreton Bay Regional Council (partner) (18) Increase awareness within the ATSI community of housing options and support available- Moreton Bay Regional Council (partner) Moreton Bay Region Community Plan. Our Tomorrow, 2011-2021 Vision: Housing & Infrastructure supports our growing population and enhances our lifestyle. Target 4: Promote affordable living and diversity of housing choice. Mortgage stress / Rental stress 9low incomes paying more than 30% of income)

8 Council Involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan CairnsCairns Regional Council 13. Raise awareness of Homelessness at community events-Cairns Regional Council (lead) 20. Increased availability of affordable housing options-Cairns Regional Council (lead) 24. Improve health and safety for ATSI rough sleepers-Cairns Regional Council (partner) 25. CALD people are able to access housing and homelessness services-Cairns Regional Council (partner) 28. Improved coordination of services to those living in public spaces-Cairns Regional Council (partner) 30. Support homeless people who want to return home and reconnect with their home community- Cairns Regional Council (partner) Imagine tomorrow ‘Your Community Plan’ 2011- 2031 Throughout this plan reference is made to Council working with a range of stakeholders to ensure the Cairns Regional Council supports quality of life for all.

9 Council Involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan CarinsTablelands Regional Council (33.) Develop best practice protocols for ‘Street to Home’ in Cairns and Mareeba Tablelands Regional Council (lead) (1) Establish referral processes to sustain at risk tenancies (partner) Gold CoastGold Coast City Council 1 Reduce Homelessness by building capacity of human services sector Together we are creating our bold future-Our blueprint for a future Gold Coast Theme: A safe city where everyone belongs Headline target: By 2040 our city has the highest proportion of residents who feel a sense of belonging to their community

10 Council involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan Hervey BayFraser Coast Regional Council 12. Increased communication between all local homelessness stakeholders-Fraser Coast Regional Council (lead) 13. Identify strategies for local community groups, business and private sector groups to impact on homelessness- Fraser Coast Regional Council (lead) 5. Lifeskills programs for young people-Fraser Coast Regional Council (partner) 6. Improve young peoples connections with services to cope with significant life events- Fraser Coast Regional Council (partner) 14. Identify creative solutions at a local level to address workforce training and development needs- Fraser Coast Regional Council (partner) Fraser Coast Community plan 2011-2013 Vision: Have a choice of housing to suit all income levels, lifestyles and life stages Key theme: Our places & spaces Housing options meet the community needs of people at all stages of life and in various economic circumstances

11 Council involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan Mount IsaMount Isa Regional Council 2. Better outcomes for people leaving prisons or serving community correctional orders-Mount Isa City Council (partner) Increase the awareness of specialist homelessness services available in Mt. Isa with the private sector- Mount Isa City Council (partner) Mount Isa City Council Community Plan 2011- 2021 ‘Shaping the Future of Mt Isa City’ What the community said during consultations? A key concern was to address housing availability in the city – particularly with respect to the more underprivileged members of the community. Goal 1.3 Mt. Isa City Council residents have access to housing supply which includes affordable housing & incorporates a range of housing types.

12 Council involvement HCAP Area CouncilActionPriority in Local Area Plan ToowombaToowoomba Regional Council 5. Explore opportunities to utilise public spaces to better support people experiencing primary homelessness-Toowoomba Regional Council (partner) 7. Identify options to increase: the supply of affordable & appropriate housing, crisis accommodation, and low cost hostel accommodation for ATSI people- Toowoomba Regional Council (partner) 12. Establish protocols to ensure a coordinated central service directory for community services is established & maintained-Toowoomba Regional Council (partner) 13. Engage with the business sector, financial institutions, philanthropic organisations, entrepreneurs and the wider-community to promote opportunities to become involved in preventing homelessness- Toowoomba Regional Council (partner) Toowoomba Region Community Plan July 2012 Housing Diversity and Affordability The community has equitable access to affordable, suitable and good quality housing. Community Facilities and Services Social, community and cultural infrastructure and services are planned, coordinated and delivered in a timely manner to support the regional settlement pattern and desired community outcomes.

13 What is working well in HCAP? A Case Study of Brisbane City Domestic squalor / compulsive hoarding. Domestic squalor and or compulsive hoarding has received little attention in Queensland. Fatalities experienced in Victoria Brisbane City Council funded pilot – due to their responsibilities for dealing with physical space. Working group of key stakeholders set up. –Linkages to homelessness - threatens tenancies –Link to fire risk – emergency services involved in working group

14 What is working well in HCAP? A Case Study of Brisbane City Domestic squalor / compulsive hoarding. Outcomes –Providers working with Fire Services to put in place early detection and prevention strategies –Working relationships established between human services workers and key agencies such as Fire and Rescue, Police, Bio Security and the RSPCA.

15 Forward planning post NPAH State and local government involvement after NPAH funding ceases Importance of retaining local ownership of the HCAPs Supporting the development of HCAPs in other locations Importance of raising awareness of the HCAPs and with local politicians, business groups, philanthropics and other key stakeholders.

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