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Getting started with research. Objectives of this seminar to learn how to use Queensland State Archives resources to conduct research to understand how.

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1 Getting started with research

2 Objectives of this seminar to learn how to use Queensland State Archives resources to conduct research to understand how to locate resources using the QSA website and the catalogue

3 Overview of seminar overview of holdings, the collection planning your research our website –finding aids and guides –indexes the QSA catalogue –ArchivesSearch –Image Queensland

4 Overview of holdings records of Queensland public authorities including State government departments, courts, local government and statutory authorities most records were created in the period from 1859

5 The collection Permanent public records include: drawings documents photographs audio-visual records maps and plans QSA Item ID 629780, Tourist map Great Barrier Reef 1947

6 Resources passenger lists for immigrants state electoral rolls wills and intestacies inquests land records school admission registers maps Government building plans railway staff, engines and rollingstock plans

7 What isn’t held Queensland State Archives does not collect manuscripts, newspapers, private photographs, books or private archives such as business, church or society records Commonwealth government records

8 Birth, death & marriage certificates are not issued by Queensland State Archives requests should be submitted to the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages online historical indexes to search on the Department of Justice and Attorney-General website at

9 Before you visit QSA collect basic facts on your person or topic. e.g., if you are researching a person, try and gather useful details such as: –full names including middle, maiden or former names, aliases and alternative spellings –date of birth –nationality or country of origin –date of arrival in Australia –any places connected with the person visit your local library

10 Public Search Room Open Monday to Friday and the second Saturday of every month from 9.00am to 4.30pm

11 Public Search Room a Researcher ID Card is required and can be obtained on arrival at reception free wireless internet power outlets for laptop computers only certain items can be taken into the PSR food and drink are not permitted inside the PSR

12 Facilities readers’ lounge wheelchair access to all public areas lockers for the secure personal storage undercover parking

13 Copying services a fee-based copying service photocopying and scanning of records cannot be done by researchers digital cameras, where the flash can be disabled, can be used by researchers to copy records self-service reader printers are available in the microfilm room

14 Archival research generally archival records are not indexed by name, geographical location or specific subjects there is no single subject index how the person interacted with the Queensland Government e.g. immigration, court? locating the required information can be a time-consuming process

15 QSA website

16 Online indexes Divided into subject categories:subject categories Convict / prisoner indexes Court indexes Hospital / sanitoria indexes Immigration indexes Indigenous indexes Lands indexes Professions Orphanage and reformatory indexes Other indexes

17 Selected online indexes Assisted immigration 1848-1912 Boer War 1899-1902 Civil servants 1865-1867 Criminal depositions 1861-1885 Divorces 1861-1894 Inquests 1859-1886 Justices of the Peace 1859-1910 Mineral leases 1871-1940 Passport register indexes 1926-1939 Teachers 1860-1904 Wills 1857-1935

18 Brief guides quick way to identify frequently used records at Queensland State Archives main series of records for research about 50 titles available online and in the PSR

19 Search procedures used in the Public Search Room to find specific records step by step process about 25 titles available online and in the PSR

20 Searching the catalogue type keyword(s) into the search box keywords can be the name of an individual or Government department/agency, a place name or a subject basic and advanced search

21 Basic search Enter the school name into the ‘Search for’ box

22 Search result summary Results under Agencies, Series and Items

23 Agencies The public authority who created the records; the authoring body: –Health Department –Police Station, Calliope –Circuit Court, Gladstone –Court of Petty Sessions, Brisbane –Gin Gin State School

24 Agency search results Select link for Agency details

25 Agency details

26 Series A group of records documenting a common activity or function: –Bench Record and Summons Book –Deposition books –Minute books –Register of licenses –School admission registers

27 Series search results


29 Items An individual record or image within a series: –a letterbook –a file –a bundle of correspondence –a box of ecclesiastical files (wills) –a school admission register

30 Item search results


32 How to order records for retrieval only from computers in the PSR enter your Researcher ID and table number, and print request slip records are placed on shelves under your table number


34 Access to records most records are open, for example electoral rolls some records however have access restrictions, for example: – 15 years for school admission registers – 30 years for Cabinet papers – 65 years for criminal depositions Access to Restricted Records form - permission to access restricted records

35 Using original records Help us preserve the records for the future, please do not lick fingers to turn pages do not lean on the records do not write on the records leave in original order – do not re-arrange anything do not remove items from original records use pillows and rests for larger items

36 Reference archivist on duty

37 Image Queensland

38 Basic search in Image Queensland

39 Image search results

40 Digital image details Select the thumbnail to view image

41 Digital image view

42 Digital images from ArchivesSearch

43 Scroll down within item details

44 Select the title to access the images within an exhibition Exhibitions

45 Exhibition images

46 Digital image details (DID)

47 Digital Image ID 3376 Parliament House, erection of balconies on George. Street frontage, c 1878

48 Themes Select the title to access the images within a theme

49 qsa bulletin email bulletin monthly updates on events, and new records added to the collection available under Newsletters and bulletins at

50 Social media

51 Contact us details PO Box 1397 Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 07 3131 7777 07 3131 7764

52 Questions?

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