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NDIS: Preparedness Now and Going Forward Griffith University Symposium December 2014.

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1 NDIS: Preparedness Now and Going Forward Griffith University Symposium December 2014

2 Contents NDIS fundamentals NDIS in Queensland Milestones to Queensland preparations Overview – key challenges and opportunities Queensland preparedness now and going forward Work in progress - NDIS policy, design and capacity Work in progress – Quality and safeguards Work in progress – Housing Keeping informed

3 NDIS Fundamentals The NDIS will see: one of the single biggest areas of government investment over the next decade with major economic, social and financial implications a move to a single national agency – the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) participants with lifetime coverage for disability supports, choice and control over supports and management of funds wider range of supports can be accessed, beyond those being delivered under disability support system now providers operate in a competitive market environment

4 NDIS in Queensland In Queensland we will see: progressive rollout of NDIS starting 1 July 2016 until full implementation by 1 July 2019 people receiving disability supports through the NDIS in 2019 will double to 97,000 expansion of the workforce with an estimated 13,000 new disability jobs

5 Queensland preparations milestones December 2012: Intergovernmental Agreement for the NDIS launch committing Queensland to work with all jurisdictions to develop and implement first stage of the NDIS and develop framework to progress to full scheme May 2013: Heads of Agreement with Commonwealth Government committing to NDIS commencement in Queensland from July 2016 December 2013: Queensland Disability Plan 2014-19: Enabling choices and opportunities released setting out priorities for transitioning to NDIS July 2014: MoU with the NDIA to begin footprint in Queensland October 2014: Program Management Office established to oversee NDIS preparation and transition work in the department and across government December 2014: Queensland and the Commonwealth Governments are working together on a high level agreement on the implementation of the NDIS in Queensland.

6 Overview - key challenges and opportunities Supporting people with disability and communities to be well informed and confident about what the NDIS means for them Supporting people with disability, families and carers to exercise choice and take up opportunities Supporting non-government organisations to operate in a more competitive and open environment Developing a skilled and strong workforce Enhancing mainstream services like health, education, housing, transport and justice services to enable genuine choice and participation

7 Queensland Preparedness Now and Going Forward Queensland is taking a strategic approach to get ready with a focus on: Consumer readiness Provider readiness Workforce Mainstream and community readiness Preparations consider Queensland’s unique needs including: geographically dispersed population Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, including discrete communities rural and remote communities

8 NDIS policy, design and capacity The NDIS design is still developing – 7 trial sites Range of NDIS policy areas where design is yet to be finalised including: Quality and safeguards Advocacy Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Mainstream interfaces Workforce Housing

9 Work in Progress : Quality and Safeguards under the NDIS All Governments agreed to the development of a national approach to quality and safeguards COAG Regulatory Impact Statement required due to impact on various sectors Principles to shape framework include: o Choice and control o Risk-based and person-centred approach o Presumption of capacity o National consistency o Reducing/minimising regulation o Administrative efficiency

10 Work in progress: Housing Access to suitable and sustainable housing is a significant element in the well-being of people with disability in our journey to the NDIS The NDIA will not provide all measures to meet this increase in housing demand. NDIS has the potential to trigger discussion and growth in innovative living options for people with disability.

11 Work in progress: Housing New and sustainable accommodation options for people with disability are a high priority for the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government is contributing this work through the following initiatives –The Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Trial –Innovative Living Initiative This and working together will help generate or facilitate innovative housing solutions as we move forward

12 Keeping informed Queensland - Sign up to the Queensland NDIS Update e-blast to keep up to date with latest Queensland info The DCCSDS website is a key source of information on projects and initiatives to prepare for the transition to the NDIS in Queensland Nationally - Subscribe to the NDIS e-newsletters and review information provided on the NDIS website

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