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Advancing the rights, needs and interests of people as they age COTA Queensland 2020 hindsight Future focussed.

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1 Advancing the rights, needs and interests of people as they age COTA Queensland 2020 hindsight Future focussed

2 COTA Queensland is a values-based community organisation committed to advancing the rights, needs and interests of people as they age in Queensland. Established in 1957 as the Old Peoples Welfare Council Queensland we have plaid a key role in helping to establish significant organisations and events incl.: – Senior Citizens Clubs – Meals on Wheels – Volunteering Queensland – U3A – Seniors Week (originally Old People’s Week) About COTA Queensland COTA Queensland

3 1.To promote policies, practices and services that advance well-being and justice for older people and redress injustice and disadvantage 2.To promote the positive contribution of older people to their own well-being and a more caring and just community 3.To facilitate collaboration within and between older people’s organisations, aged service agencies, Government, the private sector and community groups in working towards well-being and social justice for older people Our Objectives COTA Queensland

4 4.To promote and engage in research of matters concerning older people 5.To advocate on behalf of the needs, rights and interests of older people, giving priority to those suffering injustice, discrimination, disadvantage or disability 6.To auspice and resource new organisations within aged sector at State/ Local level up to the point at which they are able to operate independently Our Objectives continued COTA Queensland

5 7.To provide direct to older people and their carers, services, facilities and programs which contribute to their well-being 8.To undertake, develop and promote services, facilities, programs, networks or organisations designed to advance COTA’s objectives 9.To contribute to positive community understanding of ageing and to enable all sectors of the community to plan for positive ageing through education, advice and activity programs Our Objectives continued COTA Queensland

6 10.To develop links with and assist other organisations working to achieve similar objectives to those of COTA 11.To participate as an active member of the COTA Federation Our Objectives continued COTA Queensland

7 To influence decision makers to provide quality outcomes to enrich the lives of people as they age Our Mission COTA Queensland

8 To create a more just, fair and caring community. A community where seniors can easily interact with people of their own and other generations. A community where they are empowered and have access to appropriate support and care. Our Goal COTA Queensland

9 Diversity and Human Rights Respect for the individual Learning and innovation Collaboration Being proactive and responsive Our Values COTA Queensland

10 2012-13 Operation Plan and Budget 2011-12 Operation Plan2013-14 Operation Plan COTA Queensland Strategic Plan 2012-2014 Age-friendly Cities and Communities COTA Queensland Constitution Hierarchy of Documents COTA Queensland

11 INCOMEEXPENDITURE Our Income & Expenditure 2011-12 COTA Queensland

12 Individual/ Joint membership Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders Carers (of Older People) Hon. Life Members Organisations of Seniors Service Providers Local Government Authorities Our Organisational Membership COTA Queensland

13 Our Individual Membership COTA Queensland

14 COTA Queensland Stakeholder Wheel Organisational Stakeholders Policy and Program Stakeholders Consumer Stakeholders Our stakeholders

15 Determinants of Active Ageing COTA Queensland

16 Participation Positive images of older persons Accessible and useful information Accessible public and private transportation Inclusive opportunities for civic, cultural educational engagement Health Accessible and appropriate health services Activities, programs and information to promote health, social and spiritual well-being Social support and outreach Good air/ water quality Security and Independence Appropriate, accessible, affordable housing Hazard-free streets and buildings Safe roadways and signage for drivers and pedestrians Services to assist with household tasks and home maintenance Support for caregivers Accessible shops, banks and professional services Safety from abuse and criminal victimisation Information and training Flexible work practices Active Ageing COTA Queensland

17 Outdoor spaces and buildings Transportation Housing Social participation Respect and social inclusion Civic participation and employment Communication and information Community and health services Essential features of age-friendly cities COTA Queensland

18 Country20102050 Australia19.0%28.9% Canada19.9%31.0% China12.3%33.9% Japan30.5%41.5% Mexico9.0%25.8% Portugal23.7%40.4% Spain22.3%38.3% Russian Federation17.8%31.2% UK22.6%29.6% US18.4%26.6% Proportion of population aged over 60 COTA Queensland

19 Our Constituency COTA Queensland

20 Our Constituency COTA Queensland

21 Quality Outcomes for People as they age Community and Membership Connections Research, Policy and Advocacy Sustainable Organisation Continuing to develop and enhance services that enrich the lives of people as they age Enhancing existing networks and creating new networks to strengthen connections with all stakeholders Continuing to advocate for the rights, needs and interests of people as they age Access to governance and operational systems to be sustainable and financially independent Our Key Result Areas 2012-2014 COTA Queensland

22 Peter Howells (Chair) Neale Condon (Deputy Chair) Stephen Ring (Chair, Finance & Risk) Margaret Sugden (Chair, Policy Committee) Warren Males (Finance & Risk Committee) Robyn Robinson (Finance & Risk Committee and Policy Committee) Our Board COTA Queensland

23 Margaret Sugden (Chair) Don Bains Kathy Beacham Ann-Maree Byrne Ian Reed Robyn Robinson Arthur Sinnatamby Our Policy Committee COTA Queensland

24 Chief Executive Mark Tucker-Evans Community Engagement Manager Lorella Piazzetta Community Development Officer Laraine Hinds Research Officer Fiona Jackson Seniors Peer Education Coordinator Leonie Swainston Business Manager Debra Short Volunteer Officer Marianne Wright Volunteer Peer Educators Information Officer Lisa Hodgkinson Administration Volunteers Policy Officers Anna McCormack & Mark Young Our Staff COTA Queensland

25 Our website

26 Quality Services Influence on Aged Care Reform (through COTA Australia) Influence on HACC reform (through C3 and 018 Roundtable) Safe & Confident Living Beyond maturityblues Medicines Community & Member Connections C3 (Carers, COTA and QADA) Annual Symposia/ Forums, e.g. Our Place; Count us in! Community Engagement Framework NAIDOC Week Seniors Week contract 2013-2015 Highlights

27 Research, Policy & Advocacy Partnerships with QUT, IFA Conference confirmed COTA’s direction (Active Ageing & Age-friendly) Representation on Govt. Advisory Committees Submissions, e.g. Older Drivers, State Budget, etc. Seniors Roundtable Sustainable Organisation Stronger more collaborative working relationship within the COTA Federation Purchasing Unit 12, level 1, 25 Mary Street Income stream from IMS (COTA Insurance) Bequests Highlights

28 Quality services Diversified constituency with different needs Aged care reforms HACC reform Community & Member connections Changing demographic Declining membership Seniors organisations closing Challenges

29 Research, Policy & Advocacy Potential change of Federal Government Queensland economy Sustainable Organisation Uncertain future of funded projects Income stream from IMS (COTA Insurance) Challenges

30 Age-friendly Champions COTA Queensland

31 NTWASATASVICNSWQldACT Member COTAs COTA AUSTRALIA BOARD Directors – appointed by each COTA Board Independent Chair (appointed by Board) Directors – appointed by each COTA Board Audit & Risk Committee Governance Committee Chief Executive Ian Yates AM Director, Aged Care Reform Pat Sparrow National Policy Manager Jo Root Corporate Services (purchased from COTA SA) National Programs Unit (see separate sheet) FinanceITAdminDesign

32 The Federation The Federation meets at least once annually face to face Comprises one representative and the Chief Executive from each COTA COTAs Board and Policy Councils inform Federation positions The Federation can instruct the Executive coordination group AustNTWASATASVICNSWQldACT Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Board Chief Executive Executive Coordination Group (ECG) (see separate sheet)

33 The Executive Coordination Group (ECG) Comprises CE from each COTA Meets monthly by teleconference and twice a year face to face Chaired on six monthly rotating basis Can be instructed by the Federation AustNTWASATASVICNSWQldACT Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive Chief Executive

34 National Policy Council Comprises one representative from each Policy Council plus one supporting staff member from each COTA Chair is appointed by the COTA Australia Board Meetings held twice annually face to face in Canberra NTWASATASVICNSWQldACT Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council Policy Council COTA Australia

35 NT WA SA TASVICNSW QldACT IMS Owners Insurance Portfolio Management

36 SA CMS NTWATASVICNSWQldACTSA Ownership Membership Management Contract

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