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Nostradamus By Randy Clark Northeast High School 2011.

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1 Nostradamus By Randy Clark Northeast High School 2011

2 Birth His birth name is Michel de Nostredame He was born on December 14 or 21 of 1503 in Saint Remy de Provence in the south of France.

3 His Parents and Family Michel de Nostredame’s father’s name is Jaume de Nostredame and his mothers name is Reyniere de Saint-Remy. His family is Jewish, but Jaume’s father, Guy Gassonet, had converted to Catholicism around 1455, taking the Christian name Pierre and the surname Nostredame. Michel de Nostredame has eight siblings who are Delphine, Jean I, Pierre, Hector, Louis, Bertrand, Jean II, and Antoine.

4 Childhood There is little known about his childhood, although there is a persistent tradition that he was educated by his maternal great- grandfather Jean de St. Remy.

5 Education At the age of fifteen he entered the University of Avignon to study for his baccalaureate. After little more than a year he was forced to leave Avignon when the university closed its doors in the face of an outbreak of the plague. In 1529, after some years as an apothecary, he entered the University of Montpellier to study for a doctorate in medicine. He was expelled shortly afterward when it was discovered that he had been an apothecary, a "manual trade" expressly banned by the university statutes.

6 His Almanac In 1550, Michel de Nostredame wrote an almanac. After writing the almanac, he Latinized his name from Nostredame to Nostradamus. Because of the success of his first almanac, Nostradamus wrote several more. In his almanac’s, Nostradamus wrote at least 6,338 prophecies as well as eleven annual calendars all starting with January 1

7 Les Propheties (The Prophecies) This book was written by Nostradamus. This book was filled with prophecies that he wrote. Some of these prophecies that he wrote actually came true. One prophecy was about King Henry II.

8 King Henry II Prediction Nostradamus predicted the death of King Henry II of France. Here is what Nostradamus said in one of his quatrains: The Lion shall overcome the old on the field of war in a single combat (duelle); He will pierce his eyes in a cage of gold This is the first of two lappings, then he dies a cruel death. What he meant by this was that King Henry II’s opponent’s wooden lance pierced the King’s headgear, shattered into fragments, blinded him in the right eye, and penetrated his right orbit and temple Four days after his injury, King Henry had a fever.

9 King Henry II Prediction (Continued) Before King Henry II’s death, his left arm and leg became paralyzed and a convulsion of long duration was observed on the right side of his body. Towards the end of his life, respiration was very difficult for him and then he died.

10 Hitler Nostradamus predicted Hitler ruling Germany. Here is what he said in a quatrain: Beasts wild with hunger will cross the rivers. The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. Nostradamus refers Hitler as Hister.

11 9/11 Nostradamus predicted 9/11. Here is a quatrain: “In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.” What he means is “The City of God” refers to New York City. “There will be a great thunder” refers to the sounds of the airplanes crashing. “Two brothers torn apart by chaos” refers to the Twin Towers falling. “While the fortress endures” refers to the Pentagon “The great leader will succumb” refers to The President succumbing to war.

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