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New Hampton School Experiential Learning Adventure Education Service Learning.

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1 New Hampton School Experiential Learning Adventure Education Service Learning


3 Parallels Classroom Work We seek to enhance the emerging potential of young people and adults through authentic, connected, rigorous and meaningful learning opportunities. Looking inward, Adventure Education programs are expressly designed to connect with the larger goal of New Hampton School. We seek to be leaders in articulating and teaching core aspects of our mission including the Foundations of Learning curriculum. Looking outward, Adventure Education values collaboration and leadership within the field of Experiential Education to promote and diffuse best practices in our industry as they relate to private schools.

4 Our Classrooms

5 Integrated and Developmental Healthy Habits of Learning Orientation & Transition Weekends Cooperative Learning Wilderness Expedition Independent Learning Urban Adventure Demonstration of Learning Senior Leadership Project

6 Orientation Form relationships with teachers and students Reflect on school culture of Respect and Responsibility Set goals for the year Three days on and off campus during the first week of school

7 Freshman Transition Focus on Healthy Habits of Learning Listening, planning, Leading to Detracting, social skills Reflect on first months of school Overnight on Burleigh Mountain fall term

8 Burleigh Mountain

9 Sophomore Cooperative Learning Expedition Teachable moments: trust, conflict, choices Lessons: Leadership, responsibility, ownership Five day backpacking trip in the White Mountains during spring term finals

10 Junior Urban Adventure Independent Learning Study a topic of interest in Boston Ask an essential question Formulate a response Three days in Boston before holiday break

11 Impact and Reach More than 750 participants annually 6300 participant program hours in 2004 - 2005 25 active teachers Strong support school wide Participant Program Hours

12 Student Feedback

13 Partnerships New Hampton Community School Plymouth State University Association of Experiential Education Thompson Island Outward Bound White Mountain National Forest

14 Teacher Feedback

15 Questions? Hans Mundahl Director of Experiential Learning (603) 677 – 3572 Summer program information available

16 Service Learning CON n ECT Citizens Of New Hampton Experiencing Community Together

17 Community Service For over 10 years we have served 4 Saturdays in both Fall & Spring Terms Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors On and Off Campus projects Projects are chosen based upon Need Previous Partnership Student/Staff Interest Curriculum/Co-Curricular connection

18 Just this Fall 2006 Over 2,000 hours Approx. 200 students About 60 staff 35 - 40 projects Nearly 25 agencies

19 Because we have service learning we have... Community Connections - Arts/Athletic Clinics for K-6 graders Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break for the last 4 years “traveling” clinics in Baseball and Lacrosse Seniors/PG’s as LEADERS for campus programs, including Adventure Ed., SL, English, Art, Athletic Depts., Admissions, and etc. Partnerships with local nursing homes, Squam Lake Science Center, Spaulding Youth Center, local elem. school & child care center, Tapply Thompson Community Center, Humane Society and many more.

20 Our experiences shape our beliefs and learning. “Each kid had his/her own personality they brought to the group. They got energized, and made easy friends with each other, and played and included everyone. It was good to see, because kids our age aren’t so accepting.” “Makes you realize how good you really do have it.” “I didn’t realize how much work it is to take care of all of these animals.” “Starting is always the hardest time, but once you’ve the initial impetus, time moves like a hat in raging river.”


22 Developing Character & Citizenship Morally Knowing Morally Feeling Morally Acting Essential Question & Research Reflection, Self-Assessment Community Action (30 hrs.)- the “give back” or service to a community Derived from Thomas Lickona’s “What is Good Character” chapter in Educating for Character

23 Is an opportunity for Seniors/PG’s to demonstrate leadership, independent learning, and citizenship. The SLP is designed as a culminating experience bringing together the values and desired outcomes of the NHS Mission as expressed in Adventure Education, Service Learning, The Foundations of Learning, and Character Education. The New Hampton School Senior Service Learning Project (SLP)... Basic components include: community action (the service experience) research based upon an essential question reflection presentation (at an individual interview) visual (honors only)

24 ‘06 Project Topic Areas

25 Number of Hours Breakdown

26 More than the Minimum

27 All around the world In 15 states in the United States & In 3 other countries: Korea, England, Venezuela New Hampton students have served communities…

28 104 students served a total of 4,588 hours Class of 2006

29 Questions? Kimberly Poulin Director of Service Learning (603) 677 – 3550

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