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EXIT Starting a Successful Business on the Internet Starting a Successful Business on the Internet A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Web-based Operations.

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2 EXIT Starting a Successful Business on the Internet Starting a Successful Business on the Internet A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Web-based Operations and Marketing By Professor James A. Sinclair Ph.D. 2007 How to Use This Book How to Use This Book To navigate through this book please notice blue glass control arrows at the bottom of each page. Simply click on the arrows to advance pages in the required direction. The arrow that points to the right will advance to the next page. The arrow pointing to the left will advance to the previous page. The button with an “ i ” symbol will automatically advance to the Table of Contents. Each topic in the Table of Contents will connect directly to the appropriate page. Use EXIT button on the Top Right to exit this book 12

3 EXIT About the Author About the Author Legal Notice Legal Notice The entire contents of this book are subject to copyright protection of the United States and other jurisdictions. Copyright© ITTC Publications 2006. All rights reserved. The contents of this book may not be copied in any form. It may not be recopied, reproduced or otherwise redistributed. You may not copy, display, download, distribute, modify, reproduce, republish or retransmit any information, text, documents or materials contained in this book or any portion thereof in any electronic medium or hard copy, or create any derivative work based on such images, text or documents, without the express written consent of ITTC Publications. Nothing contained herein shall be construed (under any theory) to confer any license or right under any patent or trademark of ITTC or any third party. Unless otherwise expressly set forth, all product names whether or not appearing with the trade- mark symbol are trademarks of ITTC, its affiliates, related companies, or licensors. The use of these trademarks or any other materials, except as permitted herein is expressly prohibited. Dr. James A. Sinclair is a leading Professor of Computer Integrated Technology & Business at one of New Jersey's largest Universities. Professor Sinclair's years working in the business & industry as a top-level design and business consultant, plus twenty years teaching a wide variety of science and business courses at the university level, affords the highest degree of expertise and presentation skills. The Professor has a talent for delivering complex topics in an easily understood and entertaining manner. His technique of 'Casual Mastery' is designed to maximize retention of the subject, enabling students to employ the gained knowledge in their career or business. For the last 10 years, Dr. Sinclair has been conducting educational seminar series on a variety of computer, business, and engineering related topics. 3 4

4 EXIT Table of Contents Table of Contents How to Use This BookHow to Use This Book 2 Legal Notice3 About the Author 4 Table of Contents 5 Introduction 7 General Concept 8 Intro to Ebay & Online Stores 9-10 How does it work? 11 Registering on Ebay 12 Step-by-Step Ebay Operations 13-16 Your Feedback Number 17 Reputation Indicator 18 Legal Notice About the Author Table of Contents Introduction General Concept Intro to Ebay & Online Stores How does it work? Registering on Ebay Step-by-Step Ebay Operations Your Feedback Number Reputation Indicator Power Seller IndicatorPower Seller Indicator 18 Ebay Store GatewayEbay Store Gateway 19 5 6 Creating Images for Your ProductsCreating Images for Your Products20-22 Step-by-Step Auction DetailsStep-by-Step Auction Details23-32 Budgeting Ebay Operations Budgeting Ebay Operations 33-38 Creating An Online StoreCreating An Online Store39-41 Using Your Own WebsiteUsing Your Own Website42 Choosing a Domain NameChoosing a Domain Name 43-45 Hosted Domain SpaceHosted Domain Space 46-52 Creating Web Pages53-55 Software Considerations 56-57 Hosting Considerations 58-60 Starting a New Page 61-62 Step-by-Step Page creation63-99 Creating Web Pages Software Considerations Hosting Considerations Starting a New Page Step-by-Step Page creation Conclusion Notes from the AuthorConclusion Notes from the Author 100

5 EXIT Your User Name Your Feedback (Reputation) Number Reputation Star Ebay Store Gateway (if you choose to have a store) Power Seller Indicator Information About you or Your Company 15 16

6 EXIT 5.Ebay Store Gateway This symbol indicates that you have inventory in your Ebay Store. You do not need to own an Ebay store until you get more acquainted with selling and buying operations. You may, however consider this option once you start to sell a larger variety of products. 6.Information About You or Your Company This symbol allows people to see a general description about your company. You may put whatever information you deem appropriate and add or modify it at anytime. This is a very good incentive for people to buy from you. Don’t forget, they have to spend their money without ever seeing you, your company, and for that matter, the product they are buying. They only saw the picture of the product. Creating An Image of Your Product 1920

7 EXIT View your existing auctions here Search for your auctions here within the entire Ebay Previous Page Next Page 23

8 EXIT After the search is done, your item appears here. It is important that you have good images, they will form the very first impression before the customers click on the small picture to continue further Previous Page Next Page 24

9 EXIT 3940 Below are some samples of independently owned websites. There are almost endless possibilities and options in creating successful online stores or service outlets. Creating an Online Store: Your Custom Website – “A Real Estate of the 21 st Century”

10 EXIT 4142 Using Your Own Website Using Your Own Website In this section we will discuss the use of your own Website to create an independent online store. You will see that running your own online store is a fairly inexpensive process, requiring only a small fraction of expenses usually associated with running a physical, “brick-and-mortar” store. To see more, please visit authors sample portfolio site: SAMPLE SITES SAMPLE SITES

11 EXIT 6364 On the top menu Click on: File Open Site

12 EXIT 6768 Click OPEN

13 EXIT 7980

14 EXIT 9596 Your page will now look similar to the page shown here. You can type any text in any of the cells, change the size, alignment, and color of text letters as you would in any other typing program. Next, we will create a series of Links in this green area

15 EXIT 9798 To create Hyper-Links (or as most people would refer them as just “links”) simply type the words you want to appear on the link, separated by pressing the Enter key after each word. Then highlight the entire word or a phrase on one line only and click the Right-mouse button. Then choose the word Hyperlink on the menu and simply type the name of the page you would like to link. If it is another page in the same folder, you would simply type the name of that page. If it is a link to another website, you would type (http://www.) first and then the address of the page you would like to link to.

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