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Visual dBsee Albalog,The Company … Albalog Srl Visual

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1 Visual dBsee Albalog,The Company … Albalog Srl Visual

2 Albalog, The Company Albalog Srl started out in 1989 as a software development company specializing in the development of business applications www.VisualdBsee.comVisual dBsee Albalog Srl Today Albalog Srl offers a wide range of products and services:  G.i.o.i.a.: business management software available in the verticalizations G.i.o.i.a./EasySat (Software for Technical Assistance) and G.i.o.i.a/Silver (Software for businesses in the precious-metals industry).  Visual dBsee: C.A.S.E. software for the creation of complete business management applications.  Systematic Technical Assistance: Assistance for G.i.o.i.a., Visual dBsee, network management, antivirus, etc…  Web: Development of web-based software, domain hosting, creation of company websites.

3 Visual dBsee Albalog Srl Visual The C.A.S.E. for Xbase++

4 The History of Visual dBsee The family tree of Visual dBsee looks like this: Visual Albalog Srl 4  dBsee 3 (1993) : was created by ISA with the compiler SUMMER87 and was not a GUI, but text only.  dBsee 4 (1995) : dBsee4 was born as CASE for RAD development for the Dos/Clipper environment  dBsee for Xbase (2001) : In 1999, after in-depth analysis with the ISA development team, it was decided to launch a dBsee project for Xbase++. Acquisition of the product dBsee for Xbase++ by Albalog.  Visual dBsee (2004) : In February of 2003 Albalog’s management decided to start investment in the Visual dBsee project, therefore launching a complete redesigning of the entire RAD sector in a Modern Windows application. In March of 2004 Albalog’s development team obtained the first application created with Visual dBsee!

5 What is a C.a.s.e.? C.A.S.E. is the acronym for Computer Aided Software Engineering Albalog Srl Visual C.A.S.E. softwares are dedicated to the designing, creation and generation of other applications. Integration between Databases (Data Dictionaries) and applications (Forms and Reports) In a C.A.S.E. environment, the application logic no longer resides in the source code, but in the CASE data structure (Data Repository) Team Development and Applications maintenance optimization. Standardization and independence from the source code from the programmer who generated it

6 Why Use Visual dBsee Visual dBsee is a C.A.S.E. environment created expressly for the creation of business management applications. Visual Albalog Srl Visual dBsee is the only RAD/C.A.S.E. instrument created expressly for the compiler Alaska Xbase++. The possibility to personalize the code (with code injection and reverse engineering) and to change the applicative logic (Templates) leaves the project leader(s) free to make better case-based decisions

7 The Logical Structure of Visual dBsee Database Visual dBsee Database Dictionary Visual and Report Designer Wizard Template Local nret, alba := 1001 For n:1 to Len(aArray) nRet := alfa +1 nPos := Len(beta) Object:SetPos(24,26) Next // Fine ciclo For Return Object//Fine Source Code in Xbase++ Library Visual dBsee Library Xbase++ Final Application Reverse Engineering Generation Repository Form Browser Window Report www.VisualdBsee.comVisual dBsee Albalog Srl

8 Open Structure Repository in DBF formats The Repository can be accessed through templates or external programs Supports personalized plug-ins written in Xbase++. The Report Designer was designed to be used also in the generated application Visual Albalog Srl Templates that can be edited:  Personalize Template structure  Add new injection points

9 The Potential of Visual dBsee : A Simple Environment This is a work environment comprehensible to programmers with varied skill levels Allows for both easy local and network application installation. The applications obtained are stable, independently of the operating system used and the characteristics of the computer on which it is installed. Visual Albalog Srl

10 The Advantages of Visual dBsee Completely visual work environment Visual Albalog Srl The final application has a homogeneous standard user interface The Drag & Drop technique is widely used to simplify the creation and management of various entities Each new Project Object is created with a Wizard Undo/Redo Functions in the various Designers The code is always generated in a structured and Standard way Modern Visual Designer and Report Designer

11 The Visual Designer WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get): Visual Designer displays the application in the design phase exactly as it will be generated Visual Albalog Srl Changes saved at the end of the edit phase. The creation of forms, queries, Browse and Windows is completely visual. Almost all the standard Xbase controls are provided with their characteristics as controls for the management of images, Get, Say, ListBox, ComboBox, etc…

12 Report Manager Integration of two Report managers:  Crystal Report  Leader in the Report market  Report Manager  An Open Source application that can be used free of charge, even for commercial use Visual Albalog Srl The structure is compatible for other report generation systems, such as List and Label, Easy Report, etc Can still be used dot printers Integrated function of Print/Preview and Report Export into other formats

13 Visual dBsee Libraries Wide range of General Purpose User functions:  User Interface  Image management  Prints with Crystal Report  PDF Creation  Send via Email / Fax  Database management  Low level API  Integration with ADS Server  File compression (Zip / Rar) Visual Albalog Srl

14 Elevated Productivity Data Dictionary:  Definition of the data structure of every project  The edits to the data in the Dictionary are carried throughout the whole application Visual Designer:  Facilitates the design of the user interface  There is a 1:1 relation between design and the final application Automatic windows Xbase integration: Debug tool, easy application test, Quick generation Visual Albalog Srl

15 Why Change to Visual dBsee? Modern visual work environment Visual Albalog Srl Improved integration with Xbase++ Extension to other Libraries  ADS, Crystal… Report solutions for every need Latest generation Visual Designer Visual dBsee is cost-cutting and reduces software production time. Application documentation in Html / Windows format with professional help system.

16 How Visual dBsee Lowers Costs Elevated productivity Reduced development time Flexibility Users of Visual dBsee need not be experts A simple and intuitive environment Reduced instruction time for the final User Visual Albalog Srl It is a Structured Environment that create standard source code and standard user interface functionality

17 Prospects for the Future Visual Albalog Srl Visual dBsee and how to keep up with new technology in the future

18 The Future of Visual dBsee Visual dBsee updates (throughout the 2005)  New development of Report Manager  New Controls implementation for Visual Designer  ActiveX Management Visual dBsee Enterprise Version (at the end of 2005)  SQL Database access (Libraries Odbc Alaska)  M.D.I. Form management Visual Albalog Srl

19 Innovation in the Visual Designer New Controls:  Web Browser  Property editor  Splitbar  Calendar ... Possibility for User control integration Visual Albalog Srl

20 Ideas for the Future : Web Community Free User Areas  Forum Areas  Exchange and support between users  Template and plug-in exchange Area managed by Albalog  Update Download  Update of new documentation  Bug and Status reports  Support requests Visual Albalog Srl

21 Catalogue Visual dBsee Price list and Offers (Speaker Eng. Caputo Luca ) Albalog Srl Visual

22 Visual dBsee Catalogue Visual dBsee 1.0 Standard 1800.00€ * Visual dBsee 1.0 Workgroup 2100.00€ * Additional License (each) 250.00€ * * Included support (updates and email Help Desk): 3 months from the date of purchase Visual Albalog Srl Additional 10% discount for license purchase within December 2004

23 How and when to order Visual dBsee… Visual dBsee will be on the market and available for purchase this November 2004. The order form will be available directly on our site at Communication regarding product availability will be transmitted via email. Visual Albalog Srl

24 Courses, Training and Consultancy Albalog Srl is planning to organize training courses on the use of Visual dBsee. The course calendar will be posted on Albalog Srl also offers PROJECT BASED consultancy fulfill any of the user’s needs. Visual Albalog Srl

25 Contact Information and Useful Numbers Albalog Srl Via L.A. de’ Bosis, 23 50145-Firenze-Italy Pho. ++39.055-300311 Fax ++39.055-307149 (Only Support) Visual Albalog Srl

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