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The Legislative Branch

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1 The Legislative Branch
1. Term- Two-year period of time during which Congress meets. 2. Immunity clause- Prevents a state from treating citizens of other states in a discriminatory manner (promotes the oversight function of the Constitution.)

2 The Legislative Branch
3. Special Sessions- A special meeting of a legislative body, called to deal with an emergency situation. 4. Gerrymandering- The drawing of electoral district lines to give advantage to the political party in control of the State’s legislature.

3 The Legislative Branch
5. Constituency- The people and interests that an elected official represents. 6. Franking Privilege- Benefits allowing members of Congress to mail letters and other materials postage-free.

4 The Legislative Branch
7. Strict Constructionist- One who argues a narrow interpretation of the Constitution's provisions, in particular those granting powers to the Federal Government. 8. Liberal Constructionist- One who argues a broad interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution, particularly those granting powers to the Federal Government.

5 The Legislative Branch
9. Expressed powers- (Enumerated powers) These are delegated powers of the Federal/ National Government spelled out expressly, in the Constitution. 10. Indirect tax- A tax levied (forced) on one party but passed on to another for payment.

6 The Legislative Branch
11. Speaker of the House- The presiding officer of the House of Representatives, chosen and from the majority party in the House. 12. President pro tempore- The member of the United States Senate, or the upper house of a State’s legislature, chosen to preside in the absence of the president of the Senate.

7 The Legislative Branch
13. Bill- A proposed law presented to a legislative body for consideration. 14. Veto- Executive power to reject a bill passed by a legislator.

8 The Legislative Branch
16. Impeachment- Process to decide whether a public official should be removed from office for misconduct. 15. Filibuster- Various tactics (usually long speeches) aimed at defeating a bill in a legislative body by preventing a final vote.

9 The Legislative Branch
17. The Reapportionment Act of This act was created due to the 1930 census. It allowed the permanent membership size of the House to be reapportioned at 435. 18. Federal Budget- A detailed financial document containing estimates of federal income and spending during the coming fiscal year.

10 The Legislative Branch
19. Public Policy- The programs/services that congress provides through federal spending. 20. Elastic Clause- allows Congress to expand its powers beyond what was intended by the Framers.

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