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2 Proposed Improvement Model Strategy & Goals Employees Training and Support Reporting & measures Improvement tasks set and allocated to teams Balanced Score Card Culture Empowerment Responsibility Empowerment Responsibility Company Processes Customer/Market Requirements Meeting Customer/Market Requirements

3 Identify Improvement Activity Strategy & Goals Individual Improvement Tasks Balanced Score Card Annual review of and 12 month strategy Cross functional team decides and agrees goals for the coming year via the Balanced Score Card review: –Financial goals –Customer focused goals - What product, service, value items do we need to develop –Process improvement goals –Learning and growth goals - What skills do we need to develop? Cross functional team defines: Improvement tasks, measures and responsibilities

4 Reporting and Measures –Set regular disciplined high level reporting/measurement reviews –Share and promote monthly measures locally and with –Reported measures to be simple and minimal, but correct Training and Support Reporting and measures Improvement tasks progress Company Processes Customer/Market Requirements

5 Generating Improvement Momentum Include teams when deciding projects and measures Ensure management support for improvement activity and measures Identify and realise training and support needs Advertise success using newsletters and KPI boards Employees Training and Support Improvement tasks set and allocated to teams Empowerment Responsibility Empowerment Responsibility Company Processes

6 Expected Results Improved competitiveness, through: –Improved value for our customers –Improved value for our investors –Customer focused products and services –Quicker response time –Better products than our competition

7 Questions

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