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As temperatures in Havana, Cuba, get colder during the winter season, a woman keeps her dog warm with a sweater Feb. 5.

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1 As temperatures in Havana, Cuba, get colder during the winter season, a woman keeps her dog warm with a sweater Feb. 5.

2 A newborn Angolan Colobus monkey hugs a stuffed animal inside an incubator at the Abilene Zoo on Jan. 31 in Abilene, Texas. The female monkey was delivered via C-section and needed an incubator because her mother rejected her.

3 A dog runs through the snowy countryside on Feb. 4 in Patsch, located in Austria's western province of Tyrol. Heavy snowfall and avalanches have blocked roads in Austria, leaving several villages unreachable.

4 A star-nosed mole, which sports a crown of fleshy tendrils around its snout, is nature's king of fast food, scientists announced Feb. 2. In the darkness of its burrow, the animal can detect, identify and gobble down a quick snack, such as an insect larva or worm, in just 230 milliseconds.

5 A dog is seen during the Tracy Reese Fall 2005 Fashion Show on Feb. 6 at Bryant Park in New York City.

6 Diew, a 5-year-old bull elephant, positions himself adroitly on a toilet during a demonstration at a private elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on Jan. 18. The camp's owner hopes to add this new feat to the park's regular elephant show.

7 German farmer Sigfried Schidda crosses the street with his wild boar, named Edda, in Boetzow, Germany, on Jan. 11. Schidda got the pig about two years ago and Edda has been living on his farm as a pet ever since.

8 A boxer sports a pink ballerina tutu during the 'Krewe de Barkus' parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans on Jan. 30. The event is the only dog parade during Mardi Gras, with this year's theme being 'Hairy Pawter and the Sorcerer's Bone.

9 A Samiri Sciureus monkey eats a piece of banana next to a flower in a monkey park at the Ben Shemen Forest near Tel Aviv, Israel, on Jan. 30.

10 Official groundhog handler Bill Deeley holds Punxsutawney Phil as he talks to the local media Feb. 2 in Punxsutawney, Pa. Phil predicted six more weeks of winter in front of an estimated crowd of more than 18,000.

11 A tourist and a penguin contemplate each other Feb. 7 at the Collins Glacier in Rey Jorge Island, Uruguayan Antarctic area, where the Artigas scientific base is located. It is a permanent year-round base serviced by the Uruguayan Navy. Tourists are now allowed to travel to the area.

12 Two polar bear cubs born at the zoo in Rostock, Germany, are presented to the public on Jan. 26. The twins weighed 2,705 grams and 2,520 grams when they were born on Dec. 9.

13 Huskies train for the Aviemore Dog Sled Rally at Loch Morlich, Scotland, on Jan. 20.

14 Ping Pong, a Chihuahua belonging to Ann Chung, sits on top of a fire hydrant as the pair pause during a walk in Calgary, Canada, Jan. 30.

15 Cattails are seen on the bank of Washington Park Lake in Albany, N.Y., as a man walks a dog on the opposite side of the lake, Jan. 26.

16 Dozens of stray dogs vie for food at the Animal Protection Society where they are fed by volunteers Jan. 10 in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso, located west of Santiago. The proliferation of 23,000 stray dogs, or nearly 12 per human inhabitant, has become a major problem for the city's 276,000 residents, with the rising number of dog attacks and the contamination from feces prompting city officials to promise a massive spay and neuter campaign.

17 Two dogs watch as their meal is served during a press conference at the Pets and Plants Fair in Berlin on Jan. 18. The fair, a trade and information show focusing on domestic pets and plant care, was held from Jan. 21 - 30.

18 Reindeer roam through the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland on Jan. 24. The Cairngorm Reindeer Center, Britain's only reindeer research facility, is opening its doors to visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the animals in the wild. The center has been reintroducing the animals into the wild since 1953 and currently has a herd of 121.

19 A frightened western grebe that was caught in an oil spill squawks at the camera after being treated at the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center on Jan. 20 in San Pedro, Calif. Since Jan. 12, veterinarians and volunteers have picked up 1,400 oiled birds between Santa Barbara and Venice Beach, Calif.

20 A pit bull named Rosco uses his jaws to hang from a branch after trying to leap into a tree at the Keene State College campus in Keene, N.H., on Jan. 31., as a fellow pit bull named Lennox watches. The dogs belong to members of the Phi Kappa Omega fraternity.

21 A 10-week-old cheetah cub plays with the tail of its mother, Tumai, as a new litter of four cubs was shown for the first time at Washington National Zoo on Feb. 4. The two males and two females are the first litter of cheetahs born at the zoo during its 115-year history and went on public exhibit Feb. 5.

22 Two cats contemplate whether they should leave the warmth of their home or leave the first paw prints after a heavy snowfall on Jan. 27.

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