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Metamorphosis ButterfliesMoths Mrs. O’Hara’s Second Grade Lincoln School 2004.

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1 Metamorphosis ButterfliesMoths Mrs. O’Hara’s Second Grade Lincoln School 2004

2 Life Cycle

3 The eggs are laid on the underside of the leaf to protect them from enemies. -Amanda The Egg Stage

4 Larva are immature insects that are wingless and often worm like (caterpillar). -Nick The Larva Stage

5 The larva forms a cocoon or chrysalis and goes through metamorphosis. -Hampton The Pupa Stage

6 The final stage of the life cycle. The pupa is now a butterfly or moth. -Alex The Adult Stage

7 This life cycle may take 25 days a year, depending on the type of butterfly or moth. -Senneca The Life Cycle

8 Caterpillar Facts

9 Butterfly caterpillars may look hairy. Moth caterpillars may be smooth. -Justin Hairy or Smooth

10 The female butteries and moths lay their eggs on a plant that their young like to eat. The caterpillar eats its shell when it hatches to get energy. Then it eats the leaf. -Mercadies Eggs

11 A caterpillar is the second stage of the life cycle of a butterfly. It is called the larva stage. -Emilee 2nd Stage

12 Butterfly and moth caterpillars have 14 body segments. They have six true legs and eight false legs that are sucker feet. -Michael Caterpillar Body Parts

13 A caterpillar outgrows its skin and sheds its skin many times as it grows. -Ron Sheds Skin

14 Body Parts

15 Butterflies have a head, thorax where the legs are attached, and a segmented abdomen. -Corby Three Body Parts

16 Butterflies have a tube-like mouth that curls up when they are not sipping nectar. -Dalton Proboscis

17 The eyes are made up of thousands of lenses. -Enya Eyes

18 Butterfly antennae always have knobs. They are used for smelling. -Jesse Antenna

19 Butterfly wings are covered with colorful scales. When resting, the wings are closed. -Hailey Wings

20 Parts of a Moth

21 Moths have only two body parts and six legs. They taste with their legs. -Allie Body Parts

22 Moths also have a proboscis used for sipping nectar. -DeAnthony Mouth

23 Moth wings are covered with dull covered scales. The wings are open when resting. -Keanu Wings

24 Moths also have compound eyes. -Kaitlynn Eyes

25 Moth antennae are either plain or feathered, but without knobs. They are used for smelling. -Chase Antenna

26 Kinds of Butterflies and Moths

27 The cabbage butterfly is found nearly everywhere. Its caterpillars eat cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and other crops. -Terri Cabbage Butterfly

28 Tiger moths have broad hairy bodies. Birds don’t eat them because they have an unpleasant taste. The caterpillars are known as woollybears. -Be’Andre Tiger Moth

29 Painted ladies can be seen anywhere in the world. They sometimes travel in swarms looking for food, nectar from thistle and zinnia flowers. They are strong fliers. -Caitlin Painted Lady Butterfly

30 Swallowtail butterflies have a tail on the hind wing, like the swallow bird. The yellow and black striped tiger swallowtail is seen in North America. -Ben Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

31 Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico, Florida, and southern California. Monarchs taste awful because the caterpillars eat milkweed. -Jadenn Monarch Butterflies

32 Morpho butterflies live in rain forests of Central and South America. Only the males are a brilliant blue. The females are much plainer. -Rachel Morpho Butterfly

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