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FROGS. Seven kinds of frogs live in Nova Scotia.

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2 Seven kinds of frogs live in Nova Scotia.

3 Northern Spring Peeper

4 These little frogs are the size of a quarter. You hear them calling “peep peep peep” from ponds and ditches on warm spring nights, But they don’t live in ponds or ditches, they live in trees! They eat small spiders, moth larvae and water midges.


6 Green Frogs are common in lakes, ponds and streams. Green Frogs eat a great variety of small land and water creatures. Beetles, bugs, spiders, ants, moth larvae and snails are the big items.


8 Wood Frogs are brown or tan-coloured. A dark brown mask on the sides of the head has earned them the nickname "robber frog”. Wood Frog eggs Wood Frog tadpole

9 Wood Frogs live in damp forests or mixed woods. They eat a variety of insects and other small invertebrates, especially spiders, beetles, bugs, moth larvae, slugs and snails.

10 Northern Leopard Frog

11 Northern Leopard Frogs, also called meadow or grass frogs, are bright grass-green with oval black spots. You may see them in old fields, meadows, grassy- sedge woods roads and grassy roadside ditches.

12 Leopard Frogs eat many insects and other invertebrates. Since they spend so much time in grassy places, they eat a lot of agricultural pest insects

13 Pickerel Frog

14 Pickerel Frogs are spotted, but with odd shaped rectangular brown spots in rows. Pickerel frogs are especially common along streams and lake shores

15 Pickerel Frogs eat ants, spiders, bugs, beetles, sawfly larvae, moth larva and a variety of other insects.


17 Mink Frogs are generally green to brown, often spotted or mottled. Their preferred habitat is quiet waters with lots of plants like lily pads and pickerel weed.

18 Mink Frogs eat a variety of land and water creatures, particularly ants, beetles, bugs, moth larvae, spiders and flies. When picked up, they smell like a mink (or rotting onions, if you can't quite recall the odour of mink).


20 Bullfrogs are our largest frog. They are found in quiet coves of lakes with lots of vegetation, especially water lilies. Most are green or yellow-green, but sometimes a blue Bullfrog turns up.

21 The Bullfrog menu includes birds, other frogs, fish, even their own tadpoles, as well as the usual insects. When held by the hind legs, Bullfrogs may let out a startling scream or squeal. How to hold a Bullfrog Bullfrog tadpole

22 There are 2,770 species of frogs known in the world.

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