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The future of food waste treatment - Black Soldier Flies Larvae.

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1 The future of food waste treatment - Black Soldier Flies Larvae

2 Hong Kong landfills will be full by 2019, and 42% of that is food waste! That’s 3,869 tons/day! Source: A FOOD WASTE & YARD WASTE PLAN FOR HONG KONG 2014-2022. How may we reduce household food waste from ending up in landfill? = 250 double-decker busses thrown into land-fill EVERY DAY

3 Personas of consumers generating the food waste in households

4 A BSFL farm can turn food waste into fish feed + fertilizer for organic produce! How does it work?

5 Why use Bio Compost System over Electric Composting Machine? Cultivated larvae can be sold as fish feed (10,000 tons demand annually in HK), which has much higher market value than traditional compost Financially sustainable Small operation footprint and highly efficient and mobile (to be located closer to source of waste to reduce logistic needs Space and logistically efficient Minimal energy consumption compare to electric composter Energy efficient Hong Kong cannot absorb excessive compost Over supply of compost in HK Mainly organic matter from deceased adult flies Minimal post- processing waste Source: “The Next Big Thing in the Food Industry: Flies”

6 Project BSFL creates a loop of incentive and rewards for food waste collection at households Personal accountability Incentive Using produce grown with larva poop as incentive for household food trash separation/collection; income from selling fish feed compensates operational cost of project

7 Operational funding source and use -Corporate sponsorship -Operational cost -Coupons as incentive -Government subsidies/grants -Initial equipment funding -Environment and Conservation fund (up to HK$10M) -Community Waste Reduction Projects -Environmental Education and Community Action Projects - General Projects -Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference Projects -Sustainable Development Fund -Logistic -Staffing local collection stand -Farm operating cost (net of fish feed income)

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