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English Final Exam Semester 1.

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1 English Final Exam Semester 1

2 For warm blooded mammals, how is hibernation different from sleep?
declarative imperative interrogative exclamatory

3 How exciting it is that you were elected president of the junior student council!
declarative imperative interrogative exclamatory

4 Stretch slowly and thoroughly before beginning the triathlon tomorrow morning.
declarative imperative interrogative exclamatory

5 Booker T. Washington, who founded Tuskegee Institute, wrote the bestselling autobiography Up from Slavery. declarative imperative interrogative exclamatory

6 In this bright light, don’t the yellow ovals embroidered on that kimono resemble lemons?
direct object predicate adjective subject indirect object

7 My neighbor, who is an accomplished gardener, showed me how to grow a young tree in the shape of a wreath. indirect object predicate nominative objective complement predicate adjective

8 Chicken mole, enchiladas, and carne asada are the names of recipes in my mother’s Mexican cookbook.
indirect object direct object predicate adjective predicate nominative

9 Struggling against the wind, its wings flapping for balance, the robin fed the hatchlings worms.
predicate nominative verb direct object indirect object

10 Do you agree that Sue’s favorite artists, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, were innovative and insightful? verb subject predicate adjective predicate nominative

11 Everyone on the girls’ soccer team considers the coach a hero.
predicate nominative direct object objective complement indirect object

12 The caterpillar is long and plump, and its back has a row of eyelike spots.
simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence

13 While we were on our tour of Egypt, we visited the pyramids of Giza and several ornately decorated mosques. simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence

14 Humming contentedly, Uncle Tony planted corn, tomato, lettuce, and zucchini seedlings in his vegetable patch. simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence

15 When I finished tenth grade, I thought I knew everything; however, during my first semester of eleventh grade, I discovered there was still a lot of learning ahead of me. simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence

16 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
____ 19. Can you find the sentence that is correct? A C B D I don’t always understand William Shakespeare’s allusions, but the notes in our textbook usually explain them. Being as my sister Tina is only three years old, she shouldn’t be unsupervised for very long. Stumbling through the desert, he saw a blue lake surrounded by palm trees; was his vision real or an allusion? Isn’t he the archaeologist who invented those wonderful, ancient cave drawings?

17 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D An impressive amount of work has been done on designing the new cheerleader uniforms. “Please tell me,” said the frazzled tourist, “where the information center is at.” What is the amount of trilobite fossils in that piece of shale? The reason for the delay is because the guest speaker has not yet arrived.

18 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D Even though Ivan’s parents are from Moscow, he don’t like borscht, black bread, or any other traditional Russian foods. My little brother isn’t hardly cranky very often. Bernadette can’t go nowhere without the four puppies following her. That tendon, even though it is barely an inch long, connects the muscle to the bone.

19 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D Juliet, despite her doubts, she did just fine on the Advanced Placement test. That starter, which my great-grandfather maintains hisself, is used to create a sourdough bread. This kind of root, called a taproot, is strong and can grow deep into the soil; those other kinds are weak and short. This type of hoisin sauce had ought to add just the right amount of flavor to stir-fried vegetables.

20 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D Mr. Reyes learned us that overwatering can harm plants as much as underwatering does. Please remember to toss your aluminum cans and glass bottles into the recycling bin outside of the garage. Manny, your truck sounds like it’s going to explode at any second! The lion bared its teeth and roared as if something were annoying it.

21 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D Until I went to Redwood National Park, I hadn’t never seen trees taller than thirty feet high. The winter day was so dark that we couldn’t of seen very far without the headlights. Because of the pouring rain, we didn’t see nobody else at the pep rally Thursday. The new restaurant has lowered its prices somewhat since the customers complained.

22 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
B D Myra is better at trigonometry then Oscar is. The fungus grew around the tree’s base, and than it began to ascend the trunk. I suggest that you mince the chiles, sauté them in some oil, and then add the mixture to the chicken. Our job is to load all them boxes onto the truck by noon.

23 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
Is Louis Armstrong the man that people refer to as “Satchmo”? All students which registered for Japanese II must report to Room 214. B Slowly and deliberately, the tortoise whom we had adopted bit off a large piece of lettuce. C Each of the supervisors was suppose to bring a laptop computer. D

24 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
Well, you ought to of called home to let your parents know where you were. A C B D Didn’t Hector tell you that you can download that shareware off of the Internet? The horse could of crushed the cat with one kick; instead, the two animals seemed to get along well together. Laughing and smiling at the camera, the astronauts bounced off the floors, ceilings, and walls of the space station.

25 Can you find the sentence that is correct?
After the bake sale, the profits were divided equally between the three charities. A C B D I didn’t mean to infer that we never have fights or disagreements. That new TV show is perfect for people who are home during the day. Can you distinguish among a pony, a horse, a mule, and a donkey?

26 Capitalization If you head north on that highway, you will drive over the famous golden gate bridge in San Francisco. My uncle Bert, who lives in Boerne, Texas, claims that his favorite food is Hormel® chili The lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C., is impressive not only because of its size but also because of the expression on Abraham Lincoln’s face. Many writers have made the hudson river valley, which is in New York, the setting of their novels.

27 Professor Hoskins, who teaches Western Philosophy 101, has been employed by Redbud Community College for his entire career. According to the department of transportation spokesperson, several roads, including interstate 35, have deep potholes and need repair. After spinning a case out of silk and tiny grains of sand, the fly larva walked South along the bottom of the riverbed. How did you learn about the treaty of versailles and form such interesting theories about the document’s background?

28 A four-color photograph of the recent Meteor Shower was published in Cameras Today.
At the fourth of July concert, the Boston pops played several of Aaron Copland’s patriotic pieces. In english class this fall, we will be reading part of Emily Dickinson’s Collected poems and Arthur Miller’s Death of a salesman. The first Buddhist scripture compiled after the death of the Buddha was the Tripitika, which includes rules, sermons, and discussions of doctrine.

29 Monique speaks german, although she’s never visited germany; in contrast, Pete does not speak spanish, even though he lived in madrid for three months. Please send the gift to Aunt Enid’s new address—111 Murricane Street, alberta, Canada, 2KE 515. Yes, dr. Travis is an excellent physician, but her expertise is in gastrointestinal disorders, not orthopedics. To survive the Antarctic winter, penguins have layers of fat that insulate them from the cold.

30 Although our relatives from El Salvador enjoyed their stay with us, they had difficulty understanding the accents spoken in the United States’ deep south After shooting pictures for an hour with our new Kodak® digital camera, we set up camp in Yellowstone National Park. That spectacular flower, found beside the Colorado river, has speckled pink petals and a bluish green stem. His opinion is as follows: The fall of the roman empire influenced art, literature, and music in the Middle Ages.

31 Bob Parker, who is vice-president of the Technology tomorrow club, will teach interested students how to use Microsoft® Word and several other software applications. My little sister was disappointed to learn that not all birds fly South for the Winter. For Father’s Day, Tina gave Dad a card that she had made from construction paper, ribbons, and sequins; he was thrilled and said that she had artistic talent. “Do you know the poem about Abraham Lincoln that begins, ‘o Captain! my Captain!’?” asked Laverne.

32 Is General Motors Corporation’s headquarters near the intersection of brush street and the John C. Lodge freeway? Daniel Egstrom, who is a volunteer for Doctors Without Borders, has visited Nigeria, Rwanda, and Turkey several times Did you know that Beyoncé’s new album sold out in every Lend me your Ears music store within only two hours? According to my aunt Mina, the Daughters of the American Revolution did an excellent job of restoring the old house on main street.

33 Lucy, who is the best soprano in the junior choir, wants to sing with the metropolitan opera company someday. “The houseboat,” said Alexander, “is anchored on the Sacramento River, not on Lake Powell.” Not all Owls make their nests in trees; some Owl nests are built in barns, in holes in cacti, and even in burrows in the ground. Is it true that your Uncle was born on December 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked?

34 “Your textbook indicates,” said Mrs
“Your textbook indicates,” said Mrs. Barnaby, “that Sitting bull was a well-known chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux.” Beaming proudly, rachel accepted the junior-class student council’s citizenship award. Crickets, which often live in shallow burrows, feed on plants, animals and fabrics; you sometimes can see them by the light of the Moon. My little brother Jeff was so fascinated by the Mexican jumping beans that he put them in an envelope and took them everywhere.

35 Jimmy Stewart, the famous Movie Star who often played the affable, idealistic man-next-door, also starred in a number of Westerns. Do you agree that butterflies are a symbol of all that is beautiful but fleeting in our life on earth? Willa really believes that when she holds that seashell next to her ear, she hears the Ocean. The Munchkins, who welcomed Dorothy to oz, were dressed in whimsical, colorful clothing.

36 Defending Our Homeland By Phyllis Naegeli 1 Most adults will always remember the events of September 11, America came together in sorrow, shock, and support of one another. We turned to our government for answers. How could this happen? Will it happen again? What do we do now?

37 2     The first step the federal government took was to pass the Patriot Act. This gives the Attorney General additional powers when national security is threatened. Now the government can secretly and indefinitely detain non-citizens without right to counsel. Also, wiretaps can be obtained against a person rather than a specific phone number. This act also gives the government access to an individual's internet service provider records including web surfing records. Law enforcement officials can get and use a search warrant without notifying the occupant of the property. What was the first action the government took after September 11, 2001? It created the Department of Homeland Security. It started to gather intelligence It passed the Patriot Act. It created the Threat Advisory System. Which of the following is not a part of the Patriot Act? The government can detain citizens indefinitely and without counsel when national security is threatened. When national security is threatened, officials can get and use a search warrant without notifying the occupant of the property. Wiretaps can be obtained against a person rather than a specific phone number. The government can detain non-citizens indefinitely and without counsel when national security is threatened.

38 3     Soon after, the president proposed creating a new cabinet level department - Homeland Security. On March 1, 2003, a massive reorganization of our government occurred, setting this plan into action. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting us from future terrorist attacks. The United States has a population of more than 300 billion people. We have land area of 3,500,000 square miles. Our borders with other countries stretch more than 7,500 miles. Additionally, over 95,000 miles of marine borders surround us. A coordinated effort across America is needed to keep us safe. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting us from future terrorist attacks. False True

39 4     Within the Department of Homeland Security is The Division of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection. Working with the FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Agency, information from across the globe is intercepted, decoded, and analyzed. When a threat is found in this intelligence, a decision is made on the accuracy of the information. If the threat is credible, the government takes action. How does the government find out about possible terrorist attacks? Meeting daily to discuss the possibility Spending money on security Gathering and analyzing intelligence Practicing emergency response plans

40 5     One of the most visible ways Homeland Security helps us is through the Threat Advisory System. When a report of a possible attack comes in, the warning system is used to put security plans into action. The Threat Advisory System uses five levels to inform the nation of the risk of a terrorist attack. The first level - green - indicates a low risk, the second level - blue - signifies a guarded risk, the third level - yellow - indicates an elevated risk, the fourth - orange - indicates a high risk, and the fifth - red - indicates a severe risk. To assist us as the level rises, the department works with businesses, the transportation industry, the Coast Guard, and police, fire, and emergency management personnel to be on alert The Patriot Act created the Threat Advisory System to warn us of the increased risk of a terrorist attack. False True for suspicious activity. Plans are developed to help prevent an attack by increasing security. In addition, emergency response procedures are practiced to increase our ability to recover should an attack occur.

41 The Patriot Act violates the constitution.
6     Securing our homeland is a high priority today. The disagreements come when we try to decide the best way to do this. Some people feel that the government is infringing on the civil rights of people by increasing security, especially in our transportation industry. They feel that searches conducted on people and their personal belongings invade our privacy and are unnecessary. Those who agree with the increased security say that it is a necessary inconvenience to protect our country. The Patriot Act is under scrutiny from civil rights leaders and organizations. They believe it violates the constitution. They also feel it gives the government permission to abuse the civil rights of individuals. Supporters of the Patriot Act feel that the government must have the ability to stop terrorists before they strike. With thousands of lives at stake, the risk of possible abuses is an acceptable price to pay to keep America safe. In addition, they feel that these new powers will help people to live without fear of attack. Civil rights organizations feel that the Threat Advisory System infringes on the civil rights of people. False True Which of the following statements would be made by a person who agrees with the provisions of the Patriot Act? With thousands of lives at stake, the possible abuses are worth the safety these provisions give us. The Patriot Act violates the constitution. The provisions will not make people feel safer. The Act gives the government permission to violate civil rights. Which of the following statements would a person who disagrees with the increased security in our transportation industry make? We need to be able to recover after an attack. Searches of individuals and their belongings invade their privacy. Increased security protects our civil rights. The inconvenience is necessary to help prevent attacks.

42 7     One of the primary functions of a government is to protect the people it governs. When America was attacked on September 11, 2001, we felt vulnerable for the first time within our own borders. The question that arises is "Are we safer now than we were before?"

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