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Ecosystem investigation Group 4 Management and human impact.

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1 Ecosystem investigation Group 4 Management and human impact

2 City of Panorama Platanakia City of Thermi Thermi A.lake and dam Macedonia Airport

3 In our area with notice three ecotypes: A.Intermittently flowing mediterranean rivers B.Maquis type of vegetation around the intermittently flowing creeks C.Ecotype of artificial lake.


5 Nature and bird watching

6 Sheep and Goat grazing

7 Motocross and other sports activities Deep in the heart of area you can hear a lot of noise coming from motorbikes especially during weekends disturbing not only humans Also wildlife

8 There is even hunter’s recreation hut! We didn’t hear any hunter’s shooting. The are just having BBQ’s and lots of drinks…..

9 …we did hear shooting from the police training terrain

10 Unfortunately some people don’t seem to be sensitive on waste disposal

11 Invasive species Trachemys scripta elegans (Red-eared terrapin) is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and also popular in the rest of the world. It is native only to the southern United States, but has become established in other places because of pet releases and has become an invasive species in many introduced areas like our investigation area where it outcompetes the native terrapins Mauremys caspica. Red-eared sliders get their name from the distinctive red patch of skin around their ears. Mauremys caspica Trachemys scripta elegans

12 Oxalis pes caprae Indigenous to South Africa, Oxalis pes-caprae, the "Bermuda buttercup", is a highly invasive species and noxious weed in many other parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, Israel and Australia. Solanum elaeagnifolium Fruits and flower of Solanum elaeagnifolium The invasion of Solanum elaeagnifolium is a relatively new story related to the area of our school. People call it “German” because they believe it come during WWII. According to Pr.Lavrendiadis Solanum eleagnifolium invaded Greece just after WWII. Seeds of this native to Texas plant were found inside the American aid for Greek cattle send to the American farm School of Thessaloniki which is located very close to our school. This is where this alien species started its dispersal in Greece.

13 4.Evaluation As it concerns pollution, we derive from the presence of some indicator species, like that of pollution tollerant Tanypus sp. Larva, that our ecosystem may have pollution problem. We don’t have an estimate on larva numbers but a high value would mean that we have oxygen depletion problem. Our research has indicated that our ecosystem is characterized by high biodiversity. It suffers from the presence of alien invasive species like that of Trachemys scripta elegans terrapins which domimates over the native species by 80-20 percentage according to our rough estimate. Tanypus sp. larva

14 5.Future proposals o The local authorities and locals should undertake action to minimize the presence of litter at least the nature trail by the stream o Schools should organize programs to promote the natural beauty, biodiversity of the area and use it in educational purposes. o Environmental organizations should also take place in this effort and promote it as in important wildlife pocket in the city of Thessaloniki. o Finally, personal willingness and individual initiatives is the most important factors that could change the present situation.


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