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Primary MFL Network meeting 15 th October 2014. To start with…. La Première Guerre mondiale

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1 Primary MFL Network meeting 15 th October 2014

2 To start with…. La Première Guerre mondiale

3 Agenda for the meeting What is happening around the schools? What materials are being used? Support from secondaries, peripatetic teaching? Programmes used? Some material recommendation for the classroom: Niveau Bleu/SHSG Scheme of Work/Sunderland SoW/A cross curricular project/Teaching through a story. Teaching focus: helping vocabulary learning and vocabulary accuracy in writing

4 Free materials available Niveau Bleu – Institut Français/Catherine Cheater Lesson 1 pptlesson 1 plan MFL Sunderland – All resources, designed by a Primary practitioner (Clare Seccombe) Les-couleurs/ SHSG Scheme of Work – 2007, linear, still relevant in methodology.

5 Other approaches Teaching around a story: the book, looking at content, retelling, story making, mini books. – Le navet énorme – Bon appétit, Monsieur Lapin – Agghh une araignée! Cross curricular teaching: – The Victorians – The Egyptians – Volcanoes – The water cycle – The plant cycle

6 Focus: teaching vocabulary for oral accuracy Phonics, repetition, clarity, drilling words through a variety of activities and games – Flashcards games (repeat if true, slow reveal, memory list, pelmanism) – Hide and seek: repeat a word or sentence loud or soft. – Putting words in raps, sounds, clapping words Take 10 Phonics

7 Teaching vocabulary for written accuracy Writing in the air Writing on each other’s back Looking at shape of words Give out letters: can the group write the word? Have they got letters missing? Alphabet based activities: – teacher spells out a word, children write it on a mini whiteboard. – Le pendu (hangman)

8 Using French words for handwriting Alternate letters missing/vowels missing/silent letters missing Anagrams Word search Crosswords Inventing a mnemonic or rhyme to remember difficult spellings! jaune -i-l-tver-j--n- rmoarnrtuqisoe Just accept unicorns need elephants

9 Teaching the phoneme/grapheme links Sound dominoes Sound lotto: le loto des sons List of words: pick out the correct grapheme Dictation of words with patterns Working on high frequency words

10 Alphabet support Florabelle, l’alphabet en chantant Vincent la grenouille dit l’alphabet Comptine de l’alphabet &list=RDEndtZlN4wgQ &list=RDEndtZlN4wgQ L’alphabet avec Alain Le Lait st=RDEndtZlN4wgQ Chantez plus fort! [Brilliant Publications – ] Français!Français! [The Language Factory – ] Singing French [A&C Black – ] Cha cha cha [ ]

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