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Primary MFL Network meeting

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1 Primary MFL Network meeting
15th October 2014

2 To start with…. La Première Guerre mondiale

3 Agenda for the meeting What is happening around the schools? What materials are being used? Support from secondaries, peripatetic teaching? Programmes used? Some material recommendation for the classroom: Niveau Bleu/SHSG Scheme of Work/Sunderland SoW/A cross curricular project/Teaching through a story. Teaching focus: helping vocabulary learning and vocabulary accuracy in writing

4 Free materials available
Niveau Bleu – Institut Français/Catherine Cheater Lesson 1 ppt lesson 1 plan MFL Sunderland – All resources, designed by a Primary practitioner (Clare Seccombe) SHSG Scheme of Work – 2007, linear, still relevant in methodology.

5 Other approaches Teaching around a story: the book, looking at content, retelling, story making, mini books. Le navet énorme Bon appétit, Monsieur Lapin Agghh une araignée! Cross curricular teaching: The Victorians The Egyptians Volcanoes The water cycle The plant cycle

6 Focus: teaching vocabulary for oral accuracy
Phonics, repetition, clarity, drilling words through a variety of activities and games Flashcards games (repeat if true, slow reveal, memory list, pelmanism) Hide and seek: repeat a word or sentence loud or soft. Putting words in raps, sounds, clapping words Take 10 Phonics

7 Teaching vocabulary for written accuracy
Writing in the air Writing on each other’s back Looking at shape of words Give out letters: can the group write the word? Have they got letters missing? Alphabet based activities: teacher spells out a word, children write it on a mini whiteboard. Le pendu (hangman) All around colours

8 j--n- ver- -i-l-t rmoarn rtuqisoe Using French words for handwriting
Alternate letters missing/vowels missing/silent letters missing Anagrams Word search Crosswords Inventing a mnemonic or rhyme to remember difficult spellings! jaune j--n- ver- -i-l-t rmoarn rtuqisoe Just accept unicorns need elephants

9 Teaching the phoneme/grapheme links
Sound dominoes Sound lotto: le loto des sons List of words: pick out the correct grapheme Dictation of words with patterns Working on high frequency words

10 Alphabet support Florabelle, l’alphabet en chantant Vincent la grenouille dit l’alphabet Comptine de l’alphabet L’alphabet avec Alain Le Lait Chantez plus fort! [Brilliant Publications – ] Français!Français! [The Language Factory – ] Singing French [A&C Black – ] Cha cha cha [ ]

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