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Le marché (The Market). Unit Overview Unit Goal Students will gain knowledge about French shopping habits and develop an appreciation for different kinds.

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1 Le marché (The Market)

2 Unit Overview

3 Unit Goal Students will gain knowledge about French shopping habits and develop an appreciation for different kinds of markets and stores in France and in other Francophone countries.

4 Pre-Assessment What is sold at a French marché? clothes flowers food toys candy books etc.

5 Topics Week 1 Clothing Vocabulary -Students will learn vocabulary for clothing, accessories, and shoes. -Students will read about what to buy in different Francophone markets. Week 2 Questions and Answers -Students will ask about color, price, size, and material Week 3 Opinions and Comparisons, Culminating Activity -Students will give basic opinions on clothing. e.g. It’s pretty/ugly/comfortable -Students will compare 2 items of clothing -Students will participate in a mock French market

6 Unit Objectives 1.1 Students will ask questions about the color, price, size, and material of an item of clothing. (Communications)

7 Unit Objectives 2.2 Students will list elements typically found in a French/Francophone market. (Culture)

8 Unit Objectives 3.1 Students will calculate European sizes and prices using conversions and exchange rates. (Connections)

9 Unit Objectives 3.2 Students will describe differences between the traditional French market and the modern French shopping centers. (Comparisons)

10 Unit Objectives 4.2 Students will compare a traditional French market to a store in the United States, or in the student’s home countries. (Comparisons)

11 Unit Objectives 5.1 Students will be able to shop at a online store using the French language. (Communities)

12 Culminating Activity- Mock Market Customers shop! Shopkeepers sell! Follow scenarios given by teacher

13 Scenarios For the shopkeeper:For the customer: You do not have any clothes that are the correct size for the customer. You need to buy a new outfit for a party this weekend. All of your items are very, very expensive. You need to buy an outfit for a job interview. You do not accept credit or debit cards. You need to buy new shoes for school.

14 Culminating Activity- Presentation

15 Culminating Activity: Rubric Needs Improvement (1 point) Good (3 points)Excellent (5 points) Participation in in- class mock market Students frequently speak English and are off-topic during the mock-market. Students lapse into English 1-2 times during the mock- market. Students speak only French and stay on task during the mock- market. Questions and Answers (presentation) Students use incomplete sentences with many grammar mistakes. Students use mostly complete sentences, with several grammar mistakes. Students use complete sentences with no or few grammar mistakes. Vocabulary and Pronunciation (presentation) Students have a very limited range of vocabulary and their pronunciation is difficult to understand. Students use a fair amount of vocabulary with some pronunciation problems. Students use a wide range of vocabulary with almost no pronunciation problems. Content (presentation) Students do not address the scenario on the card. Students address the scenario on the card with a few content problems. Students fully address the scenario on the card.

16 French Lesson Plan Unit: Shopping

17 Lesson Objectives 1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of French clothing vocabulary by using a French website. 2. Students will compare different items of clothing using the words “plus” (more) and “moins” (less). 3. Students will describe the size, price, and beauty of different items of clothing.

18 Warm-up Qu’est-ce que tu portes aujourd’hui? (What are you wearing today?)

19 Hook It’s your birthday! Your mom wants to buy you some new clothes, so you go shopping. But she won’t buy just anything, so you’re going to need to convince her…somehow…in French…

20 Introduction

21 Adjectives (Review) Grand (grande)- big Petit (petite)- small Long (longue)- long Court (courte)- short Joli (jolie)- pretty Cher (chère)- expensive

22 Plus Moins

23 Plus! La robe est plus chère que la jupe. The dress is more expensive than the skirt.

24 Plus! Les bottes sont plus grandes que les baskets. The boots are bigger than the sneakers.

25 Moins! Le jean est moins joli que la robe. The jeans are not as pretty as the dress.

26 Moins! Le short est moins long que le jean. The shorts are not as long as the jeans.

27 Guided Practice